What Color Walls Go With Black Floors? (5 Elegant Choices)

Check out our favorite wall paint colors that will blend elegantly with the black flooring. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 25th, 2023

Black flooring has been on the rise as of late. This is because it creates an elegant and sophisticated look, while also offering practical benefits. Moreover, it’s a great way to make your home seem more spacious and can be very beneficial for any small space.

Last but not least, black floors can be one of the best choices for those who have pets or children, as black hides dirt well. It’s also easy to keep clean with just soap and water which means less time spent on housework!

However, although all of those benefits, black flooring can bring some difficulties when it comes to choosing the right colors around it, especially match it with the perfect wall paint color.

Unlike any similar neutral floors such as white, gray, or natural wooden flooring, black flooring is one of the hardest to combine with another shade. Pairing it with the dark wall will make your space look gloomy while combining it with vibrant colors seems weird and awkward.

In this post, we will share our favorite wall paint colors with you that can work perfectly inside any room with black floors. Without further ado, here they are :

Best Wall Color for Black Tile Flooring


Plain white wall with black floors
White walls with black floors

We’re quite sure you’ve seen it before, a white-walled room with black floors. While it’s an obvious choice and the safest options, these combinations can also create a fresh, modern look.

The contrast can be really stunning and give the room a modern feel. Moreover, the white walls can help brighten up the entire room that potentially feels a bit dark because of the flooring.

White walls can also be a very versatile option where you can easily choose what kind of ambient you want for that room. If you prefer a warmer vibe, go with a warmer tone such as ivory white, but if you want a crisp, flat yet very modern feel, you can choose plain white.

Light Gray

Light gray walls with black tile flooring
Light gray walls with black tile flooring

Sometimes, white can feels too conventional and potentially makes your entire room feel boring, especially if you don’t plan to add more vibrant or cheerful shades inside that room. One best alternative to avoid this problem is by using light gray.

Using this simple yet beautiful paint can create a sense of calmness while the dark floors provide contrast and depth.

Moreover, it’s neutral enough to go well with any other colors in your home but also has enough contrast to make it stand out especially when combined with bold flooring such as black tile.

Steel Gray

Steel gray wall with black tile floors
Steel gray wall with black tile

Steel gray is the new neutral. A rich, cool hue that doesn’t scream for attention but instead quietly blends in with any color palette. It’s also a perfect backdrop to showcase your favorite art and accessories – and will never go out of style!

Based on our experience, this particular shade can work best if combine with bold flooring and one of the best pairs for it is black.

This kind of bold, dark flooring can help make the steel gray wall stand out in elegant, modern contrast.


Misty blue wall with black floors
Misty wall with black floors

Combining black tile flooring with any colorful shade doesn’t really work well. But if you still want to add some flavor to your spaces, then we highly recommend this unique color: misty.

Among all shades of blue, this is one of the most neutral shades, thanks to its light gray undertone. And that’s the main reason why misty walls can work nicely with black flooring, but at the same time, it can bring a cool, airy vibe as any typical blue to help enrichen the entire spaces.

Smoky Blue

Smoky blue wall with black flooring
Smoky blue wall with black flooring

Another great blue shade that will look flawless as wall paint color for room with black tile floors is this smoky blue.

This particular color had a deep, gray tone that makes it blend really well with any dark and bold flooring.

However, you must be very careful when choosing this shade for your walls. We don’t recommend using this color for any small room or a room that doesn’t have a lot of natural lighting.

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