Selecting Rug Colors to Complement Sage Green Walls

Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : April 24th, 2024

In recent years, sage has taken over the world of interior design thanks to its subtle yet captivating appeal. And that’s the reason why you will find plenty of interiors that use sage, whether for decoration items, furniture, or even the walls.

And since wall is the most common way to introduce sage, in this article, we will share with you some of our favorite rug colors that not only work well alongside the sage walls but also can boost and unlock all of the potential of this beautiful shade.

The best rug colors for sage green walls include cream, taupe, light gray, subtle blue, pink, and light purple. These rug colors perfectly harmonize with the muted tones of the walls, creating a soft and soothing connection that becomes the foundation for a tranquil and relaxing interior space. They also provide a gentle contrast, that is more than enough to stand out inside any sage-green environment. 

Read on as we dive deeper into all these awesome rug choices.

8 Best Rug Colors for Sage Green Walls


Cream rug with sage green walls

This is our favorite option when it comes to sage-themed interior. The soft and creamy hues of the rug enhances the muted green walls, creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

The cream rug will also bring some warmth to the space, improving the ambiance of the entire spaces.


Taupe rug with sage green walls

Taupe rug can easily provide a calming effects, while also enhancing the natural beauty of the sage green walls. This muted brown shades can also be a great base to let your furnishings to shine.

The taupe and sage pair will bring the natural beauty inside your home, exudes a fresh and relaxing ambiance.


Mustard rug with sage green walls

Lift up the mood of your sage living room by adding mustard yellow rug. This rug will bring a colorful pop and accentuate the entire spaces for a more interesting visual appearances.

For a better result, you can add some other mustard yellow accessories throughout your room, such as mustard pillow or mustard wall art.

Light Gray

Light gray rug with sage walls

With neutral tones, the light gray rug can be a perfect choice for a balanced and harmonious atmosphere.

This option also adds a hint of modernity and elegance to your space, thus will enhance the entire room’s atmosphere.

Subtle Blue

Subtle blue rug with sage walls

Combine the muted sage walls with subtle blue rug for a soft and soothing color scheme.

The gentle and calming tones of this rug will enhance the neutral and serene looks of the sage walls, while also provide plenty of contrast for a more interesting visuals.

Dark Brown

Dark brown rug with sage walls

Another great choice that can pop and becomes a new point of interest of your spaces is dark brown rug. The deep and rich tones of the dark brown rug complement the muted green walls perfectly, making both the walls and the rug to pop.

Bringing comfort and natural elegance, the dark brown rug is certainly an interesting option that you need to try.


Pink rug with sage walls

Create a beautiful muted duo by pairing sage walls with pink rug. The delicate tones of pink rug not only adds a hint of warmth to the room, but it can also creates a visually aesthetic and harmonious appearances.

Light Purple

Light purple rug with sage walls

Another delicate options that can looks interesting with sage wall is light purple. Light purple can easily accentuate the sage, and bringing a pop of color to uplift the entire room atmosphere.

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