10 Subway Tile Backsplash Colors to Bring Life to Off-White Cabinets

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

For some people, pure white can look a bit boring and too mainstream, and that’s why they tend to prefer a warmer and richer choice: off-white. And this applied almost everywhere, from wall paint, furniture, to kitchen cabinets.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, off-white can effortlessly infuse your kitchen with subtle warmth and comfort, while also becoming a great canvas that gives you plenty of design opportunity.

However, since off-white may not be as versatile as white, finding the right backsplash color to complement it may be a bit challenging. And that’s the main reason we write this article.

Based on our experience, we’ve found that the best subway tile backsplash colors for off-white cabinets include: pure white, light gray, olive, sage, and blue-gray. These subway tile colors can keep a charming harmony with the off-white cabinetry, while adding a delicate contrast, resulting in a more fun and lively kitchen atmosphere. These options also have a timeless quality, ensuring that your kitchen will remain stylish through the changing design trends.

Keep reading as we will explain further about those options, so you can easily find the perfect one that will work together seamlessly with your off-white cabinets and create a stunning kitchen that will be the heart and soul of your home.

1. Pure White

Pure white subway tile

If you want to let the off-white cabinet become the center of attention in your kitchen, then pure white backsplash can be the best option for you. Its clean and sleek appearance becomes a versatile backdrop that lets the off-white cabinets pop.

Moreover, the pure white tile backsplash will boost the brightness of your kitchen, and make it look more spacious and open.

2. Off-White

Off-white subway tile

Using the same color for the backsplash and cabinets may not be a popular option, but actually, if it is done properly, you can achieve an amazing harmonious look for your kitchen.

In this case, off-white cabinets can work really well alongside off-white cabinets as long as you are using additional bold colors to your palette, such as dark brown countertops or black appliances.

3. Light Gray

Light gray subway tile

Inject an elegant, modern twist to your kitchen by using light gray subway tile backsplash. And as a neutral, light gray can easily blend with off-white.

This kind of backsplash can also tone down the warmth of your cabinets, and create a more well-balanced visual appearance.

4. Olive

Olive green subway tile

For you who want to have a backsplash that shares a similar warmth with the off-white cabinets but at the same time brings additional richness, then you can try olive green tile.

Thanks to its yellow undertones, olive comes with some warmth that blends beautifully with off-white. At the same time, its green hues add a fresh and relaxing vibe to your kitchen’s atmosphere.

5. Pale Yellow

Pale yellow subway tile

Pale yellow may look pretty similar to off-white, but it comes with stronger yellow hues. Thus, it will be easy for pale yellow backsplash to blend together with off-white cabinets.

This pair will give your kitchen an uplifting look, and make your entire kitchen feel fun and cheerful.

6. Sage

Sage subway tile

Sage backsplash may not be as popular as any other green backsplashes, but when it comes to off-white cabinets, it can be a unique yet interesting pair.

The muted and earthy tones of sage tile will complement the warmth of off-white, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing visual. Sage can also be used to evoke a fresh and tranquil atmosphere in your kitchen.

7. Blue-gray

Blue-gray subway tile

With strong cool tones, blue-gray tile can neutralize the warmth of off-white, providing a more balanced ambiance.

The blue hues will create a soft yet interesting contrast that makes both the backsplash and cabinets stand out, making the entire kitchen pop gorgeously.

8. Beige

Beige subway tile

Beige and off-white is a timeless combination that never goes wrong. Share similar hues, both shades can complement each other in harmony.

However, to break the monotony that often occurs with this combo, you may need to use strong and bold elements between them, such as dark countertops.

9. Sky Blue

Sky blue subway tile

Another great blue shade that will make your off-white kitchen feel more alive is sky blue. The sky blue tile backsplash will easily accentuate the kitchen in a soft and calming way.

This pair can also evoke a sense of tranquility in your kitchen, making it a cozy place for cooking.

10. Brown

Brown subway tile

Make your kitchen a welcoming and inviting haven by using brown and off-white together. This combo will still have enough harmony, while at the same time bringing strong luxurious contrast.

To boost the glam touch of this palette, you can add some gold or metallic elements to your kitchen or cabinets.

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