Accent Wall Color Ideas for Dining Room (10 Best Choices to Ignite Your Dining Space)

Explore 10 eye-catching accent wall colors that will transform your dining room. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : June 23rd, 2023

If you are looking to add some drama and personality to your dining room, then accent wall is the perfect answer. This design feature can easily transform any boring dining area into a more captivating and interesting ones.

Accent wall can breathe life into your dining space, serving as a centerpiece that grabs attention and give your room a wow factor with striking splash of color.

Accent wall also becomes a great place to bring a bold color to accentuate and makes the entire dining room comes back to life.

In this article, we will bring you on a journey through a variety of inspiring accent wall colors for dining room. These options will help you unlock the full potential of your dining space and create an unforgettable dining experience for you and your families.

10 Best Accent Wall Colors for Dining Room

Light Blue

Dining room with light blue accent wall
Light blue accent wall

Light blue can be an excellent choice for a dining room accent wall thanks to its calming and soothing effect. Using light blue accent wall will also creates a visually pleasing and inviting atmosphere to let everyone enjoy their time inside the dining room.

Furthermore, this is surely the best option if you need a light and bright accent wall that can help makes the entire room feel more spacious and open.


Dining room with brown accent wall
Brown accent wall

Painting your accent wall with brown can instantly boost the warmth and cozyness of the dining room. With rich and earthy hues, brown accent wall also creates a touch of comfort and intimacy, and thats why this is a perfect option where your families gather and spend a lot of time together.

For an even better natural feels, combine the brown accent wall with some greenery or indoor plants.


Dining room with terracotta accent wall
Terracotta accent wall

For some people, accent wall should be a big statement that pop and becomes a main focal point for the entire room. And if you are agree with this, then you should try using terracotta.

With warm and inviting nature, this earthy reddish-brown shade gives your dining room a touch of Mediterranean charm that makes the entire space looks aesthetic.

Mustard Yellow

Dining room with mustard yellow accent wall
Mustard yellow accent wall

Another great option that can help your accent wall take the center stage of your dining room is mustard. The vibrancy of this bold yellow shade brings plenty of energy to your space, while also inject plenty of warmth for an uplifting and cheerful atmosphere.

However, this paint color may looks overly strong for some, so you may need to balance and neutralize it with plenty of neutral color or elements.

Olive Green

Dining room with olive green accent wall
Olive green accent wall

Olive is a unique green shades that combine the fresh and natural beauty from the green, with warmth and inviting senses from its yellow undertones.

Thus, olive green accent wall can easily creates a relaxing yet uplifting ambiance for your dining room. Olive green can works even better if you are using classic or mid-century modern decor style for your interior.

Dark Emerald

Dining room with dark emerald accent wall
Dark emerald accent wall

Another great green shades that you can try is dark emerald. With rich and luxurious feels, dark emerald accent wall bring a dramatic and opulent atmosphere, elevating your dining expeerience.

With bold and strong hues, dark emerald can easily becomes a captivating focal point that enhances the overall ambiance of your dining room.

Charcoal Blue

Dining room with charcoal blue accent wall
Charcoal blue accent wall

Charcoal blue is a very dark gray tones with a hint of blue, making it still looks neutral but also gives enough richness and depth for a serene and elegant ambiance.

Thanks to the gray undertones, charcoal blue can be classified as a neutral, so it can blend relatively easy with almost any decor style or color palette.

Dark Teal

Dining room with dark teal accent wall
Dark teal accent wall

Dark teal is one of our favorite choice when it comes to an accent wall. This shade brings a perfect balance between richness and tranquility, while still adds a sense of drama and depth to your space.

This option works better if you are using any modern or contemporary style interior.


Dining room with pink accent wall
Pink accent wall

Gives your dining room a hint of warmth and playfulness by choosing pink for your accent wall. This color will also evokes a joy and vibrant vibes, make it a perfect addition for dining room where your families will spend a lot of time together.


Dining room with red accent wall
Red accent wall

Red had been proven to stimulate appetite, and that’s why using red accent wall inside the dining room is very reasonable. With bold and energetic looks, red accent wall adds a sense of drama and excitement to your room.

Almost any kind of red can work well as a dining room accent wall, but we highly suggest you to go with the dark red shade for the best result.