20 Awesome Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

An accent wall is a great option for any homeowners who really want to create some experiment by using unique, bold, vibrant paint colors or patterns into their interior space. This feature will create personalized looks that not only distinguish your interior from any typical or mainstream ones but also showcase your character and personality.

And the best thing about this kind of wall is that no right or wrong. So you can use your own personal taste, imagination, and creativity to create your unique feature wall, especially for a room that needs a personalized touch like no other: your bedroom.

If you need some bedroom accent wall ideas, you are in the right place. Here we will share with you some of our bedroom designs that incorporate accent walls as the main feature.

We hope you can get new fresh ideas and inspirations to create your own. Without further ado, here they are :

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Contemporary-Style Navy and Wood Bedroom Accent Wall

Navy and wood wall

Navy is one of the most popular colors when it comes to the bedroom. This bold, and deep shade is a perfect choice to create an elegant yet neutral statement that will fit into any modern or contemporary interior style.

However, using navy alone sometimes can feel too intense, so in this master suite, we combine the navy with a light wood panel.

The wood element helps neutralize the strong navy, thus creating a more eye-pleasing appearance. To keep the wood in line with our modern design approach, we chose oak that had light, neutral finishes that fit well in this contemporary bedroom.

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Bedroom with Dark Blue and Gray Accent Wall

Gray and blue bedroom

This is another example of a dark bedroom accent wall that uses blue shades. In this room, we combine dark blue paint with medium-toned gray.

This combination works really well as the gray not only helps neutralize and balance the strong blue tone but also makes the bold navy blue feel softer and more neutral.

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Luxurious White and Gold Bedroom With Marble Accent Wall

White marble and gold wall

This statement wall wraps luxury in simplicity. The white marble was chosen because even though it looks amazing, but still pretty simple and neutral, while the small gold stripe accentuates with a glam twist.

The horizontal placement is used to help make the entire space feel wider. Lastly, we added some lighting to highlight and expose all of the beauty of these elements.

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Black and Wood Geometric Wall

Black and wood bedroom wall

For you who love black, then an accent wall may be the one and only place where you can safely and confidently use black paint. This simple yet strong color not only will create a big and instant impact for any space, but it can also highlight and bring out any other elements around it.

However, in most cases, you need to combine it with other lighter or brighter elements to avoid your room looking too dark and gloomy, and in this bedroom, we combine it with some wood board.

The wooden board adds some fresh and natural twist to the bold black element, creating a more eye-pleasing. To keep the elegance of the black, we arranged the wood board to create stylish geometric looks that further enhance the entire wall.

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Modern and Stylish Black Accent Wall

Modern black wall

This is another great alternative for you who want to introduce black: using wall molding. The molding not only will add some beautiful depth and 3d visual effects but it can also be used to introduce personalized or creative patterns.

Finally, when painted in black, the pattern and the entire molding will dominantly stand out to become the main focal point.

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Black and White Marble Wall

Black and white wall

This modern and luxurious design combines the full contrasting colors of black and white. Resulting in an interesting look that never gets boring. To make it even better, we use two different elements for each color.

For the white, we used a real white Calacatta marble to bring some glam twist, while for the black, we used black painted wood for an elegant yet natural look.

To complete this design, we chose navy, the bold neutral shade, to accentuate and give some interesting hues.

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Modern Natural Wood and Mirror Wall

Wood and mirror

An accent wall is not always about colors, you can also play with any kind of element to create unique, stunning looks. This design is a great example, where we combine wood paneling and mirrors to create an awesome feature wall behind the bed.

The wood plank and mirror are arranged randomly to give some creative touch to make it look even better. Using mirrors can also be very beneficial for any small bedroom as it can help make the small spaces visually feel and look larger and more spacious.

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Sage Painted Shiplap Wood Wall Behind Bed

Sage shiplap wood

Here is another great example of how to use wood elements and turn them into a stunning wall. In this design, we use a typical shiplap wood paneling to cover the area behind the bed, and then, to lift it up, we painted it using sage.

We use this specific color not only to give a more modern look compared to any typical shiplap board, but also to embrace a soft, calming, and refreshing vibe to the entire space.

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Dark Green and Gray Bedroom

Dark green wall behind bed

In this interior design idea, we combine strong and bold dark green with neutral gray. The main reason for this choice is that we want to have a color that stands out without being too vibrant, while the gray is used to boost the dominance of the dark green.

And since we want to keep the dark green element becomes the one and only focal point, we combine it with monochromatic black and white artwork that works really well to give a final artistic touch.

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Dark Gray Accent Wall

Dark gray wall

Dark gray or charcoal is another popular color when it comes to an accent wall. These gray shades provide plenty of elegance, but still, look very neutral, so it’s very easy to combine them with any other color.

This dark gray accent wall is quite simple, but thanks to the architectural profile and structure that gives some unique depth and layered perspective.

Furthermore, we incorporate a lot of white furnishings and accessories that give plenty of contrast against the dark gray, making both of them stand out beautifully.

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Bedroom with Gray and Wood Wall

Gray and wood wall

In this bedroom, the dark gray element is not an actual wall, instead, it’s a full floor-to-ceiling headboard that covers all the area behind the bed elegantly. Then, we combine it with some wood vinyl to balance it out and bring some earthy, natural, and refreshing looks.

The headboard and the wood elements are aligned vertically to create a visual perspective that makes the room feel taller and more spacious.

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Stylish Dark Gray and Mirror Wall

Dark gray and mirror

This bedroom actually had a quite simple feature wall where we just used dark gray paint. However, to twist things up a bit, we added two thin mirrors right beside the bed to create a stunning vertical effect.

This little tweak makes a big difference, making it not only look more modern but also a great way to add a bit of a stylish touch.

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Blue-Gray Wall with Simple Vertical Lines

Simple blue-gray wall

This design is quite simple since we are using a relatively soft paint color: blue-gray.

Since we are not planning to add any decor to it, we added simple vertical lines to give some interesting features and strengthen its position as the center of attention of the room.

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Elegant White and Dark Wood Wall

Dark wood and white wall

Another great idea that use wood. But this time, we painted the wood with dark, grayish paint to make it stand out more and also look a bit more modern.

We installed the wood between some white spaces that work perfectly to showcase your favorite artwork.

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Simple and Charming Brown Wall

Brown bedroom

This design shows that an feature wall doesn’t always need to be complicated. Instead, even just painting it using a strong color can truly change the entire look of any space.

To achieve this, make sure you are using a color that will stand out loudly against any other colors, such as the brown that we used in this design.

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Dark Red and Gold Wall

Dark red and gold wall

There are no other colors that can beat gold when it comes to adding a pop of color in glam and luxurious ways.

However, surely you can’t paint your entire wall with gold paint, but instead, you can still bring those glamorous looks just by creating some gold stripes using stickers, vinyl, or wallpaper.

To match the glam of the gold, we painted the rest of the wall using deep, dark red. This beautiful color blends perfectly with the gold stripes, creating a stunning and luxurious visual that helps elevate the entire space.

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Burgundy and White Wall

Burgundy and white bedroom

Here is another awesome idea that uses red shades for its accent wall. In this project, we combine the vibrant and bold burgundy paint with white molding, creating beautiful two-tone effects.

The white molding also helps tone down the bold burgundy hue and make it less intimidating, and make it look even better.

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Pink and Wood Wall

Pink and wood wall

Usually, pink is combined with other soft and subtle colors, but in this case, we take a different approach where we combine the beautiful wall with some wood board.

This combination works well as the wooden board, even when they are just a minority, brings a big impact to make the pink look fresher and more natural.

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Pink Wall in Art Deco Bedroom

Pink bedroom

Pink may not be the first option when it comes to Art-Deco style decor, but as you can see in the image above, this beauty can still blend nicely when to sweeten up the looks of the entire space.

To further enhance the pink and at the same time bring some glam vibe, we add some rose gold accessories throughout the bedroom, such as the rose gold nightstands.

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Rose Gold Bedroom with Unfinished Plaster Accent Wall

Unfinished plaster

Most of the time, pink-themed interiors use any charm, neutral colors. But this one is a bit different, where we combine the unfinished, industrial-style design with the sweet and glam rose gold accessories.

And the results are quite interesting. This choice helps make the rose gold decorations look a bit mature, while also creating different vibes than the typical and mainstream woman’s bedroom.