7 Inspiring Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Shiplap Interior Walls

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

If you are looking for an easy way to make your wall look charming and aesthetically pleasing in a natural vibe, then you can try using shiplap wood plank. This method has been around for decades and still has a lot of enthusiasts.

Generally, a shiplap wall will work well in any vintage or traditional style decor that implements a lot of wooden elements. But, in recent years, modern decor has been shifted and a lot of designers and homeowners love to use it to add a hint of fresh and natural wooden texture to their interior.

In most cases, these kinds of walls already look gorgeous by themselves and don’t need any extra touch, thanks to the beauty of the wooden texture and grain.

However, there will be some circumstances that force you to do something with the shiplap wall in order to make it visually better. For example, take a look at this empty shiplap wall that surely needs an additional touch to make it more interesting.

Empty shiplap wall

To give fresh ideas and inspiration, we will demonstrate to you some simple and easy ways that you can use to elevate and enhance the looks of your boring shiplap interior wall, so let’s get started.

1. Repaint It

Dark-painted shiplap wall

If you have an old shiplap wall that has lost most of its charm, then it’s a perfect time to repaint it and bring it back to life.

Painting your shiplap not only will make it look like a new wood board but also bring a fresh and new look to your home.

Literally, you can use your own creativity and imagination to paint it using any colors that you want.

Thus, if you think that the typical wooden colors are quite boring, then you can try painting them using bolder choices such as dark gray or navy.

2. Decorate Using Wreath

Decorating with wreath

Actually, this is one of the best decoration items for the shiplap wall.

The natural beauty of the wreath matches perfectly with the wooden backdrop, resulting in a beautiful and fresh vintage ambiance.

You can use any seasonal wreath to celebrate certain seasons and replace it with an all-season wreath when the season is over.

3. Vertical Shiplap

Vertically align wood wall

Most of the time, shiplap boards are aligned horizontally. But in some cases, it tends to look better when used vertically. For example, in a narrow wall, vertical shiplap looks so much better visually than the horizontal one.

This arrangement also works really well for any space with a low ceiling, as the vertical board will create visual illusions that can help make the room feel a bit taller.

4. Wooden Artwork

Wooden artwork

When it comes to wall decoration, surely artwork becomes one of the most popular choices. But the problem with the shiplap interior wall is that it tends to be difficult to find the one that can fit perfectly.

But don’t worry, there are still plenty of great options that you can use to make your wall look more interesting, such as wooden artwork.

This kind of artwork is made on top of the wood base, and this will be very helpful to make the artwork blend flawlessly with the wooden background behind it.

5. Frameless Clock

Frameless wall clock

Another popular wall decoration item that you can use to make any empty, boring space much more appealing is by using a large frameless wall clock.

This kind of clock will keep the wood board visible so they won’t lose their charm, while at the same time adding some depth and visual interest with its 3d looks.

6. Wall Hanging Greenery

Hanging greenery

Wood and plant, are a perfect natural pair that can bring all of the goodness of nature to your home.

Literally, any kind of plant or greenery can work well with a shiplap wall, whether it’s real plants or just artificial ones.

This approach can also be a great option for any room that lacks green elements and tends to look one-dimensional, boring, and monotonous.

7. Wooden Shelf

Shiplap wall with wooden floating shelf

Shiplap walls can be a great base to display or show off any of your decorative pieces. To do this, surely you need extra space to put them all, and a wooden shelf is one of the best choices for this particular job.

The wooden shelf obviously will blend seamlessly against the wooden wall as they will share a similar grain or texture, even though they are very different types of wood.

If you want to make the floating shelf stand out, choose the one that has plenty of contrast against the shiplap wood color.