The 10 Best Scandinavian Table Lamp / Bedside Lamp in 2023

Best unique and creative Scandinavian table lamp | scandinavian style bedside lamp. Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : October 25th, 2023

Scandinavian-style interior design is famous for its soothing and calm colors scheme combined with a simple yet stylish and artistic design. As one of the most popular design styles, many people used this design style concept to their homes.

To apply Scandinavian style design properly, the furniture and decoration items selection plays a very important role. Wrong item selection can ruin the overall Scandinavian style decoration.

One of the items which is quite tricky in when used in the Scandinavian style room is the table lamp. This small object can make a big difference.

If you are decorating your home with a Scandinavian design style and currently looking for table lamp ideas that will match your design style, you are on the right page. In this article we give you 10 best table lamps that is perfect for a Scandinavian interior style room.

We have used and tried lot of lamp table in our interior design project, and from hundreds of those table lamp, we choose the 10 best Scandinavian style table lamps that you will loved.

Let’s begin the list.

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Decorative gray and white ceramic fashionable table lamp
Decorative ceramic table lamp by LLYU | image by

Decorative Ceramic Scandinavian Table Lamp

The first table lamp on our list is this decorative ceramic lamp with gray and white finish. With a simple yet unique and attractive combinations of gray and white monochromatic colors, this table lamp is one of the best to use in a Scandinavian-style room

With a base made of ceramic material that looks fashionable and luxurious, this table lamp not only functions well as lighting but also as one of the decoration items to round off the look of the room in your home.

Shade from this lamp made of quality fabric material that you can realize when you see it. The bottom of the lamp is also equipped with anti-slip pad material that works great to prevent the lamp from falling down. With the E27 type light source model, you can easily buy a bulb that is suitable for use in this lamp

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LED Scandinavian table lamp with white and wooden finish
White and wood finish LED table lamp by Tomons | image by

LED Scandinavian Table Lamp with White and Wood Finish

With it’s white and wood finish combination, this table lamp not only has a modern, but also natural looks that can make your bedroom atmosphere cozy and warm. This table lamp is not only suitable for Scandinavian-style rooms, but can be used as well for room with any other style.

Has a size of 4.7 inch x 4.7 inch x 11.8 inch, making this table lamp versatile and can be used on large or small sized tables. So, if you don’t have a lot of spaces to store a table lamp, then this table lamp might be one of the best alternatives for you.

With an E12 / 14 socket that can be used for all types of LEDs and incandescent bulbs, making this table lamp emit a modern and elegant lights.

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Swing adjustable arm scandinavian style table lamp
Swing adjustable arm table lamp by Tomons | image by

Scandinavian Style Swing Adjustable Arm Table Lamp

Scandinavian-style items are famous for their unique and artistic shapes, such as this table lamp. The combination of solid wood with iron material produces a simple but attractive design and eye catching looks.

With an adjustable arm, you can easily adjust the height and angle of the lamp to suit your needs. Its compact size also makes this lamp can be stored even in a narrow spaces.

An E26 LED light bulb (3300 k / 4w) is included which produces bright but soft light and is more eye-care. This lamp is suitable for bedrooms, work spaces, reading rooms, living rooms, and other lighting needs.

This lamp is available in 2 different metal iron finish colors : black and white.

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Wooden tripod legs bedside table lamp with scandinavian style.
Wooden tripod legs bedside lamp by Haitral | image by

Wooden Tripod Legs Scandinavian Bedside Lamp

Despite its relatively small size, this lamp is quite striking and can bring an interesting display effect to your bedroom. With its elegant and modern appearance with a tripod style base combined with linen fabric shade, this table lamp will elevate the aesthetics and bring elegant and beautiful warmth atmosphere.

This table lamp with 13.4 inch height x 7.2 inch width x 5.5 inch depth dimension needs E26 standard size light bulbs (not included). It’s compact size makes this lamp can fit any small sized table.

Thanks to it’s design that has a modern and cute look, this lamp can be used in a variety of different interior design styles, including Scandinavian style bedroom.

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Minimalist wooden bedside table lamp
Minimalist modern bedside table lamp by Viqie | image by

Minimalist Wooden Decorative Bedside Table Lamp

For those of you who like simple and minimalist Scandinavian-style items, then this lamp table is the perfect choice for you. Although looks simple, this lamp still has a unique and classy look that can make your room look more stylish.

With a shade made of frosted glass that looks modern, and a base made of natural wood is the perfect blend that makes this lamp table look very attractive.

It’s compact size, making this lamp can be used for various purposes, from bedside lamps, living room lamps, study lamps and even for dining room lamps.

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Stylish modern gray scandinavian style table lamp
Stylish modern gray bedside table lamp by Ashley Furniture | image by

Stylish Modern Gray Scandinavian Style Bedside Table Lamp

The next Scandinavian table lamp in our list is this stylish gray table lamp. It’s rounded edges base makes this lamp look beautiful and bring artistic ambient in any room. It’s a contrast color combination, gray against white, also brings an elegant glamorous look that makes this table lamp not only perfect when used in Scandinavian style rooms, but also works well when used in any other room decor style.

With a base made of resin that looks georgeous, this lamp works great to elevate any room decor. Using 1 type A bulb with 150 watts max, this lamp works great for any different occasion, starting from the bedside lamp, living room lamp, and any others.

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Modern nordic style wooden bedside table lamp
Modern Nordic style wooden bedside lamp by Modern Livin | image by

Modern Nordic Style Wooden Bedside Table Lamp

One of the reasons we include this table lamp into our list is because of its unique and attractive appearance that is very Scandinavian. With a tripod legs style made of wood that looks beautiful, this lamp can be the center of attention when used either as a bedside lamp, office desk lamp, bedroom lamp or even a living room lamp.

With a design concept that combines Nordic / Scandinavian style with modern style, making this lamp look very fresh and suitable for use in a room with a variety of different decoration styles.

Equipped with touch and gesture control, you can turn on and off this light without touching any buttons, as well as when you want to change the brightness level of this lamp. You can also choose the color of the lamp (white, yellow or warm light) easily.

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Creative white iron scandinavian bedside table lamp
Creative white iron table lamp by Yxx Max | image by

Creative White Iron Scandinavian Bedside Table Lamp

With base made of high-quality iron, and lamps made of clear glass makes this lamp look very beautiful and luxurious, but at the same time it still looks simple. So that makes this lamp is perfect choice for Scandinavian-style bedroom and also any other bedroom styles.

By using these lights, you can make the room look very stylish and luxurious.

But the disadvantage of this lamp is the price is quite expensive, but it is certainly comparable where you will get a beautiful lamp that had the best quality.

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Flexible goose neck led bedside table lamp
Flexible goose neck table lamp by Pinsoon | image by

Flexible Goose Neck LED Bedside Table Lamp

This lamp is perfect for those of you who need a desk lamp to study or work both in the bedroom and in the office. With flexible goose-neck, you can adjust the height and angle of this lamp easily to be adjusted to suit your needs.

With a simple but modern style with a blend of natural white and wood finishing, making this lamp is perfect when used in a room that has a Scandinavian style interior design.

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Round ball glass bedside table lamp with wood base
Round ball lamp with wooden base by Lightaccents | image by

Round Ball Glass Bedside Table Lamp with Wooden Base

The last light on our list is a lamp that has a simple but unique look in the form of glass ball shade with wooden base. With a combination of modern and natural styles, this lamp is suitable for various types of room decoration styles, including in a Scandinavian-style room.

With its relatively small size, which is 5.91 inch wide and 6.3 inch high, this lamp can be placed easily without the need for a lot of spaces. However, even though it is small, this lamp can look quite prominent and attract the attention of anyone who sees it.

Suitable for use as an accent table lamp for scandinavian bedroom, this lamp uses one 40 watt bulb type A15 or G45.