8 Curtain Colors to Enhance Dark Green Walls with Style

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : June 11th, 2024

Dark green may not be the most popular green shade when it comes to the walls. But actually, with strong depth and opulence, these bold shades can be a very interesting color choice. The dark green walls will be a sophisticated canvas that allows you to create a serene yet dramatic space.

To get the most out of your dark green wall, every single aspect around it should be considered very carefully, including the curtains.

After testing a wide range of curtain colors with dark green walls, we can conclude that beige, light gray, dark blue, olive, blush pink, and orange are some of the great options. These curtain colors perfectly highlight the deep and rich hues of the dark green, boost the dominance of the walls, and transform it into a strong foundation for your interior space.

In this article, we will explore deeper into these colors, finding the ideal curtain color that harmonizes and complements the dark green walls perfectly.

1. Beige

Beige curtains

A neutral shade like beige works perfectly to neutralize the bold hues of dark green, creating a well-balanced aesthetic without disrupting the elegance of this dark color.

Furthermore, the soft and neutral tones of beige curtains provide a soft and gentle contrast that will boost the richness of the dark green, making it look a bit more bright and vibrant.

2. Light Gray

Light gray curtains

Another neutral that can tone down the deep green hues is light gray. The light gray curtains strike a well-balanced contrast against the dark green using its gentle cool undertones.

The light gray curtains also infuse your space with some elegance, while still maintaining an overall sense of unity and tranquility.

3. Dark Blue

Dark blue curtains

If you want to go even further by combining dark green with other bold shades, then dark blue is one of the best choices for you. This bold combo easily evokes depth and sophistication, creating a captivating interplay that exudes a sense of luxury and elegance.

With similar bold tones, both colors can blend together in harmony, while still providing enough richness for a dynamic visual.

4. Olive

Olive green curtains

Since olive had a hint of green hues, this option can keep the green harmony between the walls and the curtains. This combination easily evokes a tranquil and balanced feel, transforming your space into a lush forest-like retreat.

Moreover, the yellow undertone of the olive curtains comes with a hint of warmth, lifting up the mood and ambiance of your entire space.

5. Blush Pink

Blush pink curtains

Blush pink curtains instantly soften the looks of the deep green hues, resulting in a harmonious blend, reminiscent of a beautiful and serene garden. This combination also evokes a sense of refined romance and tranquility with a luxury twist.

6. Orange

Orange curtains

If you need curtains that can pop and accentuate the dark green walls, then you can try using orange. This kind of curtain infuses the green walls with vibrant energy and warmth, while at the same time lifting up the mood and making your entire space feel more fun and playful.

This combination invokes a perfect balance between boldness and richness, resulting in a captivating and eclectic interior that exudes creativity and style.

7. Warm Brown

Warm brown curtains

Another dark hue that you can try alongside dark green is warm brown. These curtains complement the dark green walls by embracing a sense of cozy elegance, provide a stunning depth and dramatic visual.

This pair brings the natural beauty of a natural forest into your home, crafting a fresh and inviting visual aesthetic.

8. White

White curtains

This is the safest and risk-free option when it comes to tricky shades like dark green walls. The white can easily harmonize with dark green, while also providing a sleek and clean appeal.

Moreover, the brightness of white curtains allows the dark green to shine even stronger, making it a perfect option for you who want to make the dark green become the main focal point of your space.

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