8 Best Floor Color for Tan Walls (With Images)

Here are 8 best floor color for tan walls to create an elegant, cozy and comfy spaces. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 7th, 2022

While some people may think that tan wall paint is out of style, a lot of others still rely on this beautiful color to create natural and warm interior spaces.

And honestly, we are thinking the same. Tan paint color still useful and can be used to follow the recent trend in interior design and decor – thanks to its versatility.

In fact, Sherwin-Williams listed some tan shades in their Color Forecast for 2020.

That’s mean, you don’t have to worry if you have chosen this color as your wall paint color, as many homeowners and even interior designer still use this color in 2020 and beyond.

This neutral and earthy tone is very easy to use, as it can easily coordinate with other colors. Therefore, your job for choosing the furniture and decoration items can be much easier.

The same goes for flooring. Unlike many other colors, tan can easily blend with almost any floor color. However, from our experience, there are some flooring colors that tend to works best with tan walls, and here they are :

Best Wood Floor Color that go with Tan Walls

1. Cream/Beige Wood Floor with Tan Walls

Cream wood floor with tan walls
Cream wood flooring

If you want to make your entire space look flawless then cream or beige wood flooring is the best available option. The floor will look integrated thus will make your room seamless and pleasing to the eye.

However, finding cream real hardwood flooring often can be quite difficult as there aren’t much wood that comes with this color naturally. Alternatively, you can choose some artificial wood such as vinyl or laminate wood flooring.

2. Medium Natural Wood Flooring with Tan Walls

Medium natural wood floor with tan walls
Medium natural wood flooring

Combining different natural tones in one room can be a great option if you want to create a fresh look while at the same time still keep your entire space feel soft and smooth.

As you can see in the image above, the medium-tone natural wood flooring works perfectly with the tan walls to create beautiful spaces that everyone would love.

Using this natural wood floor also can bring a bit of traditional taste that will make your room feel cozy and homey.

3. Light Brown Hardwood Flooring with Tan Walls

Light brown wood floor with tan walls
Light brown flooring

Tan is a color family of brown. Hence, using another brown shade such as light brown flooring alongside the tan walls can be a great option to create a seamless and integrated look.

To avoid monotonous and boring looks, you can choose any brown shade that brings a bit of contrast.

4. Dark Brown Wood Flooring with Tan Walls

Dark brown hardwood floor with tan walls
Dark brown hardwood flooring

If you want to create a room with elegant and glamorous looks then you can go with any dark wood flooring. To keep the floor and the tan walls relevant, we highly recommend that you go with dark brown flooring like the one that we used in the image above.

Using dark wood flooring also will make your wall stand out, and it’s a perfect choice when you want to showcase your favorite wall decorations or wall art to be the main centerpiece of your room.

Best Tile Floor for Tan Walls

5. White Marble Tiles with Tan Walls

White marble tile flooring with tan walls
White marble flooring

Tiles flooring has a lot more different color options rather than wood flooring, that’s why choosing the perfect tile flooring color that goes with tan walls can be a little bit trickier. But if you don’t want to overcomplicate things, the easiest and simple solution is to go with white marble tile.

This versatile color can blend perfectly with almost any wall color, including tan walls.

The white marble tile and tan walls combination can create a simple yet elegant touch, and it’s a perfect choice if you want to create any room using contemporary or minimalist style.

6. Cream Tile Floor with Tan Walls

Cream tile flooring with tan walls
Cream marble tile flooring

If you want to create a monochromatic look then cream tile can be a perfect choice. Cream and tan look quite similar, yet have a slightly different tone. And it’s perfect to create a flawless look while still had a bit of contrast to avoid the space feels boring.

When used with tan walls, cream tile will add a more soft and warm ambient to your home, this will make the entire space feel cozy. And this combination is perfect to be used in the room that you want to spend a lot of your time there, such as a bedroom or living room.

7. Dark Brown Tile Floor with Tan Walls

Dark brown tile floors with tan walls
Dark brown tile flooring

This dark flooring concept is similar to the previous one in the list, but this time we will use marble tile flooring rather than wood.

Using dark brown marble flooring alongside tan walls can create glamorous and elegant spaces, and can be a perfect combination especially if you want to create any modern or classical interior style.

8. Gray Tile Flooring with Tan Walls

Gray tile flooring with tan walls
Gray tile flooring

As the same earthy colors, tan and gray can work together to create fresh and natural looks that represent nature. And that’s why using gray tile flooring can be a great option for any room with tan walls.

The gray floor will bring a bit of a cool vibe to help balance the warmth of the walls that will create a perfectly balanced space.

While any gray shade can still work great with tan, we prefer any light to a medium shade of gray.

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