19 Best Accent Colors for Beige Wall

Are you looking for the best accent color that goes with beige wall? Take a look at our expert's recommendations here. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 28th, 2022

Beige is one of the best neutral paint colors for homeowners who seek a soft, elegant interior. This timeless shade can be used literally anywhere, from the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, or even in the bathroom.

However, the main cons that you may often hear – or even face when using beige to paint your walls is that sometime it may look very boring, too mainstream, or even unattractive. Yes, this is the big consequence that really happened a lot inside any room with beige walls.

But don’t worry, you can easily overcome this by adding some twists to your wall using other colors. Even one or two pieces of wall art or wall decoration items can bring a huge impact to refining the looks of any walls. And thank’s to its neutral and versatile character, it’s quite easy for a beige wall to blend with literally any color.

In this post, we will give you some inspiration on some best accent colors that can work perfectly alongside beige walls. Let’s get to it.

What Accent Colors Goes with Beige Wall?

Dark Brown

Beige wall with dark brown accent
Dark brown artwork

Actually, beige is one light shade of brown. Thus, it will be an obvious choice to go with dark brown when you are looking for the best accent color that goes with beige walls.

These dark brown shades will provide plenty of contrast, but still looks perfectly flawless as both had a similar hue. If you need to boost the classic or glam looks of your wall, surely this is one of the best options for you.

There are a lot of excellent ways that you can use to add dark brown accents to your walls, such as using dark brown artwork or combine with brown trim.


Beige wall with taupe artwork
Taupe artwork

Alternatively, if you need a more down-to-earth neutral option, then you can go with lighter brown such as taupe or tan. In fact, these colors have a very similar visual appearance to beige, creating perfectly harmonious combinations.

This pair also works well for you who want to achieve an aesthetic neutral look for your interior.


Beige wall with emerald accent
Emerald green decorations

Another colors that match beige is emerald green. As the common problem with beige is that they often lack freshness, and this can be easily solved by incorporating green shades into your color scheme.

Although all shades of green can work well with beige, emerald is one of our favorite green colors that go with beige.

This particular shade tends to look bolder and had a more cool ambiance compared to any typical green, and this will be helpful to neutralize the warm tone of the beige, creating a well-balanced visual appearance.

Moss Green

Beige wall with moss green accents
Moss green wall art

Another shade of green that blends nicely with beige. Moss green is a unique kind of dark green that had a warmth yet vibrant appearance. And we honestly think that it’s one of the best accent color for beige walls.

Thus, pairing moss green with beige can be a great way not only to add a fresh natural touch, but at the same time add some splash of pop to make the entire wall feel more alive.

Light Gray

Beige wall with light gray accent
Light gray wall decor

Sometimes, any room with beige walls can look outdated, and if you are facing a similar problem, then you may try incorporating light gray into your space.

The neutral light gray items will easily matches beige, and at the same time modernize the looks, making the entire wall more up-to-date in stylish and elegant ways.


Beige wall with navy accent
Navy wall decor

If you need a strong color that not only can bring an immediate impact, but also bring some elegance touch to it, then navy is surely the best option for you.

And since navy and beige is totally opposite color, they will create a strong and bold contrast that makes the navy stand out easily.

Sky Blue

Beige wall with sky blue accent
Sky blue artwork

This is another great color that matches beige beautifully. Using any sky blue wall art or accessories will balance the tone of the walls and at the same time keep the soft and soothing appearance flowing between them.

Mint Green

Beige wall with mint green accent
Mint green wall art

Another great shade that can be a great choice for you who want to keep your entire wall looking soft and subtle is this mint green.

We love to use mint green artwork or accessories to achieve an aesthetic and eye-pleasing look, while at the same time providing some richness and freshness to avoid the wall looking boring and monotonous.


Beige wall with yellow accent
Yellow wall art

Yellow is a great option for you who want to add a splash of pop to any boring wall.

Moreover, any yellow items will instantly bring a joyful, energetic vibe to the wall, thus making it looks much more attractive and interesting. While most yellow shades can work well with beige, we prefer any lighter yellow rather than the darker ones.


Beige wall with mustard accents
Mustard yellow artwork

Or, you can opt for mustard. This unique yellow shade have a bolder appearance compared to any typical yellow, thus it can elevate your wall with an elegant yet striking vibe.


Beige wall with orange accent
Orange wall decor

This is a great alternative to yellow, especially for you who want to achieve a similar result without making your walls look too vibrant.

The orange items not only will accentuate the wall beautifully, but it also looks perfectly flawless against the beige, making them blend in perfect harmony to elevate the visual appearance of the entire space.

Light Pink

Beige wall with light pink accent
Pink wall art

Adding light pink decoration to the beige wall not only will enrich and makes it look more interesting, but it can also provide a touch of beauty to your space.

Moreover, as light pink had a similar softness to beige, this combination will look perfectly flawless without interfering with each other.


Beige wall with purple accent
Purple artwork

If you are feeling that your wall is boring and becomes too mainstream, then you need to add unique accents to personalize and make it much more attractive. For this case, purple is one of the best options.

The purple items can elevate the looks of any wall with their unique visual appearance, and at the same time looks bold enough to become one of the focal points for your space.


Beige wall with teal wall art
Teal wall art

Teal may not be the first option for accent color that goes with beige. But as a modern and trendy color, teal can be used to upgrade any walls that may feel and looks a bit outdated.

So, not only the teal artwork or wall art will bring a colorful accent to your wall, but they can also improve the entire wall without doing total repainting.

However, since teal may be a bit intense, you may need to keep it as an accent and avoid adding too much teal elements inside your beige-themed interior.


Beige wall with black decor
Black decor

Charming and simple, those are the ambiance that you’ll get by combining beige with black decor. Even though those colors may look a bit contradictive, they can actually blend quite well by providing a lot of contrast that can boost each other’s appearances.

What Colors Go with Light Beige Walls?

All of the lists above may be more than enough to answer your question about what colors go with beige walls. However, If you need color options specifically for your light beige, here are two of our best choices :

Olive Green

Light beige wall with olive accents
Light beige wall with olive accents

Since olive is a soft yet vibrant shade, it can easily compliment the light beige beautifully. Adding some splash of natural beauty from the olive green will take your light beige wall to the next level.

Warm White

Beige wall with warm white accents
Light beige with warm white

For you who are looking for a color that can blend together harmoniously with your light beige, try warm white.

Although this color won’t really become an accent, it can still bring enough contrast to make any boring light beige becomes much more interesting.

What Colors Go with Dark Beige Walls?

So how about dark beige? Well, here are some colors that matches dark beige walls perfectly :


Dark beige wall with sage accents
Dark beige wall with sage accents

Since dark beige can look too dark and go away from its neutrality, then in most cases, you may need to counter it with soft and light accents like sage green.

This charming shade works really well to brighten up the dark beige and makes everything feel calmer. And at the same time, the sage decor will bring a good amount of fresh natural beauty to your space without dragging the entire room out of neutral scheme.

Dusty Blue

Dark beige wall with dusty blue accents
Dark beige with dusty blue

But if you prefer blue shades rather than green, then you can try dusty blue. This color had a very similar effect to sage but in blue hues.

The dusty blue decorations will bring calmness and tranquility to your dark beige and make the entire space feel more calm and comfy.

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