What Color Goes with Black and Gold In Home Decor? (7 Best Choices For An Infinite Glamour)

Explore the perfect color ideas for black and gold palette. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 26th, 2023

The black and gold color scheme is the epitome of luxury and drama, perfect for those seeking to infuse their interior space with opulence.

While this pair already looks amazing, there are moments when a touch of variety can invigorate your black and gold foundation, breathing new life into your design.

Emerald green, canary yellow, and navy can be a great color addition to black and gold. Those options introduce a fresh dimension, providing an energizing and rich contrast to your color palette. Alternatively, you can opt for neutral tones such as light brown, gray, or blue-gray to balance your bold scheme, maintaining a sense of harmony without compromising the lavish opulence of your glamorous environment.

Read on for a more comprehensive exploration, detailed explanations, and some illustrations.

7 Best Colors That Go With Black and Gold


Black, gold, and yellow
Black, gold, and yellow

Yellow accents vibrantly complement a gold and black decor scheme, tying in beautifully with the warm undertone of the metal. Bright primary yellows construct a punchy decor scheme with a contemporary feel.

They are uplifting and energizing in dark surroundings. Rich shades of yellow ochre maintain the sophisticated image of a black and gold setting, and build a cozy ambiance.

Emerald Green

Black, gold, and emerald green
Black, gold, and emerald green

Emerald green builds upon the regal feel of a gold and black interior. Deep green also conjures an innate connection with nature, making it the perfect complementary color for an array of lush indoor plants.

Use this intensely sumptuous color in scatter cushions and throws to elevate a plain black couch. Hang emerald green artwork to richly contrast a black feature wall.

Light Brown

Black, gold, and light brown
Black, gold, and light brown

Light brown accents make a soothing accompaniment to a black and gold decor scheme. This light neutral introduces a subtle warmth that smoothly complements golden elements, without causing jarring distraction.

The understated interludes effortlessly counteract a shadowy perimeter, calming the dark drama.

A similar effect can be achieved by including natural wood tone accents, wicker accessories, and jute area rugs.


Black, gold, and navy
Black, gold, and navy

Navy elements elegantly complement a gold and black room design. This rich hue adds a wonderful depth of color that flows effortlessly with a shadowy palette.

Give your decor scheme a crisp, contemporary finish by including plenty of fresh white pauses.

Introduce bold navy artwork within white mounts, clean white decorative vases and bowls, candle holders, and coffee table books.


Black, gold, and orange
Black, gold, and orange

Bold pops of fiery orange look amazing inside a black and gold room. This is a color that lights up an unimaginative layout, giving it a burst of energy and personality.

Call in orange accents via punchy abstract art pieces and large indoor planters to really put your interior in the spotlight.

Alternatively, choose a darker, muted shade of orange to ignite a deeper heat.


Black, gold, and gray
Black, gold, and gray

To adhere to a monochrome palette whilst adding lighter notes, choose gray elements to break up a black and gold accent interior.

The gray and black notes will work together to create tonal layering, leaving gold pieces to truly shine.

To achieve a textural aesthetic, consider adding gray accent pieces in a mixture of materials, such as raw concrete and luxe marble.


Black, gold, and blue-gray
Black, gold, and blue-gray

Blue-gray elements make a moody combination with a stark black backdrop and gold decor accents. Set this stormy stage with intriguing, abstract oil paintings that show movement.

Lay sumptuous blue-gray throws onto black furniture to create rivers of color, and anchor with a plush matching rug.

Use this color to construct a sophisticated living room scheme, an impressive hallway palette, or a luxe bedroom design.


When making your final decision on the perfect accent color, consider what mood you are hoping to set in your designated decor scheme.

If you desire your living space to be a vibrant social setting, then choose a bright accent hue to pump up the energy in the room.

Do you have a black kitchen that lacks connection with nature? Go for natural hues. When creating a restful bedroom space, steer away from dazzling interludes and instead focus on a soothing palette.

Use color to become the master of your home’s atmosphere and you will build spaces that you love to spend time in.