What Color Curtains Go with Black Wall? (10 Bold Pairings)

Add more drama to your black wall by using these amazing curtains. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 19th, 2023

Black wall or accent wall can make a bold and stylish statement in any room. It will create a dramatic and sophisticated look that makes it a perfect choice for an ultra modern interior.

However, this color is very tricky and challenging. Black wall can easily become overly dominant and overwhelm a space, and that’s why it should be used only in the right environment.

Additionally, even tough black is neutral, it can be difficult to find the right color to complement it. With such bold appearance, selecting the wrong color can make your space feel chaotic and disorganized.

And that’s why choosing the right curtains color for room with black wall is essential. As an element that placed right in front of the wall, the curtains and the wall should work well together to achieve the look and feel you want in our space.

In this post, we will share with you some great curtains colors that will looks stunning with black wall.

10 Best Curtains for Black Wall


White curtains with black wall
White curtains

Since black wall is already challenging, you may need a simpler choice to avoid any additional risk by choosing white curtains. Moreover, white and black is a timeless combination that will never goes wrong wherever they are used.

The sharp contrast between the white curtains and black wall is looks amazing and can easily draws the eyes. Lastly, the white curtains can help make the bold black wall feel a bit more subtle.


Beige curtains with black wall
Beige curtains

Give your black wall some warmth by combine it with beige curtains. With soft natural warm, the beige has the perfect undertones to bring a sense of comfort and relaxation to your room.

Beige curtains can also help provide some natural and organic look to balance the boldness of your wall, while still maintaining it’s sense of sophistication and elegance.


Blue-gray curtains with black wall
Blue-gray curtains

If you want to add some hues to your black accent wall, then you may consider blue-gray curtains. This kind of curtains will enrich the black wall without too much drama, thanks to it’s neutral gray undertones.

Furthermore, the blue-gray can be a great color option keep the elegance and modern looks of the black wall.


Teal curtains with black wall
Teal curtains

As a modern color, teal can be a perfect complementary option to the black. It will create a gorgeous contrast against the black, while also bring plenty of fresh and natural vibe to make your interior space feel more interesting.

Combine the teal curtains with some other teal accessories such as teal pillow or teal rug for a better result.


Terracotta curtains with black wall
Terracotta curtains

Terracotta curtains can be a great choice to accentuate the black wall with some pop of color. It’s not as vibrant as other similar hues, but still have enough brightness to lift up the mood of your black-themed interior.

Moreover, you can use terracotta curtain to give your room some fun and cheerful vibe, making it feel more alive.

Dark Emerald

Dark emerald green curtains with black wall
Dark emerald curtains

Dark emerald is a luxury, velvety color that work amazing alongside the black wall. And that’s why we highly recommend this option if you want to create a luxurious and glamorous spaces.

For better result, you can add some gold, metallic accessories around them.


navy curtains with black wall
Navy curtains

Navy and black is a bold duo that not only create a bold elegant space, but also gives some sense of calmness and tranquility to your room.

The striking yet balanced contrast between them looks amazing to become a new focal point of your space.

Light Purple

light purple curtains with black wall
Light purple curtains

Light purple curtains can be used to give your black wall some subtle richness, and make it feel softer and calmer.

This muted hues bring gentle contrast against the black, just enough to create some warmth and depth to your room.

Dark Red

Dark red curtains with black wall
Dark red curtains

If you need a bold dramatic choice to complement your black accent wall, then you can try using dark red. With dark undertones, dark red curtains can blend beautifully with black wall, while still bringing striking contrast to help both of them stand out.

Moreover, dark red curtains can create a sense of luxury that add a touch of glamour looks to the black wall.

Dark Brown

Dark brown curtains with black wall
Dark brown curtains

Add some earthy, natural tone to your black wall by using dark brown curtains. Dark brown can also provide a sense of stability to make the entire wall feel more balanced.

With similar bold undertones, the dark brown curtains will blend effortlessly with the black wall, create a stunning visual for your interior.

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