What Color Furniture Goes with Timber Floors? (7 Best Options for a Flawless Harmony)

Unlock the secrets of perfect harmony by combining these gorgeous furniture color with your timber flooring. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : June 25th, 2023

Timber is a great flooring choice not only for it’s exotic, natural beauty, and organic looks, but also because it offers great durability and longevity.

Using timber flooring alone can elevate the entire room and give a fresh and unique natural ambiance.

However, because of it’s strong and rich tones, selecting the right furniture color that can blend with timber flooring can be a bit challenging. Using wrong color not only disrupt the beauty of the timber floors, but also can make your entire space feel awful.

In this post, we’ll share with you some tips and insight to help you achieve a harmonious connection between your timber flooring and furniture. We also provide you some great furniture color ideas that you can use to truly unleash the full potential of your timber flooring.

7 Best Furniture Colors for Room with Timber Floors


Living room with cream furniture and timber floors
Cream furniture

Based on our opinion, this is the best choice when it comes to timber flooring. The light and warm tones of the cream furniture will easily complement the rich color and texture of any timber flooring, resulting in a harmonious and well-coordinated appeal.

Without too much drama, the cream furniture can let the timber flooring shine and becomes a main feature of your spaces.


Living room with white furniture and timber floors
White furniture

White is also a great option that will enhance and let the timber expose all of it’s beauty. The crisp and clean looks of white furniture becomes a great backdrop that provide plenty of contrast against timber flooring, creating a visually stunning and balanced aesthetic.

Muted Yellow

Living room with muted yellow furniture and timber floors
Muted yellow furniture

Since most timber flooring had a warm character, complement it with yellow can be a great way to boost it’s visual appearance. Moreover, the muted yellow furniture such as muted yellow couch or sofa can adds a touch of vibrancy to your room, while the timber provide a grounding and natural foundation.

Together, this combination will create a delightful and welcoming space that exudes charm and character.

Light Gray

Living room with light gray furniture and timber floors
Light gray furniture

For you who are thinking that your timber flooring is too strong, then you can neutralize and give it a well-balanced looks by using light gray furniture. The cool-tone of light gray furniture elegantly complement the warm and earthy tone of timber, resulting in a more balanced looks without taking away the beauty of the timber.

You can also use light gray furniture to upgrade and modernize any room with timber flooring for a more up-to-date looks.


Living room with beige furniture and timber floors
Beige furniture

Another great color that can blend harmoniously with timber is beige. With soft and natural tones, beige furniture beautifully complement the color and texture of the timber, resulting in a flawless appeal.

Moreover, beige furniture can also be used to highlight the natural beauty of the timber flooring and make it to be the focal point of your interior.

Light Green

Living room with light green furniture and timber floors
Light green furniture

Boost the natural looks of the timber by using light green furniture. This option not only will creates a relaxing and refreshing ambiance, but also boost the natural warmth and texture of timber floors, resulting in a visually pleasing appearance.

Furthermore, the light green furniture can easily adds a pop of color to make your entire space feel more alive.


Living room with black furniture and timber floors
Black furniture

Black and timber is a classic, timeless combination. Especially if you are choosing any furniture with black-leather finishes.

These bold combo creates a dramatic contrast and sophisticated looks that let both of them to shine without disrupting each others.

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