7 Exciting Furniture Color Ideas For Room With Cherry Wood Floors

Check out these awesome furniture color ideas that will fit nicely inside any room with cherry wood flooring. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 23rd, 2023

Unlike most woods, cherry has a unique, rich reddish-brown hue that effortlessly evokes a warm and inviting feel into any space.

However, working with cherry wood floors can pose a greater challenge compared to many other wood varieties. You need to select carefully any other elements inside your room, as neglecting this aspect will not only lead to an unharmonious visual appeal but also an awkward-looking environment.

Based on our experience working with some interior spaces with cherry wood flooring, we can conclude that cream, sage, light brown, and black are some of the best furniture colors that can blend seamlessly with cherry wood floors. These hues introduce a subtle contrast, infusing a touch of refined drama while preserving the inherent richness of cherry wood’s texture and colors.

Keep reading to dive deeper into the awesome furniture color ideas for cherry wood flooring.

1. Cream Furniture

Living room with cream furniture and cherry wood floors
Living room with cream furniture and cherry wood floors

Cream furniture works beautifully with cherry floors. Clean and light, cream upholstery makes crisp contrast against rich boards, whilst warm undertones subtly complement cherry red tones.

Expand the cream furniture theme by selecting a matching floor lamp, side table, or indoor planters to stand alongside a cream couch. Add a modern edge to the scheme with black accents and contemporary artwork.

2. Sage Furniture

Living room with sage furniture and cherry wood floors
Living room with sage furniture

Sage furniture adds a serene essence to a living room with cherry wood floors. Because green and red are opposites on the color wheel they make a perfect counterbalance.

Complement this muted green shade with a plethora of mature indoor plants. Not only will they tie in with the couch upholstery but they will add texture and height to the room too.

3. Yellow Furniture

Living room with yellow furniture and cherry wood floors
Living room with yellow furniture

Yellow furniture shines brightly in a decor scheme with warm cherry wood floors. In a room like this, the sun shines all year round.

Spread this cheerful hue over a solid yellow couch, floor-to-ceiling living room drapes, a patterned area rug, a sculptural accent chair, or across a large, bold piece of wall art to fully celebrate the look.

4. Light Brown Furniture

Living room with light brown furniture and cherry wood floors
Light brown furniture

Light brown furniture makes a calming companion to the visual heat of cherry wood flooring. This understated color choice spells sophistication and refinement. It also allows the cherry floors to be the star of the show.

With such a peaceful color choice, you can have fun adding interest in other ways, such as through bold abstract wall art or a shelf of intriguing sculptures.

5. Dark Blue Furniture

Living room with dark blue furniture and cherry wood floors
Dark blue furniture

Dark blue furniture makes a daring addition to a living room with cherry wood floors. Dark blue upholstery has a cooling effect on rich red flooring, while being complimentary in depth and saturation.

Be sure to anchor a blue couch with color-matched artwork hung above the backrest or with a coordinating area rug. The harmonious accents will achieve visual balance.

6. Black Furniture

Living room with black furniture and cherry wood floors
Black furniture

Dip into the darkest palette with black furniture. Black furniture looks superb with cherry flooring, offering a strong silhouette that is always complimentary of the wood’s gradually deepening hue.

It is also a highly stain-resistant choice for busy households with children and pets. Finish off the look with a striking gallery wall of black and white photographic artwork.

7. Dark Brown Furniture

Living room with dark brown furniture and cherry wood floors
Dark brown furniture

Dark brown furniture parallels the richness of cherry wood floors. This suave color scheme communicates confidence and charm that transcends time.

When choosing a dark brown couch to go with deep cherry wood floors, do bring in moments of light relief too. Select accent furniture and accessories in shades of white or cream to pleasantly lift and freshen the look.


With the right living room furniture color, you can continue to enjoy your cherry wood floors as they age gracefully and gorgeously into deeper splendor.

Just don’t forget to support your furniture hue with color-matched accent pieces. Of course, you can step into brighter realms with supporting elements too.

An assortment of scatter cushions provides an instant hit of contrast that is easily and inexpensively swapped out as the seasons change.

Even a modest area rug won’t break the bank and is a great vehicle for larger splashes of counterbalancing color and eye-catching patterns.