7 Best Paint Colors for Shiplap to Bring Modern Looks

Awesome modern paint color ideas to upgrade the looks of any old and outdated shiplap wall Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 14th, 2022

Creating a shiplap wall is one great way to add depth and interest to your interior. The grainy wood texture of the shiplap can also spread a lot of natural ambiances to refresh the vibe of the entire space. And the beauty of the shiplap wall is that even without any decorations, it can still look awesome.

However, this wall style may be a little bit outdated. But don’t worry, there are a lot of different ways that you can do to make your shiplap wall comes back to life in a more stylish and modern way. And one of the most popular ones is by repainting it using modern shades.

Painting a shiplap wall is quite easy and straightforward, and you can do it yourself. But the most challenging part is choosing the right paint color for your shiplap. As with any typical wood element, wrong color choices can bring more harm than good, and the same goes for shiplap.

To help you with this, in this article, we will give you some paint color ideas that based on our experiment, work well to give any shiplap wall new modern looks. So, let’s get started.

7 Best Modern Shiplap Colors


Bedroom ideas with white shiplap wall
White shiplap wall

Most homeowners underestimate the power of white. In fact, this pure color can bring a stunning output, especially when used in a unique elements such as the shiplap wall. Not only the shiplap wall will looks more up-to-date, but the clean and sleek finish will also make your entire space feel lighter and brighter.

Moreover, using white to paint your shiplap will keep the natural beauty of the wood texture and grain to appear, thus, it won’t eliminate the main purpose of using a shiplap wall.

Coastal Blue

Bedroom ideas with coastal blue shiplap wall
Coastal blue shiplap wall

These soft and soothing shades of blue can work beautifully when used as a paint color for modern shiplap wall. Of course, it will be much better for any spaces with coastal or nautical decor, but don’t worry, it can still work beautifully for any other decor theme.

We love to use this color in the bedroom, as it can spread the airy and tranquil vibe that will be very beneficial to make those bedroom becomes perfect places for rest and relax.

Light Gray

Bedroom ideas with light gray shiplap wall
Light gray shiplap wall

If you want to add a bit of modern twist to your shiplap interior wall, then this can be the perfect paint color for you. As any typical gray, light gray will bring an elegant touch to any space.

And when combined with the natural looks of the shiplap wood, it can be resulting in a sophisticated look without disappearing the natural beauty of the shiplap wood.

Dark Gray

Bedroom ideas with dark gray shiplap wall
Dark gray shiplap wall

Most of the time, shiplap woods are used to create an accent wall. And in modern decor style, dark paint tend to be more popular for accent wall rather than lighter ones.

Thus, if you want to make your shiplap accent wall have bold, up-to-date looks, you may try to paint it using dark gray. However, for this kind of bold color, we highly suggest you only used it inside any room that had plenty of natural lighting.


Bedroom ideas with sage shiplap wall
Sage shiplap wall

If you want to boost and rejuvenate the fresh and natural beauty of your shiplap wall, then you can paint them using any shades of green. While a lot of green shades can give a good enough outcome, based on our experiment, sage is the one that works best for shiplap.

This shade tends to be more neutral compared to any other green, and that’s the main reason why it can blend nicely with shiplap wood.

Furthermore, as you can see in the picture above, the sage-painted shiplap wall not only spread plenty of freshness to the entire room but also looks aesthetically pleasing that will amaze everyone.


Bedroom ideas with navy shiplap wall
Navy shiplap wall

When it comes to modern accent walls, navy is one of the most popular choices. And if you want a color that can instantly elevate the looks of your shiplap wall, surely this is one of the best options for you. The navy shiplap wall will turn any boring room into bold and stylish ones.

To get the best results, incorporate some additional navy accessories such as a navy rug or navy pillow to make the elegance of the navy flows throughout the entire space.

Dark Blue Gray

Bedroom ideas with dark blue shiplap wall
Dark blue shiplap wall

This unique shade combines the bold neutral looks of dark gray with the elegance of deep blue, resulting in a sophisticated color that is perfect to modernize any shiplap interior wall.

Although this shade doesn’t have a strong blue appearance like navy, it still brings an adequate amount of blue that will spread some tranquil and airy ambiance in an elegant twist, while the gray undertone keeps it looks neutral.

Thus, using this color to paint your shiplap will keep your shiplap versatile and relatively easy to combine with any other colors or elements.