10 Elegant Dark Blue Accent Wall Ideas

10 Gorgeous and sophisticated dark blue accent wall ideas for living room and bedroom. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : January 15th, 2021
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When it comes to choosing colors for an accent wall, there are two main approach that is often used. First, go with a bright, cheerful and vibrant colors, or, go with a deep, bold colors.

The second approach is perfect for you who want to have an accent wall that looks elegant, sophisticated, luxurious and relaxing at the same time.

We’ve already shared some of our bold accent wall designs such as gray accent wall and burgundy accent wall. Now in this article we will give you another ideas for an amazing accent wall using dark blue.

Blue is a timeless color that can be used in almost all kind of interior design style, from contemporary to classical ones. And the darker shade of blue such as navy blue or royal blue is a perfect shade to create a great accent wall. As a warmer side of the blue spectrum, those kind of blue created a calm and serenity feels that will make everyone feels relaxed when seeing them.

Without further ado, here is our 10 dark blue accent wall ideas :

Dark Blue Accent Wall for Bedroom

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Master Bedroom with Dark Blue Accent Wall

Contemporary master bedroom with dark blue accent wall
Contemporary blue master bedroom

Our first bedroom design on this list is this stunning master bedroom with dark blue and french oak wall. The combinations of bold dark blue wall with a more calm and natural wooden material create a perfect balance that make the accent wall looks amazing.

We added some simple vertical lines on the blue wall to add some modern touch and help avoid the wall looks boring as we doesn’t want to add any wall decor items there. Using some additional lighting also help enhance the looks of this accent wall.

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Simple Minimalist Navy Blue and White Bedroom

Simple minimalist blue and white bedroom
Minimalist blue and white bedroom

For this bedroom, our goals is to created a sophisticated minimalist style bedroom using white as the main color combined with some dark blue accent. And as you can see, this color combination works great to compliment each others and harmonize perfectly to create a simple yet attractive bedroom.

The accent wall for this bedroom is quite simple, just a plain dark blue wall. To make it more interesting, we add one full length mirror and one stunning large abstract artwork. Another important thing for this kind of bedroom decor is to add some dark blue elements throughout the room, such as some throw pillows or the rug.

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Modern Classic Gray and Dark Blue Master Bedroom

Modern classical style master bedroom with dark blue and gray color scheme
Modern classical gray and blue master bedroom

As we already said before, blue is a timeless color that had been used since hundred years ago in interior design to create a luxurious vibe into any room. That’s why we choose this color as an accent wall for this modern-classical style master bedroom.

Paired with a neutral gray colors that created some contrast to make the dark navy blue stand out more, we don’t even need to add any wall decor items as the accent wall already looks gorgeous.

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Elegant Small Bedroom Apartment with Blue Marble Wall

Elegant small apartment bedroom with blue marble and white
Elegant small apartment bedroom

The accent wall for this bedroom is quite different with any typical accent wall as we used a blue marble materials for it. Using this element help creating an elegant and luxurious looks that we want to achieve for this bedroom. We wrap the marble around white wall to make a great amount of contrast and help those blue marble stand out.

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Small Bedroom with Dark Blue Wallpaper

Small bedroom with dark blue wallpaper
Small bedroom with dark blue wallpaper

Another approach that you can use to get a great accent wall beside using a simple paint is by using a wallpaper. There are several benefit of using a wallpaper rather than paint for an accent wall, such as wallpaper will bring a more elegant looks thank’s to it’s texture and pattern, and also you can easily change it if you want to create a new look for your space in the future.

Back to the design, we want to keep this bedroom simple as for this kind of small sized room, overly decorated can make it looks awful. On the accent wall, we add a set of decorative mirror that not only works to make the accent wall looks more attractive, but also help make this bedroom feels a little bit more spacious.

Dark Blue Accent Wall for Living Room

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Simple Contemporary Living Room with Accent Wall Behind TV

Contemporary living room with dark blue accent wall behind TV
Contemporary living room

If you are planning to create an accent wall behind your wall mounted TV, then dark colors it the most perfect options. Using those kind of colors can help make you focus on your TV without getting distracted by the wall behind – something that usually happen when you used a bright wall color behind a TV.

This kind of accent wall also very easy and straightforward, as what you need is just paint the wall, and you are done. You don’t need to make any fancy decor or adding some wall art.

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Dark Blue Accent Wall with Fireplace

Dark blue accent wall with fireplace
Living room with fireplace

Another perfect place to create an accent wall in your home is on your fireplace’s wall. As usually a fireplace became a main centerpiece for a living room, than created an accent wall in it will help it more stand out. As an example, you can see our design above, where we create a great blue accent wall to make the fireplace looks even better.

For this kind of approach, you don’t need to overdo your accent wall, just paint it with a strong and bold colors, and you are done. We avoid using any wall decor there as we want to keep the fireplace as the main focal point.

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Minimalist Living Room

Simple minimalist living room with dark blue wall
Simple minimalist living room

For this living room project, we want to create a minimalist contemporary style living room with an accent wall behind the couch. Another important approach that we want for this project is to make the accent wall stand out but at the same time we don’t want to overpowered it, so it will still looks calm and relaxing. And dark blue is the perfect color for this job.

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Living Room Villa with Dark Blue Accent Wall

Living room villa with dark blue accent wall
Villa Living Room with Blue Wall

For multipurpose room, you can make use of an accent wall to separate or divide the functions of each section of the room. As you can see in the image above, where we separate the living space with the dining area using the help of an accent wall.

This way, visually we will see a two separate room functions even though there are on the same spaces.

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Simple Dark Blue Living Room Wall

Large blue living room wall
Blue living room wall

Usually, homeowners will choose the smallest wall for their accent wall. But in facts, you can even use a large wall to became your accent wall and it will still looks great, as you can see in our image above.

The key for this approach is to make sure that there is some different wall decor items on those wall to help make the wall doesn’t feel boring and monotonous.