15 Gorgeous Living Room Color Scheme To Go with Blue Sofa

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

If you choose a blue sofa for your living room’s centerpiece, we are highly confident that you have great taste! Yes, using these charming sofas, whether it’s dark blue, navy, or even any softer shades of blue can be a great starting point to create a colorful and sophisticated interior.

As gender-neutral, the blue sofa can instantly fit into any different personality and style. Moreover, it can be used in any kind of interior theme, from classic and traditional, to modern contemporary.

Although the blue sofa alone already looks amazing, sometimes you need to mix it up with other colors not only to bring its full potential, but also to add some beautiful splash and help keep the visual interest flowing through the space.

In this article, we will show you our favorite color schemes that based on our experiences, will work beautifully in any living room with a blue sofa. Let’s get started :

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Blue and White

Blue and white living room

Sleek, crisp, and cozy. These are the results that you will be getting if you blend white with blue. No, we are not only talking about the off-white wall behind the sofa but directly adding some white details to it, such as some beautiful white throws and a gorgeous white area rug.

Adding some white to the navy blue sofa can also help soften the sofa and make it look comfier, while at the same time providing a beautiful contrast that can make the sofa stand out more.

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Blue and Beige

Blue and beige

If you want to keep the simplicity of your living spaces, but think that white is too mainstream, then you can try decorating with beige. This neutral shade can bring similar effects but in a richer tone.

Moreover, the warmth that beige provides surely will help balance up the entire space and can be very helpful if you are using any dark or deep-toned shade for your sofa.

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Blue and Yellow

Blue and yellow

Let’s move away from neutral and go with something more colorful. Adding some splash of yellow around the sofa or couch not only instantly enhances the mood and ambiance of the entire living space, but it can also add some fun twist that can be really helpful if you think that your sofa looks too boring and one-dimensional.

To get the best results, choose any yellow with the same tone as your sofa. For example, if you are using a dark blue sofa, then you can go with mustard yellow, and for a light blue sofa, you can opt for a pale or light yellow.

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Shades of Blue

Monochromatic living room

Monochromatic style is a huge trend right now, and it can easily be applied to your interior spaces by adding different shades of blue throughout the entire space.

As you can see in the image above, we added some navy pillows above the sofa to bring some elegance and depth while still keeping the entire seating area flawless.

If you prefer to go with this style, we highly recommend you add some neutral shade such as white or light gray to break up the monotony and avoid the potential boring looks that can ruin your entire space.

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Blue and Gray

Blue and gray

For a modern, contemporary, or minimalist interior, we highly recommend gray as an accent color for your sofa.

A few gray accents can provide some stylish elegance appearance while still keeping the couch as the main focal point for the sitting area.

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Blue and Blush

Blue and blush pink

As we already said before, blue is a gender-neutral shade, so it can easily fit with any bold and strong colors such as black or with a more feminine like pink or blush. If you want to create a soft, subtle space with a bit of girly touch, blush can be the best choice.

These combinations not only will create a wonderful, aesthetic, and eye-catching visual appearance, but some blush accents can help tone down the vibrant hue and make it look softer.

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Blue and Dark Green

Blue and dark green

Another great color idea that you can explore is combining blue with dark green. The dark green accent can bring more flavor to the space in a uniquely bold and fresh ambient that blends perfectly with the comfy and coziness of your living space.

However, combining these two different shades sometimes can be quite tricky. One of the best ways to make them blend is by using any item that has both colors together.

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Blue and Orange

Blue and orange

Incorporating some orange accent can be a great way to decorate around a blue sofa to create a playful surprise and make it look unique and eclectic. Furthermore, both colors are on the opposite side of the color wheel scheme, and that’s what makes their contrasting effects look beautiful and eye-pleasing.

However, orange is a strong and vibrant shade, so we don’t really recommend you add too much of this color. In most cases, just 10 to 20 percent of the orange accent that spreads throughout the space is the sweet spot that can provide the best results.

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Blue and Light Brown

Blue and light brown

Brown is a complementary shade to blue, and that’s why this pair looks wonderful together. One of our favorite brown shades when it comes to the living room with a blue couch is light brown.

The neutrality and softness of light brown soften any vibrant and intense couch, making the entire space feel much more calmer.

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Blue, Yellow, and Sage

Blue, yellow, and sage

This is a beautiful mix that you wouldn’t want to miss, especially if you are using a light blue couch or sofa.

This color combination creates an amazing effect where the sage brings a soft and smooth appearance, while the yellow adds an interesting pop to cheer up the entire seating area.

For the best results, you may use much more sage green accessories than yellow which acts only as an accent.

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Blue, Yellow, and Orange

Blue, yellow, and orange

This is another great way to make any room feel much more alive. Even though the yellow and orange bring a similar vibrant effect, they act a bit different.

Thus, you can get bright spaces with a different layer of richness to make everything look much more interesting.

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Blue, White, and Gold

Blue, white, and gold

If you want to add a touch of glam, then without any doubt gold is always the right answer. Add some gold wall decorations, gold pillow, or rug with gold accents to your sofa to lift it up luxuriously and create a velvet-looking sofa.

To let the gold elements shine even better, complete this color palette with an ultra-neutral pure white.

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Blue, Black, and White

Blue, black, and white

Black and white can be a perfect background to make the couch stand out amazingly and make it become the center of attention for your room.

With a gorgeous elegance and serenity mix, this color scheme works really well inside any modern, contemporary interior design.

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Blue, Cream, and Dark Brown

Blue, cream, and dark brown

Another great way to incorporate brown shades into your blue-themed interior is by incorporating both light and dark shades of brown.

This time, we try to add dark brown and cream. This will create a different layer of brown that looks amazing to create a calming yet glamorous living space.

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Blue, Black, and Red

Blue and black with red accents

Actually, this is a bit unusual combination, but it is worth a try. Especially if you want to go out of the box and create something unique and anti-mainstream living space.

The black works as a base that lets all of your living room furnishings pop beautifully. And finally, the red accents add some rich drama and bring a bit of glam twist to finish up this color palette.

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