11 Perfect Color Matches for Black and Gold Home Decor

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

The black and gold combination is the epitome of luxury and drama, perfect for those seeking to infuse their interior space with opulence.

While this pair already looks amazing, there are moments when a touch of variety can invigorate your black and gold foundation, breathing new life into your interior design.

Emerald green, canary yellow, and navy can be a great color addition to black and gold. Those options introduce a fresh dimension, providing an energizing and rich contrast to your color palette. Alternatively, you can opt for neutral tones such as light brown, gray, or blue-gray to balance your bold scheme, maintaining a sense of harmony without compromising the lavish opulence of your glamorous environment.

Read on for a more comprehensive exploration, detailed explanations, and some illustrations.

11 Best Colors That Go With Black and Gold

1. Yellow

Black, gold, and yellow

Yellow is a great vibrant option that will enhance the opulence of the gold, while also adding a splash of color to the black backdrop.

Moreover, the yellow accents can give the space some cheerful charm and a fun vibe, while still complementing the lavishness of your decor elements.

Any kind of yellow shades can work really well in this palette, from creamy yellow, rich canary yellow, to bold mustard yellow.

2. Emerald Green

Emerald green

Boost the velvet look of your interior setting by adding emerald green to the color scheme. This stunning deep green shade not only amplifies the luxury of the gold elements but also establishes a beautiful connection to nature, resulting in a fresh yet glamorous aesthetic.

The bold emerald accessories can also provide a captivating contrast against the black, adding richness without overpowering your current decor scheme.

Choosing emerald green accessories promises to imbue your interior with sophistication and a touch of natural allure, seamlessly blending luxury and a vibrant, refreshing atmosphere.

3. Light Brown

Light brown

If you need to calm down the vibrant look of your gold elements, you can try incorporating some light brown accents. This soft neutral tone plays a pivotal role in introducing a subtle warmth that seamlessly aligns with the inherent richness of the golden elements.

Rather than creating any distractions, the light brown serves as a delicate counterpoint, enhancing the cohesion of the palette.

4. Navy


This is a stunning option that can be a perfect fit into any gold and black color scheme. This deep and luxurious hue brings forth a captivating depth of color that seamlessly integrates with the bold and glam palette, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Navy blue can also introduce a new layer of elegance, adding dimension to the design while maintaining a harmonious look. This can be a perfect choice for you who want to create luxury modern or contemporary interiors.

5. Orange


Another great choice for those seeking to amplify the vibrancy of their black and gold decor. Orange elements will be a new captivating focal point, and add a lively and playful vibe to the space.

Together, both orange and gold will create a visually stimulating and engaging environment. Finally, the black wall serves as the neutral canvas, that further boosts the striking visual aesthetic of both gold and orange accents.

6. Gray


If you need to calm down the boldness of black and let the gold become the main center of attention of your decor, then adding gray can be a reasonable choice.

This neutral shade not only tempers the visual impact of black but also provides a neutral backdrop that allows the gleaming luxury elements to take center stage.

By embracing gray as a complementary element, you can achieve a well-calibrated contrast that ensures the gold elements shine brilliantly, creating an elegant and visually pleasing atmosphere within your living space.

7. Blue-gray


Blue-gray, black, and gold can be an amazing combination for home decor. This trio of colors brings a harmonious balance that is both visually striking and aesthetically pleasing. The cool undertones of blue-gray introduce a calming and contemporary vibe, serving as a perfect counterpoint to the boldness of black and the opulence of gold.

The interplay of these three hues creates a dynamic and layered visual experience, where each color contributes to the overall ambiance in a distinct yet complementary manner.

Embracing this color combination allows for endless possibilities in creating a truly captivating and stylish home environment.

8. Deep Red

Deep red

Deep red and black can be a perfect pair for infusing a bold and velvet allure into your interior space. Then, the gold will add luxury and opulence, adding a stunning drama to complete this palette.

The marriage of these hues forth a sense of opulent drama, turning your living space into a captivating haven of style and sophistication.

9. Warm Blue

Warm blue

Another interesting blue shade that you can try. The shared warmth between warm blue and gold allows them to meld together in a stunning fusion, forming a visual symphony of complementary hues.

Furthermore, the warm blue elements such as warm blue furniture or wall decor introduce a calming warmth that softens the overall palette, and when combined with the gold and black palette, will result in a well-rounded and inviting atmosphere.

10. Mint


Mint can be a delightful addition to soften and refresh the look of your interiors. This subtle hue offers a refreshing and invigorating contrast to the opulence of gold and the depth of black.

Its light and airy nature creates a striking visual balance within the palette, injecting a sense of vibrancy and rejuvenation.

Against the backdrop of black, mint introduces a lively contrast that brightens the space while seamlessly complementing the richness of gold accents.

11. Terracotta


This can be a perfect option for you who want to create an art-decor or modern mid-century style interior.

Terracotta accents seamlessly weave their magic within the luxurious color scheme, bringing forth a warm and earthy touch that perfectly complements the opulence of gold and the boldness of black.

The earthy undertones of terracotta add depth and character, contributing to a visually engaging and harmonious environment.