10 Artistic Gallery Wall Frames and Sets to Enhance Your Living Room

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 19th, 2024

Decorating any blank, large wall becomes one of the most common problems for any living room. For these kinds of walls, surely just one or two small decorative items won’t be enough. So, the better solution is to go with really huge wall art or use a set of gallery wall frames.

If you are the kind of person who loves to play with your creativity and imagination, surely it’s quite easy for you to mix and match some different frames to create one large group of gallery art. However, for most people, it’s much easier and lots simpler to just buy one set of picture frames.

Today in this post, we will share with you 10 of our favorite gallery wall frame sets that we often use for our interior design projects. These options not only can make your empty wall look much more interesting with the different frame combinations but also can be a great place to showcase or display your family’s photos. Without further ado, here they are :

1. Multiple Size White and Natural Wood Gallery Frame Set by Kate and Laurel

Comes with gorgeous two-tone white and wood profiles, this frame set not only will keep and display your favorite memories in a unique style but also adds a touch of fresh and modern looks to your living room wall.

With 6 different frame sizes, this choice creates an artistic touch that distinguishes it from any typical, mainstream option. Without any doubt, this item will be a perfect choice for any empty, blank large wall.

2. Decorative Gold Photo Frame Set by Stonebriar

If you need any frames that will instantly bring a glam and luxurious touch to your home, then obviously, any gold choice like this one would be the best choice.

With their striking looks, all of the 5 different frames can stand out beautifully and create a dramatic effect to your pictures.

3. Modern Natural Gallery Wall Frame Sets by ArtbyHannah

This gallery frame set can be an interesting addition to any interior that uses a lot of different wood elements as its simple yet stylish wood finishes will keep the wooden touch flowing between different items inside your room.

Another reason why we love this item is that even though it uses wood, it’s far away from any traditional, classical feel as any mainstream wood frames, but rather looks much more modern, trendy, and up-to-date.

4. Black Wooden Gallery Wall Photo Frame Set by Wood Meets Color

This item goes beyond any typical black gallery frame set, as not only does it come with stunning, gorgeous black matte finishes, but also it offers plenty of different sizes that make the entire set look awesome.

Thus, you can also play with your creativity and imagination to arrange them in a way that fits your style.

5. Gold Metal with Ivory Mat Photo Frame Collections by Golden State Art Store

Another gorgeous choice for you who prefer any gold-finishes sets. Even though this item had a relatively slim frame, as it comes with striking gold finishes, it can still stand out elegantly and make a big impact on the entire space.

And that’s why we love to use this gallery frame to enrich and add a bit of gold beauty to a modern, contemporary interior.

6. Unique Hanging Gallery Frame Set by Umbra

If you are looking for a unique, non-mainstream way to display your favorite photos, then you can try using this stunning item. Comes with an eye-catching fashion from its hanging-style display, this frame set can also become an attractive statement for any living room wall.

Furthermore, it comes with an easily adjustable feature that allows you can easily move around each items to satisfy your visual needs.

7. Simple Black Square Picture Frame Set by ArtbyHannah

For any homeowners who opt for simplicity or prefer anything that is symmetrical, then this can be a great item to consider.

Its 9 frames had the same size so you can arrange them in a well-balanced position to keep your space looking neat and well-structured.

8. Creative Abstract Gallery Frame Set by ArtbyHannah

Otherwise, if you prefer to add a more abstractive, asymmetrical look to your wall, then you can try using this item.

Literally, each pieces comes with different sizes, shapes, and finishes, so it gives you plenty of room to play with your creativity to create the best arrangement for your home.

9. Natural Finishes Mingle Gallery Frame Set by Umbra

This is another great choice for any creative person out there. At first, this frame set looks pretty simple, but thanks to its unique and different shape, you can achieve a lot of different outcomes by changing their arrangements.

This item can be a great artistic statement piece to break the monotony of any boring living room wall.

10. Classic Farmhouse Wooden Frame Set by Redriver Store

If you need a picture frame set that adds a bit of rustic touch to your home, then you can consider this beauty.

Its classic, farmhouse-looks wood wraps your memories in a warm vibe and then makes any past memories look even more dramatic and beautiful.

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