What Color Cabinets Go with Gray Walls?

Stylish cabinet ideas for kitchen with gray cabinets Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 7th, 2022

The gray wall decor trend is still strong. Homeowners enjoy the cool versatility of this contemporary neutral that looks good in every room of the house, from large living rooms to tiny bathrooms.

In the kitchen, gray walls make a versatile backdrop for many cabinet colors, though some have more impact than others. When deciding what color cabinets go with gray walls, it’s key to consider the undertones in your paint.

Do you desire a warm or cool palette? You should also consider the regular cleaning schedule of your cabinets since some colors need more attention than others. Here are our top seven suggestions.

7 Best Cabinet Colors for Kitchen with Gray Walls

Pure White

Kitchen with white cabinets and gray walls
Pure white cabinets with gray walls

Pure white kitchen cabinets are our number one choice for modern kitchens with gray walls. White kitchen cabinets offer the same level of versatility as their gray backdrop, which makes this ensemble the ultimate neutral base for accessorization.

You can swap out your kitchen accessories every season to reflect every color of the rainbow without fear of a single clash.


Kitchen with blue-gray cabinets and gray walls
Blue-gray cabinets with gray walls

Blue-gray kitchen cabinets make a wonderfully airy companion for cool gray wall paint. This breezy hue offers just a hint of color to uplift your space without overpowering the contemporary gray aesthetic altogether.

Blue-gray cabinets offer a pale finish that will help a small kitchen layout to appear more spacious, but they are more forgiving of daily dirt than their white counterparts.

Dark Brown

Kitchen with dark brown cabinets and gray walls
Dark brown cabinets with gray walls

Dark brown cabinets look highly sophisticated when matched with gray walls. This deep, rich cabinet hue warmly offsets gray paint with cool undertones.

Alternatively, brown cabinets also make a smooth tonal match for gray paintwork that leans toward the beige spectrum. So, if you’re not quite sure what your gray undertones are, with this color of kitchen cabinets you can’t go far wrong.


Kitchen with gray-green cabinets and gray walls
Gray-green cabinets with gray walls

Match gray-green cabinets with gray walls to conjure a beautifully calm and serene scene. Think muted mint greens and restful light sage. Gray-green cabinets make a kitchen feel open and draw a subconscious connection to nature and the great outdoors.

Team this look with an abundance of indoor plants and herbs, and wooden chopping boards and utensils, to fashion a revitalizing earthy look.


Kitchen with navy cabinets and gray walls
Navy cabinets with gray walls

Navy cabinets really pop against light gray walls, fashioning an uber-smart aesthetic. Navy cabinets hit the top of the interior design trend charts some time ago and continue to inspire homeowners to add bold color to their kitchens.

With this deep hue, you’ll also benefit from a low-maintenance factor. Splashes and spills won’t appear so glaringly obvious on this forgiving shade. If you’re not likely to scrub as you go, it’s no big deal.


Kitchen with greige cabinets and gray walls
Greige cabinets with gray walls

Greige cabinets are quickly coming up the ranks to displace light gray and even white counterparts. This en vogue shade has been hitting every design space and area of the home lately, and it’s no wonder.

Greige is a highly flexible option that allows us to continue to enjoy the modern gray decor trend from a lighter and warmer perspective.


Kitchen with black cabinets and gray walls
Black cabinets with gray walls

Black cabinets make a strong statement alongside gray walls. When teamed with light gray walls, black kitchen cabinets provide bold contrast. If paired with dark gray decor, a black kitchen takes on a deeply dramatic appearance that sets a transformative mood.

If you enjoy the lower maintenance of a dark finish but like a lighter look, brighten black cabinets with light-reflective hardware and clean white kitchen accessories.


With our top seven kitchen cabinet color suggestions for gray walls, you have a great jumping-off point for your kitchen design. You can team all of these cabinet ideas with crisp white countertops or a more subtle shade of gray to keep things simple. Or, introduce a beautiful slice of wood tone to add texture and warmth.

Once the cabinet color is chosen, it’s time to have fun picking out cabinet hardware, the kitchen faucet, and complementary accessories. We recommend opting for fashion-forward matt black or white handles to achieve a clean, contemporary look. Select kitchen faucets in the same matt finish to achieve a cohesive scheme.

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