8 Best Color Rug for Black Furniture (Experiment with Images)

What color rug for black furniture? Find the answers based on our experiment here in this article. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : July 16th, 2021

Black furniture can bring a bold and elegant looks into your space, but sometimes, this powerful color can be quite intimidating and make it difficult to be paired with another colors.

And one question that we often hear from homeowners that recently bought any black furniture is what rug color that they should be using.

To get a convincing answers for this question, our team did some experiment with a living room that use some black furniture. In this room, we tried a lot of different rugs with different color combinations, and we finally conclude that there are 8 best color rug for black furniture. and here they are :

1. Solid White Rug

Solid plain white rug with black furniture and black sofa
Plain white rug with black furniture

There are nothing better that combining black with white. This combination can create a high contrast effects that produce an elegant and aesthetic looks. So, one of the best rug color for black couch is a solid white rug.

This composition also works great if you want to create a simple, minimalist yet stylish looks. The white rug will help soften the black while at the same time make them more stand out.

2. Black and White Rug

Black and white rug for black sofa
Black and white rug with black furniture

Another rug color that works perfectly inside a room with black furniture is black and white rug. Objectively, we think that this is one of the best kind of rug for black sofa.

The black and white combinations can create an interesting effects where it will make the rug looks flawless and blend perfectly with other furniture. Furthermore, the white accent will bring a bit of contrast to help balanced out the spaces.

3. Dusty Blue Rug

Bluish gray rug with black furniture
Dusty blue rug

If you want to add more accent color into your space, than you can go with any shades of blue. But one of the best shade that we are really loved is this dusty blue.

The dusty blue rug works great to add some vibrant into the space while at the same time it’s natural grayish hue make it blend well with any black furniture items.

4. Any Shade of Gray Rug

Gray rug with black couch
Gray rug with black couch

If you want to keep your space simple and soft, you can use a monochromatic approach by using any gray shades rug. You can choose any shade of gray based on what kind of goals that you want to achieve using the rug.

To get a more bright effects, you can use any light gray rug, or, to create a more depth and flawless looks, you can go with a dark gray. But one problem with the gray rug with black furniture is that it can make your space looks boring, especially when you are using a plain gray rug.

To avoid this, you can use any patterned gray rug that comes with two or more gray color combinations such as the ones that we used in the image example above.

5. Black and Gray Rug

Black and gray rug with black furniture
Black and gray rug with black furniture

Another way that you can choose to make the rug look flawless with other black furniture is using a black and gray rug. The rug with this color combinations also works great to maintain the elegance of your room.

6. Red Rug

Dark red rug with black sofa
Dark red rug with black sofa

There are only a few color that can goes well with black, and red is one of them. This color is a great choice if you want to make your rug stand out and became the focal point of your floor space. Using red rug also will make your entire room feels more alive.

However, not all red shades will works with black. One of the best ones is the dark red shade such as the one that we used in the image above. Avoid using any bright red shade as it will make your space look out of sync.

7. Tan Rug

Tan rug with black living room decor
Tan rug with black decor

Usually, most earthy color especially brown shade won’t go well with black. Fortunately, tan can still looks gorgeous when paired with black. And this color is perfect for you who want to make your room feels a bit smooth, soothing and calming.

As you can see in the images above, we choose a tan rug for black leather couch, and the results is quite interesting. Those combinations complementary each others while at the same time still bring sufficient contrast that’s important to keep the space looks interesting.

8. Pale Green Rug

Pale green rug with black furniture
Pale green rug with black furniture

For you who want to add some fresh and natural vibe into your living space, than you can use any pale green rug. This pale green color is one of the best color among all green shades that can still work wonders with black furniture.

But we are highly recommend that you avoid a plain pale green rug as it’s green will overpowered the space and it won’t looks good with your black furniture. Instead, try using any rug with neutral colors such as white, cream or gray with some pale green accent.