12 Awesome Colors That Go With Wood Paneling (Fresh and Natural Combinations)

Take a look at these 12 awesome wall colors that go with wood paneling. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 23rd, 2023

Wood paneling can bring natural warmth and texture, imbuing any interior space with a cozy and natural character, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

However, to really unleash the fresh, natural organic allure of wood paneling, it needs to be wrapped in the right color scheme. A mismatch not only impacts the aesthetic qualities of the wood but also can potentially disrupt the overall visual harmony of your home.

To complement wood paneling, light neutral colors like warm white, sage green, light gray, greige, or light muted blue can be the best options. Those colors can enhance the rich, warm texture and colors from the wood elements, while also providing some gentle contrast to make the wood panel stand out. Additionally, they can enrich your color palette, creating a more lively ambiance.

Let’s dive into all the awesome color companion that works amazingly alongside wood paneling.

1. Warm White

Warm white wall with wood paneling
Warm white wall with wood paneling

Warm white wall paint is a terrific choice to let the earthy and natural charm and muted palette of wooden paneling take center stage in your décor.

If you want the rustic appeal of the rich wooden textures to dominate your living room’s interior profile, a warm white color will be your best choice. Not only does white help maintain a classy outlook, but it also avoids overshadowing the grace of wood.

This combination is super functional as it will give your space a well-lit and bright appeal.

2. Light Gray

Light gray wall with wood paneling
Light gray and wood wall

Light gray is another masterful combination that won’t overshadow the grace of wood, allowing the rustic texture to dominate the interior profile with a bold aplomb.

Light gray combines with wood to create a nature-inspired palette, inspired by the colors of forests and the tumultuous skies during thunderstorms. This palette will absorb maximum sunlight to make your space appear brighter and more spacious.

3. Sage Green

Sage green wall with wood paneling
Sage green and wood wall

Here’s a terrific palette for nature lovers looking to merge the outdoors with their indoor spaces: sage green.

Compliment the sophistication of wooden paneling with a serene sage green palette. Inspired by the greens of the forest and the tranquility of the wilderness, this combination will sneak in a bright yet peaceful pop of color to give your living room a hint of vibrancy.

4. Light Blue Gray

Wood and light blue gray accent wall
Light blue-gray and wood wall

If you need to calm down the warmth of your wood element, try combining it with light blue-gray. This soft, neutral blue shade had a strong cool tone, easily toning down any dark wood paneling and creating a more balanced ambiance.

As a bonus, you will get a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing look that will be a nice photogenic spot for your Instagram post.

5. Greige

Greige wall with wood paneling
Greige and wood wall

Greige is a remarkable color tone for homeowners who seek a bolder and richer tone than most muted colorways from the gray family.

This classic combination of gray and beige will bring out the best in your wooden panels, accentuating their elegance with a muted backdrop.

You can dress up this combination by adding green plants, and neutral color tones, like dark gray, white, beige, and sand.

6. Taupe

Taupe and wood accent wall
Taupe and wood wall

Taupe had very similar colors to a lot of different wood, thus it can be a perfect combination if you want to create a harmonious and seamless look.

The calming earthy vibes of taupe also meet beautifully with the wood paneling, creating a comfy and natural space that makes you enjoy spending time there.

7. Dark Brown

Dark brown wall with wood paneling
Dark brown and wood wall

Dark brown walls and wooden panels are a match made in heaven, grounded in a deep, rich, and chocolaty glamor that works splendidly well for all spaces, be it a living room, bedroom, or study area.

The dark and bold notes of dark brown will give your living room an intensely charming profile, setting the stage to bring in more outdoorsy elements, like green plants, bamboo furniture, and rattan fixtures.

8. Olive

Wood panel with olive green wall
Olive green and wood wall

Olive green wall is a great option if you want to unleash all the beauty of your wood panel. This fresh yet warm shade makes the wood color and grain pop, making your wood panel stand out and become the main focal point of your entire space.

9. Gray

Gray wall with wood paneling
Gray and wood wall

Here’s a combination that strikes all the right chords of modern minimalism: pair your wood panels with deep notes of gray for a classic effect.

It’s hard to create that sleek minimalist aesthetic when you’re working with wood paneling. But if you’re clever with color coordination, you can give your space a polished aesthetic and a sharp aura.

Gray is the perfect choice for homeowners looking to complement their wooden panels with a neutral effect.

10. Dark Blue

Dark blue wall with wood paneling
Dark blue wall with wood paneling

Here’s a combination most people wouldn’t think of because it sounds so odd and unusual – until you get to see how charming navy blue looks with the earthy charm of wooden textures!

Navy blue is a bold and energetic color that will dominate the aesthetic profile, reducing your wooden panels to a subtle element on the side. Suitably overpowering, it is a fabulous choice if you want to overshadow the panels and their texture.

11. Charcoal Blue

Charcoal blue wall with wood paneling
Charcoal blue wall

You can also go with an even darker choice: charcoal blue. Charcoal blue is an almost black shade of blue, with strong neutrality and just enough hint of dark blue hues, making it an elegant choice if you need a paint color to create an accent wall.

This dark shade also can help make the wood element look way brighter and lighter.

12. Black

Black wall with wood paneling
Black and wood wall

The chalky consistency of black walls creates an artful and charming backdrop for the wooden panels to stand out and spread their energy throughout the room.

Black and wood are another nature-inspired combination that one can never go wrong with. We love black walls because they are splendid when it comes to absorbing dust and debris, reducing your home cleaning and maintenance chores considerably.

Final Thoughts

Remember what we said earlier? Wood panels are extremely versatile and retain their charm against any color combination, light or dark. So, we urge you to get creative and explore a wide array of patterns and palettes, even the ones that seem most unusual and loud.

When it comes to wall paint, most homeowners confine themselves to safe and neutral choices, and end up with bland and boring walls.

Wooden panels are a massive investment and if you have splurged on this lavish aesthetic upgrade, you need to do justice to its charm by finding the right color scheme to create an elegant contrast.

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