What Color Matches Orange Walls? (15 Best Combinations)

What color goes with orange walls? Here are 15 awesome color ideas that can match and blend perfectly with the vibrant orange walls. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 29th, 2022

For some people, using orange shades to paint the wall may seem a bit strange. But actually, having an orange wall inside your home can be a great way to lift up the ambiance of the entire space, even when it’s only used on a small part of your walls, or in another word, used is as an accent wall.

And actually, orange is quite popular as an alternative to yellow for a feature wall. This paint color not only can bring a vibrant nuance, but also comes in a bit stylish, elegant, and bolder looks than yellow. Furthermore, this kind of wall can be really helpful for any small or dark spaces to lighten and brighten up the visual appearance of the entire room.

However, using this color as your wall paint will come with tricky homework, this shade is very difficult to blend with other colors. Even some neutral shades don’t go really well with the orange. Thus, you must be very careful when deciding to add other shades to your color palette.

That’s why we got a lot of question about what colors go with orange walls.

In this post, we will try to answers this question and gives you some great options that you can choose from, so you can easily choose which one is the best for you.

15 Best Accent Colors for Orange Walls

Sky Blue

Orange wall with sky blue accents
Orange wall with sky blue accents

Arguably, this is one of the best accent colors for orange walls. The softness of the sky blue accents will reduce the vibrancy of the orange, and make it looks visually more appealing. These fresh and bright combinations can also provide unique looks that will further enhance the overall appearance of your home.

And more importantly, as a soothing and subtle shade, the sky blue won’t distract the main attention from the orange element, thus, it still becomes the main star for the entire space.


Orange wall with khaki accents
Orange wall with khaki accents

Another great subtle option that works really well with the orange. This very light brown shade had a hint of yellow hue, and that’s really important to make the khaki decor go well alongside orange.

Furthermore, the neutral, earthy looks of the khaki shade help make the orange feel much more natural and don’t look too strong. Thus, if you really want to add some brown shades to your living room with an orange wall, we highly recommend you to choose this particular shade.


Orange wall with turquoise accents
Orange with turquoise accents

Since both are energetic colors, the orange and turquoise combination can truly elevate any space, especially when there are a lot of neutrals around. You can use these two colors as accents to bring your interior to life.

Even though they had a completely different hue, turquoise work really well as a complementary color to orange. The orange still pops beautifully, while the turquoise items add a fresh twist to make the wall feel calmer.


Orange wall with purple accents
Orange painted wall with purple accents

Usually, bold shades don’t go well together, but things are a bit different when it comes to orange and purple. As you can see in the picture above, these combinations look awesome where each shade creates striking looks without interfering with the others.

Thus, you will have two amazing bold colors in one scheme that will go together to attract everyone’s attention easily. For the best result, combine a deep orange painted wall with soft, light purple.


Orange wall with burgundy accents
Orange with burgundy accents

This is a great alternative for you who want to bring other bold and strong colors to complement your orange. This reddish, purple shade will add another interesting look to any orange accent wall, without taking over its places as a main focal point for your home.

Moreover, the burgundy accessories will provide a glam sense to make the wall looks more luxurious. As a striking color, just a piece of small burgundy accessories such as burgundy wall art can make a big difference.

Muted Blue

Orange wall with muted blue accents
Orange wall with muted blue accents

Other great blue shades that can match the orange really well. This shade can still bring the airy and tranquil vibe as any typical blue, while its soft, pale appearance makes the orange less intimidating.

Thus, if you are thinking that your wall is too strong, surely this can be a really great option for you.

And the best part of the muted blue accessories is that they can blend well with literally any shade of orange, from light orange to a really strong and bold one.


Orange wall with lime accents
Orange wall with lime accents

Another great answer to the questions of what color matches orange walls is green shades.

However, some green shades don’t go well with orange color, except some options like this lime. The lime shades had a bit of yellow hue in them, and that’s very essential to make it blend beautifully with the orange feature wall.

And as with any typical green shades, lime can provide plenty of freshness and natural looks to your spaces.


Orange wall with olive green accents
Orange with olive green accents

Olive is a unique green shade that combines pale green with some yellow tones. And it’s yellow tones help make this color blend perfectly with another vibrant color like bright orange.

As you can see in the image above, the olive green artwork complements the orange beautifully. Adding a different layers of hues to enrich the appearance of the wall, without taking it away from being a centerpiece of your space.

Warm Beige

Orange wall with warm beige accents
Orange with warm beige accents

Another great neutral colors that go with orange is beige shades. The charming, calming vibe of beige items brings down the intensity of any bright orange wall, making it much more pleasing to the eyes.

Furthermore, the neutrality of beige artwork can help makes the striking burnt orange fit in nicely with other elements or objects inside your home.

Soft Green

Orange wall with soft green accents
Orange with soft green accents

Another awesome subtle option that we highly recommend you to consider to accompany your orange wall.

Soft green such as sage or pale green can easily make any striking burnt orange paint looks way calmer, thus can avoid your wall looking awkward.

Light Gray

Orange wall with light gray accents
Orange with light gray accents

If you need to counteract the vibrancy of your orange wall using some elegance, then you can try adding some light gray decorations to it.

This orange and light gray combination resulting in an energetic, elegant, yet soft look. We love to use this combo inside any modern home decor or interior design style.


Orange wall with black accents
Orange with black accents

If you want an accent that is bolder and stronger than orange, then without any doubt, black is the best option. The black accessories can shift our eyes from the orange, and this can be really helpful to make the orange feature wall less intimidating without taking away its awesome vibrant looks.

Using black and orange can also be a great way to modernize and compliment the wall in stylish ways.

Chocolate Brown

Orange wall with chocolate brown accents
Orange with chocolate brown accents

For you who are looking for flawless and harmonious options, then chocolate brown may be the best choice for you. Even though they had very different intensity, both colors look quite similar. And that’s why they blend together beautifully.

Adding some chocolate brown items around your orange painted wall can also become a great way to bring some glam touch to your interior.

Mustard Yellow

Orange wall with mustard yellow accents
Orange with mustard yellow accents

Alternatively, you can try mustard yellow. Since it has some orange hint, mustard is the best yellow shade that will work perfectly with orange. The mustard yellow and orange blend together in harmony while still bring enough contrast to create different layer of pop.

These vibrant shades will work together to create a lively spark, and bring a happy and joyful vibe to the entire space.


Orange wall with pink accents
Orange with pink accents

Pink and orange had completely different vibes, so mixing them up together can bring a unique feeling that is worth trying.

The sweetness and softness of pink elements create an aesthetic touch, while the vibrant orange spreads an intense, energetic look. Thus, they will complete each other in harmony to create a stunning and beautiful visual appearance.

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