Teal and Grey Bedroom Decor Idea

Charm and gorgeous teal and grey bedroom decor ideas for your bedroom inspiration!

Gorgeous Teal and Grey Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Teal is an unique color. It can quickly placed in any bedroom design due to its charm. It’s also very flexible because it can be blended with other colors perfectly. And in this design, we match it with grey to create a calm and charming bedroom.

This grey and teal bedroom design can be used by anyone, from single man or women, kids or even married couple.

Although we call this bedroom as teal and grey bedroom design, we don’t overuse the teal color. This color only used in one side of the wall, blanket and pillows, chair and the rug. Yet, its enough to stand out this color in our bedroom design.

Teal and grey bedroom decor ideas

Also it’s important to spread out the teal color equally throughout the bedroom rather than organizing them in same area.

Teal and grey bedroom

We do this to make this bedroom look soft, and use a lot of other natural colors, especially grey and white.

And most of the grey color, we use a french grey oak wood materials, as it blends very well with the teal color.

Teal Bedroom Decor

Since this bedroom is small (4,5 x 5 meters), we add a large mirror to make this room feel more spacious. Bright white tiles also used as a floor for this purpose.

Teal color is one of the most tricky color when used in bedroom decoration and interiors. As its had so much different variations. So you must be careful when choosing the color and make sure it has the same exact teal color with other elements of your bedroom.

Grey and Teal Bedroom Interior

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Contemporary storage cabinet

Contemporary Storage Cabinet with Drawers and Shelves

This contemporary storage cabinet created by Lifewit is a perfect for organizes your item and accessories for your bedroom. Comes with 3 removable fabric drawers to reveal optional shelf space, this tv stand also constructed using white chipboard with six solid wood leg to ensure maximum stability.

Nightstand with green fabric drawer

White Nightstand with 1 Fabric Drawer

If you are looking for modern, futuristic and also functional nightstand for your bedroom,then this one is perfect for you. This white nightstand created by Lifewit is come with 3 different drawer color, and for this teal bedroom design, we choose the green one to match our teal bedroom decor color scheme.

Artificial Plant in Ceramic Planter with Wood Stand

Hand-crafted by Artisans, this ceramic planter on wood stand can help bring more contemporary style in your bedroom. With 4.75″ x 4.75″ x 8″, this little item can make a big difference in this teal and grey bedroom decor. With artificial plant included, you can put this planter anywhere in your bedroom to add more natural feelings.

White Wardrobe with Mirror Glass Doors

This white wardrobe with mirror glass doors are created by IKEA, one of the largest furniture company in the world. That’s bring guarantee of the quality of this wardrobe. Come with 2 sliding doors with full glass finish, this wardrobe not only can make our bedroom feel more spacious, but also can be used in small spaced bedroom because it’s sliding door doesn’t need much room to open.

Vintage Pendant Lamp with Cement Color Shade

This pendant light come with vintage style, which had unique and exquisite design with touch of rustic and classy style. Not only perfect for bedroom, this pendant light also can be used in the kitchen, dining room, living room, or even in your garden. Combining industrial and classic design, this item had 10″ hight and 9.5″ width dimension.

Modern Acrylic LED Wall Lamp Cool White

This modern design LED wall lamp made of acrylic and pure aluminium, which looks fantastic and advanced, especially if you want to make your bedroom have more modern touch. With 12Watt LED up to 30000 hours life, this lamp is not only can provide great lighting to your room, but also help you saving your electricity bills.

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