Simple but Glamorous Modern White and Gold Bedroom

Simple yet glamorous modern white and gold bedroom design.

Simple White and Gold Bedroom

We often found glamorous bedroom design ideas that completely outrageous and difficult to applied into our bedroom, that’s why in this project we try to create a glamorous yet simple bedroom design that can be accomplish easily by anyone.

Since we want to keep this bedroom simple, then white is the most perfect choice for our main paint color for this bedroom. And then we use gold accent to add elegance and glamorous effects into this bedroom.

Modern white and gold bedroom

Another thing to consider is the size of the bedroom. Most glamorous bedroom applied in large size master bedroom, and unfortunately, not anyone had those kind of bedroom in their houses. So, for this project, we designed this glamorous white and gold bedroom in small sized bedroom so everyone can replicate this bedroom design easily.

As you can see, white is the most dominant color for this bedroom with almost 70% of materials and furniture using this color. We do this as we want to keep this bedroom simple and clean.

Glamour white and gold bedroom

And then we add some items that had gold accent in it, such as the lighting, wall shelf, and also wall art. This is enough to give glamour and elegant looks that we want into the bedroom.

One of the most difficult decision is when deciding what material will be used for the floor. There are two options that fit into this bedroom, which is white ceramic tile or wood parquet flooring. Finally, we choose wood parquet flooring with soft light wood texture, as it help bring more softness and calm ambient to this bedroom.

Item Used in This Bedroom

Modern White Solid Wood Single Drawer Nightstand with Open Shelf

To keep this bedroom clean and simple, we need a nightstand table that had full white finish, and our choice fell for this modern white nightstand with single drawer and open shelf. Made from solid wood materials, this small spaces nightstand not only looks beautiful and elegant, but also had strong structure and great durability.

Modern Pendant Lamp with Brushed Brass and White Globe Lampshade

One of the items in this bedroom that had gold accent is this modern pendant hanging lamp that had brushed gold brass finish. This item alone bring lot of glamorous and elegant effect into this bedroom, thanks to it’s modern gold accent finish. And then it’s white globe lampshade add more luxurious effect that help bring this bedroom design into the next leve.

White and Gold 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase with Brass Metal Frame

When designing a bedroom that not had a large space, we need this kind of items to help us add more extra spaces to add any decorations items to the bedroom. And this modern style wall shelf not only had those functions, but also help add more gold accent that we need for this bedroom.

Modern Gold Foil Canvas Wall Decor with Interlaced Circles Art

To finish this bedroom, we put this modern canvas wall art that made using gold foil that looks luxurious yet artistic. Printed on high quality thick canvas using waterproof acrylic paint, this wall art bring delicate looks into this white and gold bedroom.

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