Cool Red Bedroom Design for Teenager

Cool red bedroom design for teenager with modern style.

Red Bedroom for Teenager

Lot of teenager are fans of red color, and want to use this color into their bedroom design and decoration. Using red color in the bedroom decor can be a tricky job, but this red color can produce a modern and edgy bedroom when arrange and designed correctly.

To give some inspiration and ideas to implement red color scheme into bedroom design, today we create one bedroom design using combination of red, white and grey colors scheme. Combination of those colors will bring vibrant and energizing ambient into the bedroom that is ideal for any teens bedroom.

Red bedroom design

Balance is the most important thing when creating a bedroom design using vibrant colors such as red. In situation like this, we use 70-30 rules, which 70% of the materials and decorations in the bedroom will use natural colors, in this case we use white, grey and natural light wood, and than the 30% will use the bright and bold red color.

Another concept that we want to apply in this bedroom is modern style. That’s why we choose most of the furniture items who had this kind of design.

Item Used in This Bedroom

Glossy White Modern Stainless Steel X Frame Nightstand Table

This modern nightstand table designed to bring elegant ambient to any bedroom. Comes with glossy white finish from high gloss veneer finish and x-frame chrome stainless steel base that looks sophisticated, this table not only perfect for modern decor like our bedroom design, but also works great for any bedroom decoration and design style.

Sandy Black Metal Table Lamp with Flexible Goose Neck

Created with high-quality metal base and lampshade, this table lamp not only works best to brightens our bedroom design, but also looks elegant and aesthetic that help make this bedroom looks more eye-catching. It’s flexible swing arm help makes it easy to adjust the lighting angle to suit your needs.

Asymmetrical Style Grey and White Simple Modern Writing Desk

This modern desk is perfect for any bedroom, whether the bedroom has a large size or small ones. This table is versatile as it can be used for computer desk, office desk, or writing/reading desk. What we loved most from this table is it’s asymmetrical style with two angular side shelves that not only provide a lot of spaces, but also looks modern and artistic.

3 Panel Abstract Ink Painting Canvas Wall Art Decoration

To finish up this bedroom, we need to add some wall decor or wall art into this bedroom. Since this bedroom designed specially for teenager, we should choose wall decor that suited their style. That’s why we choose this 3 panel abstract ink painting canvas wall art decoration as this wall art has abstract style that reflect the teenager soul.

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