What Color Couch Goes with Blue Wall? (7 Best Color Ideas)

We created an experiment to find 7 best couch color for blue wall Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : March 21st, 2021

Blue walls are amazing, and you can instantly feel its luxuriousness and elegance while still bring a touch of freshness to the entire space. However, most of the time, this can be the start of a big and complicated problem. If you just repaint your wall with blue, then you will realize how difficult it is to choose any furniture or decoration items that will work well with those walls.

And things can be much more complicated if you are choosing any medium to dark blue tone. Those kinds of paint are one of the trickiest to combine with other color elements.

We heard this kind of complaint a lot, and that’s become our main motivation to find out what are ideal colors that can be used alongside a blue wall.

And for this particular article, we will be focused on one specific piece of furniture that not only become one of the most important items for any living room but also because it’s often used as a main focal point so it’s essential to choose the perfect ones that will go along perfectly with any blue walls. In this article, we will give you our recommendations for the best couch colors for blue walls.

To get a more precise and convincing answer, not only we are using our years of experience in the interior design field, but we also did an experiment by using different couches in one specific room with blue walls.

By doing this, we can be more confident as our recommendation is not just a subjective opinion, but also had some evidence to back it up. And without further ado, here are the results :

7 Best Couch Color for Blue Walls

White Couch

White couch with blue walls
White couch in front of a blue wall

This is one of the most obvious and simple solutions especially if you don’t want to take any risks that can potentially ruin your entire room appearance.

Moreover, a white couch or any white elements can work well with any blue walls not only because of its versatility but also because both colors can resulting in unique and interesting visual effects that make your space look simple yet very elegant and eye-catching.

Arrange a white sofa in front of a blue wall can also make the couch stand out and help it to become the main centerpiece for your living space.

Yellow Couch

Yellow sofa with dark blue wall
Yellow sofa with dark blue wall

Blue and yellow are common combinations that you can find not only in interior design but also in many other things. Generally, the blue shade will works as a primary palette while the yellow works as a beautiful accent that can bring a splash of fun and cheerful color.

And this concept can work pretty well in this particular case, as the dominant blue wall will pair beautifully with the yellow couch that works as an accent to enliven the space.

And we really love this setting for a blue accent wall.

Beige Couch

Beige couch with blue accent wall
Beige couch with blue accent wall

Blue is popular for its cold-toned ambient, so if you want to warm up your space then combining it with a warmer shade like beige can be a great option.

Beige also tends to be neutral, so it can help make your job easier as a beige couch can easily blend with any other shades around it. For example, by using a beige couch, you can choose any coffee table colors to put in front of the couch, or you can easily choose any cushions colors to be placed on the couch.

Furthermore, you can still make your blue walls become the main star of your living room without taking over by the couch.

Gray Couch

Gray sofa with blue walls
Gray sofa with blue walls

Gray and blue had a quite similar tone, so it’s a great idea to use a gray sofa alongside a blue wall to create a seamless and harmonious look. Both shades are also known for it’s elegant and modern looks, so this pair can works perfectly if you want to create a room with modern or contemporary style.

Moreover, a gray sofa especially with more light finishes can help neutralize and balance up your blue walls, and it can be very beneficial if you are thinking that your blue wall is too strong.

Light Brown Couch

light brown couch with blue wall
Light brown couch with blue wall

Most brown couches won’t work quite well in front of a blue wall, especially any deep and dark blue walls. But if you still want to use a brown couch, then we highly suggest you choose the ones with a lighter finish.

This kind of couch can look quite neutral and bright, so it can still work quite well with a blue wall. Although there isn’t too much brown tone in it, a light brown couch still can bring a warm ambient as other typical brown shade that can help make a welcoming and comfy living space.

Subtle Green Couch

Subtle green sofa with blue wall
Subtle green sofa with blue wall

Same as brown, most green shade won’t work quite well with blue shade. And it’s quite disappointing as a green couch can bring a fresh and fancy look that can liven up the entire living room. But don’t worry, after tried some green couches with different green finishes, we found out that a subtle green couch can work pretty well compared with other green couches.

This kind of green only had a bit of green undertone and that’s the main reason why it looks much more versatile rather than any other typical green shade.

Pink Couch

Pink couch with blue walls
Pink couch with blue walls

This unique combination of a strong and bold blue wall with a soft and a bit feminine pink couch can create an interesting, attractive, and Instagramable looks.

As you can see in the image above, the pink couch can help smoothened our blue walls that can help make it look well-balanced. But if you decide to use a pink couch ahead of your blue walls, we highly recommend adding some neutral elements such as white, cream, or light gray around it to wrap them up in a more harmonious way.

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