What Color Bedding Goes with Black Furniture? (8 Elegant Choices)

Enrich and bring your black bedroom comes to life by using these amazing bedding color ideas. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 13th, 2022

Bedding is much more beyond its main function to cover your bed and pillows. We love using it to adjust the tone, mood, and color ambiance for the entire bedroom.

Whenever a bedroom feels too dark, we soften it by using light and bright bedding. For any boring, monotonous bedroom, we can bring some colorful accents using these cheap and affordable bedroom accessories.

So what about any bedroom that using black as its primary color for any decor elements and accessories?

Based on our experience, there are a lot of different approaches that you can use based on your goals. You can create a beautiful, crisp contrast by using a white bedding set or incorporate any soft colors to liven up the black bedroom.

To give you more clear ideas and inspirations, we will show you our 8 favorite bedding colors that are perfect for any bedroom with black furnishings.

Best Bedding Colors for Bedroom with Black Furniture


White bedding with black furniture
White bedding

As we already said before, this is obviously the best choice for a black bedroom. The white bedding will balance the boldness of all black furnishings and make the entire bedroom feels and looks lighter and brighter.

Additionally, the black and white combination can bring the trendy, stylish look that is perfect for any modern or contemporary style bedroom.

However, sometimes this combination can look quite boring, thus, you need to incorporate a few strong accents, such as some gold elements, or put some greenery in the corner.

White and Gray

White and gray bedding inside black bedroom
White and gray bedding

Alternatively, you can mix the bedding using white and gray to avoid the potential boring looks of any full-white bedding set.

The gray surely will still match any black furnishings thank’s for its similar tone and the same elegant looks but in a softer and lighter appearance.

White and Black

White and black bedroom ideas
White and black bedding

Or just go with black. As long as you are just using it as an accent, such as a throw blanket or decorative pillow, and combine it with more dominant white, it won’t make your bedroom looks darker.

By using white and black bedding, you can keep the bedding visually in-line and keep the consistency with any other black furnishings around it and solidify the black palette.

White and Cream

White and cream bedding with black furnishings
White and cream bedding

One main problem that often occurs in a black bedroom is that it can feel soulless, cold, and uninviting. You can get rid of those feels by incorporating some warmer tones, such as cream.

Although it’s not as warm as beige or brown, the cream can still bring a welcoming and inviting feels when used as the bedding.

Furthermore, combining it with white helps it to blend nicely with any bold furnishings around the bed.


Black and brown bedroom ideas
Brown bedding

If you need a strong impact to balance out and neutralize the bold, black furnishings, then brown can be the best choice. Not only it can provide a lot of warm tones, but it can also bring some earthy and natural vibe that is really helpful for any black bedroom that looks too intimidating.

However, as both are strong colors, we highly recommend using any light to the medium tone of brown to avoid it conflicting with the black.

Furthermore, go with any shade of brown that had a lot of gray undertones, such as tan or taupe, this can be really helpful to keep the bedding complement all of the black furnishings around it.


Navy bedding inside black bedroom
Navy bedding

To be honest, incorporating navy elements inside a bedroom full of black furnishings can be risky, but if it is done properly, the results will be very worth it.

As you can see in the image above, the navy bedding stands out elegantly without taking over the black as our main color for the bedroom.

Another important key is to spread some navy accessories throughout the bedroom to keep the consistency and avoid the navy bedding feel awkward.

Dusty Blue

Dusty blue bedding with black bedroom furniture
Light dusty blue bedding

If you prefer a less complicated blue shade as your bedding for black bedroom, then go with dusty blue.

This shade is much softer than any other blues and had a strong gray undertone in it, and that’s what makes it can blend easily with black.

While at the same time, still bring the fresh and airy vibe as any other blue shade to enrich the bedroom ambient.

Gray and Beige

Gray and beige bedding with black bedroom furnishings
Gray and beige bedding

Actually, this combination can fit in almost any kind of bedroom, including in our black ones.

The beautiful, well-balanced combination of the cool-toned blue with the warmth of the beige makes this bedding a perfect choice to soften up the mood and make any black bedroom feel comfier.

The lightness they bring can also be really helpful to tone down any strong and powerful appearance of all black furnishings and make them less intimidating.

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