10 Best Floor Color for Gray Walls (Experiment with Images)

What color floor goes with gray walls? Here is 10 best flooring color for gray walls based on our experiment.

We get a lot of the following questions:

What color floor goes with gray walls?

To get an accurate answer with strong evidence, we conducted an experiment by trying 30+ (34 if you want the exact number) different flooring in our test room with a gray wall.

This experiment resulting several colors that are blend perfectly for gray walls, some of them is : light brown, white, dark brown and dark gray for wood floors. As for the tile floor, several colors that blend well is white marble, brown, light gray and black.

And here are the complete results of our experiment which we divided into two categories :

Best Wood Floor Color for Gray Wall

The first category is wood flooring. Here we tried and tested several types and colors of different wood flooring to find the 5 best colors that is suitable for rooms with gray walls, and here are the results:

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Light Brown Wood Floor

Light brown wood floor with gray walls

Light brown wood flooring is one that match with the gray walls. There are several types of wood that have light brown color like this, such as walnuts and oak. The combination of light brown floor with gray wall creates a room that looks flawless and natural.

The use of light brown wood for this floor is perfect for you who want to decorate the room with some rustic or classical touch. But do not rule out the possibility of any other interior design styles can also use this combinations.

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White Wood Flooring

White wood floor with gray walls

The next floor color that matches the gray walls is white. This color can be obtained by painting any different types of wood, or you can use a white fabricated/engineered wood parquet flooring.

Furthermore, a white floor also helps make the room look brighter and more spacious, and this is very beneficial for any small sized room.

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Light Natural Wood

Light natural wood with gray walls

Next wood floor color that goes well with gray walls is light natural wood. This color not only helps to make the floor look brighter, but also gives the room a natural and fresh impression. This kind of flooring also will add warmth into this gray room. There are a lot of wood that have this color, one of the most popular one is pine wood.

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Dark Wood Floor

Dark wood floor with gray walls

Dark wood floor works great with gray walls since it will give a lot of contrast between the wall and the floor. One of the best dark wood colors that we recommended is dark brown. Using this kind of colors for the floor will bring some elegant looks to the room.

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Dark Gray Wood Floor

Dark gray wood floor with gray walls

Dark gray hardwood flooring is works perfectly with gray wall. It creates a dramatic contrast with the wall that make the room feel more elegant. But if you choose to use this kind of flooring for your wall room, make sure to use a lot of brighter colored furniture.

Best Tile Color for Gray Wall

Another set of flooring that we used in this experiment is tile/marble flooring. And here is 5 of the best tile color for gray wall :

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White Marble Tiles

White marble tiles with gray walls

White marble tile floor not only complement perfectly with the gray walls, it also help make the room feel more spacious and a lot more brighter because it’s will reflect a lot of lights. This kind of tile also bring some luxurious and gorgeous looks to the room thank’s to it’s natural marble effects.

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Brown Tiles Floor

Brown tiles flooring with gray walls

Brown tiles are widely known to bring a cozy and charm atmosphere into any room, and it turned out that this type of flooring blend flawlessly with gray walls.

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Light Gray Tiles

Light gray tiles floor with gray walls

If you want to create a simple, monochrome looks room that this light gray tiles is the best option for you. With visually similar shade with the walls, this combinations looks quite interesting and elegant.

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Black Marble Flooring

Black marble floor with gray walls

Black marble not only help make the room looks more elegant, but also stylish and classy. And this kind of flooring match perfectly with the gray painted walls. As a neutral colors, using black flooring also can help a lot when choosing furniture for this room, because this black floor will easily blended with any other furniture colors.

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Gray Stone Tile

Gray stone tile flooring with gray wall

The last color that blend perfectly with the gray wall is this dark gray stone tile. For anyone who want to add some industrial or rustic touch into your room, than this one maybe the perfect choice for you. It’s similar shade make this gray stone tile looks flawless and integrated perfectly with the walls.