The 15 Best Floating Shelves in 2023

Read reviews and images of the best floating shelves that we've already tried and used in our room design. Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : October 25th, 2023

Our interior design team has made hundreds of different room interior designs, and from hundreds of these designs, we have also used dozens of different types of floating shelves. In this article, we selected the 15 best floating shelves in our experience that we have used, and we will share them in the following post.

Floating shelves are not only useful as a place to store and tidy up things at home, but also can function well as an item to enhance the appearance of the room in your home. Not only that, the advantage of floating shelves is that this type of shelves will not take up space in your home because it is hanging on the wall. So, if you have a room that tends to be narrow, floating shelves are one of the best alternatives for storage and decorating your room.

Generally, floating shelves use a hidden bracket so that it gives a floating effect that makes it look attractive and seamless. Floating shelves can be used well in rooms in your home such as in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and other rooms.

In these floating shelves, you can store a variety of different items, including photos, ornamental plants, flowers, decorations, books, and other items.

Let’s start, here are 15 of the best floating shelves according to the team that we divided into several different categories:

Best Minimalist Shelves

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best minimalist style floating wall shelves
White minimalist showcase floating shelves

Small Minimalist Showcase Floating Shelves

This simple, compact and clean design shelves is perfect place to display (or show off) your favorite items. With 4 x 3 x 1 inch size, each shelf can hold up to 2 1/2 lbs. This shelves will fit well in any minimalist or contemporary style room, even in small sized room. Made with coated MDF, this floating shelves is very easy to clean using any damp cloth.

Pros :

  • Simple but elegant looks that will fit perfectly in any room decoration style.
  • Can be easily arrange to suit your room style and needs.
  • Perfect to use in any small sized room.
  • With museum-style display, this shelf is great to displaying object like trophies, photos, and any collectibles.
  • Already comes with all hanging hardware (mounting frame, screws, anchors)

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Best minimalist wall shelves - White v-shaped wall shelves
Minimalist v-shaped wall shelf

V-Shaped Minimalist Wall Mounted Shelf

Created using quality material, this ledge shelf works great both as a decorative shelves and for enhance your room decor. It’s unique v-shaped bring stylish, contemporary and minimalist style to any room. Comes with 3 different colors selection : white, black and green, you can choose which one that suit your room decoration style.

Pros :

  • Made using E1 grade MDF + Fiberboard, with environmentally friendly coating paint.
  • Stylish and unique V-shaped design that create a wonderful visual design.
  • Versatile design that make this shelves can be used in any room decor style.

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best modern minimalist white wall shelves
Simple rectangle floating wall shelves

Minimalist Floating Rectangle Shelves

This kind of shelves is the most perfect shelves when it comes to minimalist decor. It’s simple rectangle shape make this shelves not only add character and warmth to any room decor, but also perfect place to organize and storage any objects, decor items or accessories, thanks to it’s 23.75″ length and 9.25″ width. Available in two different finish, white or black, you can choose which one that suit your style and needs.

Pros :

  • Works great as a decorative items and as a storage items.
  • With minimalist and charming design, make this shelves can be used in any room styles, from modern to traditional ones.
  • Can be used perfectly in any room : bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, etc.
  • Made using faux wood with a smooth matte finish that not only make this shelves durable, but also make this shelves has a simple yet charming and modern finish.

Best Scandinavian Style Shelves

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Scandinavian style shelf with metal hooks
Scandinavian style shelf with hooks

Scandinavian Style Shelf with Metal Hooks

One of the reasons why we chose this shelves in our Scandinavian shelves list is not only because it’s attractive and modern Scandinavian looks, but also because these shelves works well not only as a storage like any other shelves, but because they have addition hangers that can provide additional space to hang any objects. Available with three different finish : white, black and natural wood, you can choose which one that suit your needs or you combine them to get more attractive results.

Pros :

  • Available in different colors (white, black and natural wood) and different size that can be combined to get interesting custom results.
  • With modern style that can help bring more Scandinavian looks into any room.
  • It’s metal hook can give additional spaces to hang and organize any objects.

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Scandinavian style l-shaped metal floating shelf
Scandinavian style L-shaped metal floating shelf

Simple Scandinavian L-Shaped Metal Floating Wall Shelf

For those of you who like Scandinavian style but still want to make your bedroom feels vibrant and colorful, then this floating shelves might be perfect for you. Made of high quality metal with a soft paint finish, this floating shelf can withstand loads up to 5 kg / 11 lbs so you can store any decoration or items on this shelf. With a modern and creative style, there are 3 different color choices for this shelf: white, yellow and blue, where each color is very good both when used alone or when combined with other ones.

Pros :

  • Simple yet colorful Scandinavian style that will blend perfectly not only in Scandinavian room decor but also in another room style.
  • Come in 3 attractive color selections : white, yellow and blue. And 2 different size : Small (15.7″ length, 3.3″ width, and 3.3″ height) and medium (23.6″ length, 5.9″ width and 5.9″ height) where you can choose which one that suit your needs.
  • Made using high quality iron that not only make this floating shelves durable, but also can hold up to 11lbs.

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Simple scandinavian floating wall shelves
Simple Scandinavian floating wall shelves

Premium Wood Floating Wall Shelves

Made from solid pine wood coated with eco-friendly protective paint that produces a smooth and elegant finish, this wall shelves is one of the best shelves to use when creating a Scandinavian style decor. With a combination of a natural yet elegant appearance, these shelves provide unique and charming characteristics. With each shelf measures 16.5 “x 5.9” x 6.75, provide extra space for storage to your room. Come with 2 different colors : white/gray and walnut/black, both are equally good to polish up your room decor.

Pros :

  • This shelves can blend well not only with Scandinavian style decor, but also other style such as nordic, rustic, industrial or even minimalist style.
  • Created using premium Australian pine wood that not only ensure this shelves has the best quality, but also it’s unique wood grain pattern gives an elegant yet natural looks.
  • Coated and finished using eco-friendly protective paint protects this wall shelves against moisture, mold and mildew, and provide you healthy, durable and safe floating shelves.
  • With rustproof metal brackets extending the durability of the metal bracket.

Best Vintage Wall Shelves

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Vintage style floating shelves
Vintage style floating shelves

Vintage Wall Mounted Whitewashed Wood Floating Shelves

This floating shelves had a stylish combination of modern and vintage aesthetic looks that will blend perfectly with most home decor. With 23.5″ width, 5.75″ depth and 6.75″ height, this vintage shelf provide a lot of storage space inside the shelf and on the top of it that works great as practical storage for any household supplies or decorative displays. It’s whitewashed wood gives an unique vintage looks.

Pros :

  • With stylish combination of vintage and modern design make this shelves versatile and can be used in any home decor styles.
  • Provide extra storage spaces on the top of the shelf.
  • Unique whitewashed wood finish that can bring vintage looks and feels.

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Decorative floating shelves with wooden brackets
Decorative floating shelves with wooden brackets

Whitewashed Wood Decorative Floating Shelves with Wooden Brackets

This set of 2 floating shelves had a stylish whitewashed finish that are great for displaying any framed photos, plant vases, books, and any other decorative items. This shelves is perfect to use in any room including living room, bedroom, kitchen or even office. It’s unique wooden brackets bring a classic vintage looks that make this bedroom looks flawless in any vintage style home decor.

Pros :

  • With 16.5″ width x 6.5″ height x 6.5″ depth, this shelves has a perfect size to be used in any room size, even in small sized room.
  • Come with 2 different choice of finish : whitewashed wood or torched wood, you can select which one that suit your home decorating style.
  • Had an unique wooden bracket that bring vintage and rustic looks.

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vintage u-shaped floating wall shelves
Vintage u-shaped floating wall shelves

Vintage U-Shaped Wall Mounted Floating Shelves, Set of 3

With whitewashed finish, this set of 3 u-shaped wood accent shelves has a simple rustic vintage style that will complement perfectly in any rustic or vintage home decor. This shelves can be used to display any decor objects, books, toy, framed photos, plants, etc. Using keyhole bracket for mounting against walls that produce a clean and neat looks, this compact shelves can be a useful and stylish addition into any rooms.

pros :

  • Come with 3 different size (Large : 4″ height x 16.75″ width x 4″ depth, Medium : 3.5″ height x 12.75″ width x 4″ depth, and small : 2.75″ height x 8.75″ width x 4″ depth), you can arrange those 3 shelf using your creativity to create a cohesive and attractive looks.
  • With unique U-shaped that bring simple and light design, this shelves can be used in any room such as bedroom, living room, kitchen or even bathroom.
  • Perfect for any vintage or rustic style decor.

Best Corner Shelves

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Minimalist modern 5-tier wall corner shelves
Minimalist modern 5-tier wall corner shelves

5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves with Minimalist and Modern Finish

A good corner shelves should not only fill the empty space in the corner of your room, but should functions well as a storage area and also functions as a decoration. And all these things are fulfilled by this corner shelf, that’s why we put it in this best floating corner shelves list. With a simple minimalist and modern looks, this corner shelves will blend perfectly in the corner of any room.

Pros :

  • It’s 5 tier shelves gives a lot of storage spaces to make unused corner in any room became more useful.
  • With minimalist modern and elegant looks, this corner shelves can be used in any room decor style.
  • Available in 5 different color selections : white, espresso, gray, neutral wood and walnut, you can choose any color that best suit with your needs.
  • Made using high quality MDF laminate make this shelves durable and long lasting.

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Simple modern triangle corner wall shelf
Simple modern triangle corner wall shelf

Modern Minimalist Triangle Corner Wall Shelf

If you want to turn an unused corner in your room to look more attractive with a minimalist yet modern look, then this corner shelf might suit you needs. With a triangular shape that looks simple but elegant, this corner shelf that has a glossy white finish can turn dull corner into a far more interesting and useful ones.

Pros :

  • It’s white glossy finish can bring a modern contemporary feels into any room.
  • With 16.3″ length x 81″ width and can holds up to 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg) , this shelves can be a perfect place to put or show off any collectibles, framed photos, or decorations items.
  • Made using high quality MDF and laminate finish, this corner shelf can be easily cleaned using any damp cloth.

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Rustic style corner wall shelf
Rustic style corner wall shelf

Rustic Metal Bracket Display Corner Shelf with Four Arms

If in the previous two corner shelves we choose shelf that tends to have a modern, minimalist and contemporary style, then in this third corner shelf in this list we choose a corner shelves that have a slightly different style, rustic. For those of you who have a rustic or vintage style room, then this corner shelf is the ideal choice to change the corner of your room to be far more interesting.

Pros :

  • It’s 4 legs (5.9″ x 7.9″ each) gives a lot of storage space.
  • Combinations of metal and old woods give a beautiful rustic looks that will suit any rustic, vintage or even industrial style room.
  • With 2 different color selections : brown or grey, you can choose which one that perfect for your room decor.

Best Mid-Century Modern Style Shelves

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Gold and white modern floating shelves
Gold and white modern floating shelves

Modern Gold Wall Shelf with 3-Tier White Floating Shelves

When decorating a room with modern mid-century style, gold is one of the most ideal colors that not only gives glamorous impression, but also elegant ones. As in this modern gold and white floating wall shelf. The combination of simple white glossy colors with luxurious gold accents makes this wall shelves an ideal decor to compliment your room. Coupled with a large storage capacity – 3 tier shelves with 23.6 “width x 5.9” depth each, you can store and organize any items here such as photo frames, plants, decorations, toys, even kitchen utensils if you use this wall shelves in the kitchen.

Pros :

  • The levels of height for each 3 shelves board can be adjusted easily to suit your needs.
  • With white and gold combination, this shelves not only looks glamorous, but also enable a delightful decoration that can be used in any room design style.
  • Each shelves created using premium engineered wood that can hold weight up to 30 lbs.

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Mid-century modern brown and gold glamorous geometric style wall shelf
Mid-century modern brown and gold wall shelf

Mid-Century Modern Brown and Gold Wall Shelf with Glamorous Geometric Style

For those of you who want a floating wall shelf to polish up your modern mid-century style room to make it looks more beautiful and glamorous, then this wall shelf is perfect for you. With an attractive modern mid-century looks, thank’s for it’s beautiful gold-painted geometric frames, this wall shelf is one of the perfect choices that will stand out and become a focal point in any room.

Pros :

  • Beautiful modern mid-century design that will blend perfectly with most room decor style.
  • With 2 shelf (lower : 20.6″ height x 5″ depth, top : 25.25″ height x 5″ depth) that offer a lot of storage spaces not only to help keep your room neat, but also can be used to display your favorite decoration items.
  • With versatile design, you can use this wall shelves in any room such as bedroom, living room, kitchen or even bathroom.

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Modern mid-century floating display shelf
Modern Mid-century floating display shelf

Modern Floating Display Shelf with Solid Wood and Metal Frame

This wall shelf not only functions as a storage space, but also a beautiful decoration items that will turn any boring wall to be a more interesting and and artistic ones. With an unique combination of walnut wood and metal frame, this wall shelves has a modern look and can easily blend with any home decor style. Come with several different types and sizes, you can use your creativity by arranging and combining different sizes shelves to create a composition that suit your room decor style and needs.

Pros :

  • Unique combinations of solid walnut board with metal frame create a artistic versatile looks shelves that can be used in any home decor style.
  • With 4 different size that made to fit together, you can create your own setup and composition easily using your creativity and imaginations.

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