What Color Goes with Rose Gold?

Explore these awesome color ideas that blend beautifully with rose gold Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 9th, 2022

Rose gold is a serene color palette that blends in the metallic radiance of two beautiful shades, rose and gold. This soothing amalgamation radiates warmth and glow, and when incorporated into living spaces, it lends the interiors an aura of finesse and opulence.

However, the appeal of the rose gold depends entirely on the colors you pair it with. This feminine shade has an irresistible gleam of shine that needs to stand out and command attention.

Pairing it with hues that clash with the delicate charm and radiant energy would disrupt the aesthetic profile.

Read on to explore some fabulous color ways that pair splendidly well with the copper-pink serendipity of rose gold.

8 Best Colors That Goes with Rose Gold

Blush Pink

Blush pink wall with rose gold decor
Blush pink wall with rose gold decor

Strike an ethereal blend of sophistication by pairing rose gold with delicate accents of blush pink – the perfect neutral palette to allow the metallic finishing of rose gold to stand out and command attention.

This combination is an absolute winner for functional and livable spaces for it will draw in ample sunlight and give the room an airy, bright and spacious appeal.

You can amplify the blush-rose gold combination by adding textured metallics with gold accents and quirky marbles.

Light Gray

Light gray wall with rose gold decor
Light gray wall with rose gold decor

If you’re looking to play it safe, light gray is a splendid neutral hue to balance out the metallic brilliance of rose gold. Light gray serves as a muted base that creates a serene backdrop to soak up all the textures, colors and patterns you want to add to the space.

When paired with rose gold, light gray will create a sublime backdrop to allow the metallic charm to dominate the interior profile.

You can complete this profile with varying shades of gray, ranging from light gray to chalky gray, to give your rose gold interiors an edgy energy.

Muted Blue

Muted blue wall with rose gold decor
Muted blue wall with rose gold decor

Suppose you’re on the hunt for a chic neutral hue that doesn’t fade into the background or appear dull. In that case, muted blue is a terrific shade that reflects characterful elegance and European-inspired opulence.

Give your interiors a modern Mid-Century twist by pairing rose gold accents with a muted blue background. Muted blue is such a functional color for walls, given its ability to absorb dust and debris without suffering much discoloration.

Muted blue will balance out the feminine charm of rose gold with a quirky blend of masculine energy.

Mint Green

Mint green wall with rose gold decor
Mint green wall with rose gold decor

A quirky combination for the fun and playful at heart, mint green will strike a flirtatiously voguish match with the ladylike beauty of rose gold.

Homeowners looking to create an artsy and bohemian space will find this combination utterly irresistible, especially if they want to dress up the room with rich textures and indigenous art.

Mint is such a refreshing burst of soothing vibrations, and a splendid choice to brim up your room with seaside-like serenity. Rose gold will play up the natural beauty of mint green with a luxurious coat of opulence, depending on how you decide to add this color to the space.


Off-white wall with rose gold decor
Off-white wall with rose gold decor

If you’re aiming for an old-Hollywood villa-in-the-hills-like interior profile, pair the opulent radiance of rose gold with the angelic elegance of off-white. It is amazing how a shade as blank and muted as white can surpass all other colors with its refined magnificence.

White brings out the best in every color with its rich and creamy intensity, and when paired with rose gold, it is the most glamorous combination for a palatial-style regal profile.

You can pair a white L-shaped couch with a rose gold wall or add a pair of rose gold chairs set against a creamy off-white wall. Either way, the combination is utterly divine!


Navy wall with rose gold decor
Navy wall with rose gold decor

Suppose you want to give your living space a dark and masculine energy, sprinkled with subtle notes of glamor and sumptuous luxury. In that case, pair a rich navy blue wall with a rose gold console or contrasting ornate mirrors.

Rose gold and navy blue are a divine match that reflects extravagance and poise. This combination involves two bold shades that are equally glamorous and bold, resulting in a characterful profile that exudes darkness and depth.

Keep in mind that navy blue walls and large furniture pieces are likely to give the room a dim appeal. But if that’s what you’re aiming for, you simply cannot find a more fashionable match.


Black wall with rose gold decor
Black wall with rose gold decor

Black and rose gold are a match that reinvents urbane elegance with a timeless glamor. Black is the epitome of sophistication and panache, and when paired with a rich and sensual metallic like rose gold, the black backdrop comes to life with a luxurious appeal.

It all boils down to how you pair up these colors in the interior profile. Black walls have a voguish and dark appeal, but they may not be a functional choice for all living rooms.

However, you can count on our recommendation that black furniture itself always looks fabulous against a rose gold accent wall.


Charcoal wall with rose gold decor
Charcoal wall with rose gold decor

Homeowners seeking a middle ground between the bold darkness of black and the muted earthiness of light gray will find their most desirable match in charcoal!

Charcoal will elevate the delicate finesse of rose gold by serving as a muted yet characterful backdrop. It will balance out the sensual charm of rose gold with its rugged and masculine drama, creating a harmonious and soothing interior profile.

Final Thoughts

Testing out different color combinations and shades make little sense if your interior planning isn’t guided by a concrete vision.

It is important to stir your imagination and conjure up the space you want to create inside your mind. Until you see that space clearly, you will struggle to translate your preferences into an aesthetic and functional living space.

On the contrary, a creative vision will inspire you to play up your favorite colors with a delightful combination of furniture, paint, fixtures and ornaments. When it comes to interiors, we firmly believe in following your heart.

A color, texture or pattern may seem too plain or too bold to some, but if it warms and tickles your heart, it’s the right one for your home!