13 Best Colors That Go with Black Wall (Stylish and Dramatic Choices)

Discover the best color combinations to complement your bold black wall. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : March 21st, 2023

Black walls (or accent wall) can be a stunning choice to add drama and sophistication inside any room. It can be used to create a dramatic bedroom, a contemporary living space, or a modern home office.

Furthermore, the black wall can be a striking backdrop that boost the elegance and style of your space.

However, choosing the right colors that can complement them can be a tricky challenge. Using the wrong colors, and you are at risk of create an unbalanced oro overwhelming appearance. Thus, the amazing black wall won’t unleash all of it’s potential

In this post, we will give you some perfect color scheme that not only will complement your black wall, but also can gives you a perfect atmosphere that you desire. Let’s dive in.

What Color Goes with Black Wall?


Black and white living room
Black and white

White and black is a classic combo that never goes wrong. With a perfect contrast, the white elements and black wall will complement each others beautifully.

Moreover, the white accents help tone down the intensity of black, making the wall feel a bit brighter, making the entire space feel open and larger. And that’s why this choice can be very useful in small rooms.


Black accent wall with navy decor
Black and navy

This bold duo may looks a bit risky, but if done right, it can creates a stunning and elegant looks. The moody looks of the navy bring an elegant drama to the wall, making the entire space feel luxurious.

To boost this combo, add metallic, silver, or aluminum elements throughout the walls.

Deep Purple

Black accent wall with deep purple decor
Black and deep purple

This is one of the best option especially if you want to add some luxurious depth to our space.

It’s awesome and rich hues adds regal touch to the space, while the black wall becomes a strong background to let the deep purple accessories to shine.

With enough contrast between them, the purple can easily stand out while still enhancing the boldness of the walls.

Light Gray

Black accent wall with light gray decor
Black and light gray

With subtle contrast between them, the light gray can be a great pair to black, creating a soft drama in flawless monochromatic looks.

The neutrality of the light gray also adds a modern and sophisticated ambiance to boost the elegance of the wall. Furthermore, light gray decor or furnishings can helps soften the starkness and darkness of the black, making it looks more balanced.

This color combination can work really well if you want to create a contemporary or minimalist elegant room.


Black accent wall with greige decor
Black and greige

As a combination of gray and beige, greige is a well-balanced shade that mixes the beautiful warmth and neutral versatility. And that’s the main reason why this color gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

With strong versatility, greige elements can easily blend with a variety of color schemes, including the tricky ones like black. Using greige accessories can warm up the black, while still going together in harmony.

Dark Emerald

Black wall with dark emerald accents
Black and dark emerald

If you want to add some awesome velvety touch to the dark wall, then you can try using dark emerald elements. It can create a rich and luxurious atmosphere, while still looks bold and dramatic.

Moreover, as any shades of green, dark emerald can still create a sense of serenity and tranquilty, making a fresh natural vibes.

For an even better output, you can add some brass or metallic accessories around the dark emerald and black.

Pale Green

Black wall with pale green accents
Black and pale green

Alternatively, you can try the softer green choices like pale green. Using this shade can bring a strong sense of nature from the outdoors to your home, creating a refreshing and relaxing vibe.

The softness and subtle looks of pale green wall decor can also soften the darkness of the wall, making it looks visually pleasing.


Black wall with cream accents
Black and cream

This classic and timeless color will create a warm and inviting ambiance to soften and balance out the black. This combo will work well almost anywhere, from the formal dining room to a cozy living spaces.


Black wall with gold accents
Black and gold

If you are looking for a glamourous and luxurious option, then obviously, gold is the best choice.

With strong and stunning contrast, gold elements not only will add some warmth, but also making the entire wall looks and feel rich and shiny.

Even just a small gold accessories can makes a big impact to make your home feel regal and majestic.

Light Brown

Black and light brown living room
Black and light brown

Make your black wall looks warm and earthy using light brown. This color combination will going together creating a welcoming and inviting ambiance, while still keep the black as the main focal point of your space.


Black and red living room
Black and red

With plenty of energy, red decor can make a powerful statement even when combined with bold painted wall.

The contrast between the black wall and red accents can create a visual pop, easily capturing everyone’s attention immediately.

You can also using red to create a romantic and intimate senses, and that’s why this pair will work well for a bedroom or dining room.


Black and mustard yellow living room
Black and mustard yellow

Add some fun pop to the black wall using mustard yellow. Unlike most yellow, mustard comes with some elegance that make it pair really well with black.

This stylish yet fun choice can be used in different interior styles, from bohemian to modern ones. Using some mustard elements that had unique texture and pattern for a more unique and personalized look.


Black and pink living room
Black and pink

Add beautiful twist to black wall by using this gorgeous color. It’s warm and playful vibes can add a surprising effects to black, adding a beautiful pop of color to the bold accent wall.

You can use light pink shade to creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere, or using darker ones to add a strong glam drama to your home.