7 Best Wall Paint Color for Bedroom with Black Furniture

Our interior design expert create a list of 7 best wall paint color for bedroom with black furniture. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 6th, 2022

While some people avoid using black furniture in their bedroom as it tends to make the space feels dark and gloomy, this kind of furniture actually can be useful to create a stylish and elegant bedroom.

Neutral colors basically can be combined easily with any other colors. But when it comes to black, things can be a bit different.

Choosing the perfect color combination to complement black furniture is tricky. And one of the most often problems found when decorating a bedroom with black furniture is to find the perfect wall color that will match with them.

While using another dark color as the wall paint will create a gloomy space, going with bright or vibrant can create your entire bedroom feels out of sync.

To help you solve this problem, our interior design expert made a list of the best wall paint color that will blend perfectly with black furniture, and here they are :

7 Wall Paint Color that go with Black Furniture

1. White

White bedroom with black furniture
White bedroom walls with black furniture

The simplest and easiest way is to go with white. White wall can help balance the dark black furniture thus will make the entire space feels brighter.

Furthermore, the contrasting effects produced between the black furniture and white wall can help make the furniture stand out.

This combination is perfect for almost any bedroom style. You can use it in a classical bedroom or even a contemporary ones. Another advantage of using white walls is that it can be a perfect canvas especially when you are planning to use some black wall art or wall decoration items.

2. Ivory White

Ivory white bedroom with black furniture
Ivory white bedroom with black furniture

If you want to keep your space look clean and crisp but at the same time you want a warmer ambient into your bedroom, than ivory white tend to works better than plain white.

This color had a slightly more vibrant and soft tone that will make your wall looks a bit more interesting compared with any typical white.

Same as any white shade, this color is still a neutral ones and can be easily blended with any other colors, including black.

The soft and warm effects produced when using this color as your wall paint will help balance the bold and strong characteristic from the black furniture and this combination will resulting a rich, warm and comfy bedroom atmosphere while still keep the entire room looks appearance.

3. Light Gray

Light gray bedroom walls with black furniture
Light gray bedroom walls with black furniture

If you doesn’t like too much contrast as produced with white walls then you can go with gray. Gray is one of the best complementary colors for black.

Thus, using gray walls with black furniture can make the entire bedroom feels seamless and integrated.

Using gray wall paint also will create a great monochromatic style that will produce a modern and elegant bedroom ambient. But be careful, this often will lead to an unpleasing monotonous look.

So when you go with gray, it’s highly recommended that you add some other neutral color element, such as a couple of white wall art.

4. Steel Blue

Steel blue bedroom with black furniture
Steel blue walls with black furniture

The problem when combining any neutral wall color with black furniture is that it can make the bedroom feels boring and monotonous.

To avoid this, you can use any color but go with its more grayish tone. And if you are a fan of blue, steel blue can be a great option for you.

This color had a perfect amount of gray tone that makes it much more neutral than any other blue and make it can easily compliment any black furniture.

The combination of steel blue walls and black furniture also perfect for you who want to create an elegant and modern ambient but still look fresh and soft.

5. Charcoal Accent Wall

Charcoal accent wall with black furniture
Charcoal bedroom accent wall

No, we don’t recommend you to repaint your entire bedroom walls with this dark color. Instead, you can use it as an accent wall to create an elegant and stunning wall that can become a main centerpiece of your space.

Using charcoal as a part of your bedroom wall will make it looks integrated with the black furniture. Furthermore, it will make your entire space feel harmonize.

6. Medium Gray Accent Wall

Dark gray bedroom accent wall with black decoration
Medium gray accent wall with black furniture

Previously, we already suggest light gray as a wall paint color that goes with black furniture. Alternatively, you can use another darker shade of gray to create a bold, elegant bedroom.

But as any similar dark colors, we only recommend it to be used as an accent wall instead of using it for your entire bedroom walls.

This medium gray accent wall also can be a great alternative if you are afraid of using the previous color that we suggest – charcoal, but still produce the similar effects but in a more soft and subtle ways.

7. Black and White Wallpaper

Black and white bedroom wallpaper with black furniture ideas
Black and white bedroom wallpaper

Another great way to make your wall look flawless with black furniture is by using a black and white wallpaper. Again, same with the other dark colors, only use this option for an accent wall, especially when you are using wallpaper with more black element rather than white as the one that we used on the image example above.

Today, there are a lot of black and white wallpaper available with a different choice of texture, pattern and color scheme.

You can easily choose the one that will perfectly suit with your current decor style and color scheme.

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