Decorating Around Black Furniture

Our best ideas, guides, tips and tricks on decorating around black furniture to create a perfectly stylish spaces.

While some people may be afraid of using black furniture, a lot others are trully in love with them! A black furniture can create a gorgeous, bold looks into the space thus will make the entire space feels much more elegant and stylish.

And this kind of furniture is perfect for some interior design style such as modern, contemporary or even a classic ones.

Actually, as a neutral colors, black furniture can be blend quite well with any other colors, whether it's any other neutral pallete or even a more bright or cherful ones.

However, there can be some tricky challenge when you are planning to use black as your main furniture color theme. One of the most common problem is that it can make the space feels dark, dull and murky. So it's important to balance the space with a lot more brighter colors.

Furthermore, using a lot of black furniture items can make a space feels boring and monotonous. And one of the best ways to overcome this is by using a few pops of colors around them.

And there are many other common problem and difficulties that often found when using a black furniture. To help you solve all of them, our team had created some guidelines and ideas to create a perfect space around black furniture.

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8 Best Color Rug for Black Furniture (Experiment with Images)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Decorating with Black Furniture

How to Decorate a Living Room with Black Leather Furniture

Any black leather furniture such as black couch, black sofa or black accent chair can be a great addition to create an elegant and stylish living area. However, using this kind of furniture isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when it comes to choose another furniture or decoration items to be placed around them. Choosing the wrong color combinations can lead to a disaster, and instead of creating an elegant spaces, you will end up in an awkward, unpleasing, and obscure looks. And here are some tips that you can follow to avoid this kind of disaster when decorating around black furniture :

Combine with Brighter Shade

One of the easiest ways when it come to decorating around black leather furniture is by combining it with some brighter, lighter items, especially that who comes with neutral shade finishes. If you are using a black leather sofa, placing a cream, white or beige rug can be a great starting points. A coffee table with light natural wood also can be a great options. Using this kind of items not only can help balance out the spaces, but also will help highlighting the black furniture to stand out more and make them looks even better.

Add a Touch of Vibrant Accent

Some touch of vibrant accent color can work wonders with black furniture. It can bring a bit of contrasting effects and fun vibe to avoid the space looks boring and monotonous. Don’t be afraid to use any bright colors, as long as you only use them as an accent. For example, a blue or red throw pillow can be a great addition for a black leather sofa. Or you can use an area rug with some splash of yellow or orange hue in it.

Best Black Paint for Wooden Furniture

If you are planning to repaint some of your wooden furniture with black to make it look bold and elegant, here are some of our favorite that we often used in our decorating projects :

Rust-Oleum Black Eclipse Milk Paint Finish

For a more smooth, mate black finish, this is one of our first choice. This Rust-Oleum black eclipse series also come with a beautiful brushed effects that will make your wood furniture looks more stylish and artistic. This paint using water based, low odor formula that not only make it environmentally friend and safe, but also easy to maintained and cleaned using any typical soap and water.

Shabby Chic Furniture Black Liquorice Chalk Based Furniture Paint

If you want to turn your furniture into a more vintage, classical, distressed black finishes, than any chalk based paint can be the best choice for you. And this paint by Shabby Chic Furniture is one of our favorite. With a bit of roughness effects that create an aesthetic imperfect looks, you can combine this paint with some gold, brass effects to create a stunning classic vintage style furniture.

Rust-Oleum Black Latex Paint

To create a contemporary, modern style wood furniture, latex paint is the best choice. This kind of paint will bring a touch of glossiness that will make any furniture looks more elegant and luxurious. Among all of different latex paint available on the market, this one by Rust-Oleum is the one that we often used to make any old furniture look like a new ones. It’s smooth flat finishes looks absolutely gorgeous and will make everyone think that you just bought a new furniture, when in fact you are just repainting the old ones.

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