12 Captivating Gray-Green Paint Choices for Interior Walls

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 13th, 2024

Without any doubt, green is the perfect color to refresh the looks of any space. And that’s why many homeowners love to incorporate green shades into their color palette.

However, when it comes to wall paint, most shades of green sometimes can look a bit overwhelming. Their natural character of dazzling and vibrant freshness may look too intense when used as a large element like the wall. Not to mention that some green shades are very tricky and difficult to combine with other colors.

But if you still want to use the green shades to repaint your wall, don’t worry, there is an easy fix to solve the above problem with easy: choosing gray-green paint. These kinds of shades mix gray undertones with a green hue, resulting in some unique shades that still have the typical characteristics of any green, but come in a much more neutral and versatile appearance.

In this post, we will share with you our favorite gray-green paint that based on our experience, works amazingly to paint any interior wall.

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Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams (SW 6211)

Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams

This is the perfect paint color for you who are looking for soft and subtle gray-green walls. The Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams looks very similar to mint green, but it comes with a more neutral appeal, thanks to the combinations with a cool light gray tone.

The gray tone also helped make this paint look trendy and modern, and that’s why we love to use this paint inside any modern or contemporary style room that needs some additional fresh and natural vibe.

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Filmy Green by Sherwin Williams (SW 6190)

Filmy Green by Sherwin Williams

Filmy green is another awesome very light gray-green shade paint that can bring a bright, wonderful, and fresh ambiance to your home.

At first, it may look very similar to ivory or off-white but comes with some hint of green that spreads a lot of natural beauty like any typical green shade.

Thus, this paint can be a great alternative for you who want to avoid using any white shades but still get a similar lightness and brightness with some green twist.

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Jasper Stone by Sherwin Williams (SW 9133)

Jasper Stone by Sherwin Williams

This paint color goes beyond any typical gray-green, as it also incorporates a hint of a blue hue, resulting in a unique elegant, fresh, and natural color.

Its elegance surely makes this Jasper Stone a perfect choice for the contemporary interior, but thanks to its versatile appeal, you can also use this gorgeous paint for any other decor style.

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Dried Thyme by Sherwin Williams (SW 6186)

Dried Thyme by Sherwin Williams

Dried Thyme is a bold and elegant paint that comes from a mixture of dark-toned sage combined with some gray undertones. As a dark and strong color, this paint can be a perfect option if you need gray-green paint for your accent wall, as it can easily make any wall stand out elegantly to become the focal point for your space.

Since this paint tends to have a cool tone, make sure that you combine it with some warm shades or elements to get the best result.

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Escape Gray by Sherwin Williams (SW 6185)

Escape Gray by Sherwin Williams

This is an awesome variation of the popular light sage. The Escape Gray by Sherwin Williams shares a very similar visual appearance to any typical light sage but comes with more neutral and calmer looks.

You can use this paint to create a calming and relaxing space that not only will help you get a good sleep at night but also can reduce any stress from busy daily activities.

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Rocky River by Sherwin Williams (SW 6215)

Rocky River by Sherwin Williams

Teal is another spectrum of green that gained a lot of popularity in recent years. And this Rocky River is an elegant version of the teal that comes with a lot more neutrality and versatility.

Thus, this paint can blend inside any color scheme much easier compared to the typical teal, while still sharing similar visual outcomes.

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Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore (HC-114)

Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore

Saybrook Sage is one of the most popular Benjamin Moore gray-green paint. Perfectly blends the classic, timeless sage with some modern twist, this color will easily lift any room, whether it’s vintage or boho interior to minimalist or contemporary.

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Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore (1562)

Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore

For you who need gray-green walls that come with a very light and bright appearance, then you may consider this one. The healing aloe is a very light paint produced by mixing a light mint with light gray, resulting in a subtle and soothing color that still had some fresh green twist.

Additionally, using this paint will provide a lot of calming and tranquil looks to your space, and that’s why it will be a perfect gray-green wall paint option for a bedroom.

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November Rain by Benjamin Moore (OC-50)

November Rain by Benjamin Moore

This paint may not have a lot of green hue in it, but this may be a benefit for you who want to keep your space as neutral as it can.

The November Rain is actually a very light shade of sage but can look very similar to any off-white shade. Provide not only a lot of brightness, but this paint also will boost the warm ambiance of any space.

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Cedar Mountains by Benjamin Moore (706)

Cedar Mountains by Benjamin Moore

The Cedar Mountains by Benjamin Moore sit perfectly in the middle of the spectrum of green and gray, creating a well-balanced and eye-pleasing color that will easily lift up the visual appearance of any room.

Its strong gray undertones are also really helpful in making this paint become very versatile and can easily blend with other colors. Thus, you can use it not only as the main color, but it can also work well as an accent.

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Rosepine by Benjamin Moore (461)

Rosepine by Benjamin Moore

For you who are looking for any gray-green paint as an alternative to the typical olive green, then this may be the best option. The Rosepine paint will not only spread a lot of warmth, but also come with a touch of glam looks, and that’s why we love to use this paint color for any glamorous or luxurious themed interior.

To enhance it even further, polish up your Rosepine-painted wall using some gold, brass, or metallic decoration items.

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Spotswood Teal by Benjamin Moore (CW 545)

Spotswood Teal by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore offers some different variants of teal paint, but if you prefer the one that comes with a slightly gray undertone, without any doubt this Spotswood Teal is the best option.

This paint combines the gorgeous teal with a bit of gray, making it much more neutral, calmer, and a cooler tone than any typical teal, making it a perfect choice for any room that tends to go in the modern direction.

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