Best Wall Color for Farmhouse Decor (7 Inspiring Color Ideas)

Create a lovely farmhouse living room using these soothing and wonderful wall paint colors. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : September 8th, 2022

Farmhouse-style interior never makes you bored. One interesting thing about this popular decor style is that it can easily adapt to the newest decor trend, resulting in one of the most popular styles today: modern farmhouse.

However, to achieve a perfect, beautiful look for your interior using this style, color selections play a big and important role. Mix and match rustic wooden and metal element with the right color palette is not an easy task, and failure in this step not only will make your entire home looks awkward and outdated.

To avoid this, you can start by choosing the right wall color for your space. Obviously, this is one of the most important aspects that can make or break the visual appearance of the entire room. Wall color is also very important to set the tone and atmosphere of your home, and since we are talking about farmhouse decor, then the goal is to create a comfy, cozy, and airy vibe.

In this article, our team of interior designer compiles 7 best color that works perfectly in a farmhouse setting. You can easily pick which one suits your preferences, and applied it in your own space. And here they are :

What Color Wall Goes with Farmhouse Decor?


Living room with farmhouse decor and white walls
Farmhouse living room with white walls

We put white on this list not because it’s a simple, easy, and straightforward solution. This paint color actually works really well to wrap and tie up different rustic or vintage elements in a beautiful, charming ambient.

A plain white background can also become a crisp base to expose every farmhouse-style element and stand out nicely.

This wall color surely can be a perfect choice if you want to create a modern farmhouse look, especially when it is combined with another white element such as a white wooden table or white chair.

To get the best result, use any white paint with a matte or eggshell finish.


How to choose wall colors for farmhouse living room
Farmhouse living room with ivory walls

For some people, plain white may be boring and too mainstream. If you are thinking the same, you can go with a warmer tone like ivory.

This color is very similar to white but comes with a creamier and warm tone because of its yellowish undertone.

This particular color has also become one of our favorite choices when designing any farmhouse-style interior, as it can bring a warm ambient in an airy vibe, but still bring the simple, bright, and crisp looks.

Light Gray

Light gray living room with farmhouse decor
Farmhouse living room with light gray walls

In some cases, adding some elegant touch to the farmhouse interior can be a great way to make it looks more trendy and up-to-date. And there are no better ways to incorporate elegance to any room rather than using the gray wall.

However, to keep it blend with the farmhouse theme, we tend to choose any lighter shade of gray rather than darker ones.

This approach can also work really well to create a perfect balance, especially if you are using too much cream, yellow or beige tone inside the room.

Stone Beige

Stone beige walls in farmhouse living room
Farmhouse living room with beige walls

An ideal farmhouse home should have a warm and welcoming ambiance, and if you think that your current space lacks this, then you can bring them by using any beige shades for your wall.

Although any beige can work pretty well, this calm and smooth stone beige becomes one of our favorites when it comes to farmhouse decor.

This is a classic, timeless choice for farmhouse interior that never goes wrong. However, sometimes using beige walls can bring a boring look, to avoid this, you can incorporate some contrast on the wall like the large metal wall clock or dark rustic artwork.

Pistachio Green

Green farmhouse living room ideas
Farmhouse interior with pistachio green walls

Surely, the neutral tone tends to works best in a farmhouse setting. However, if you don’t like any neutral choices and prefer more colorful colors, we highly recommend this gorgeous pistachio green.

These unique, pale shades of green can become a great choice if you want to add some fresh accent to your spaces and bring a natural countryside vibe to create a perfect farmhouse living room.

Wheat Brown

Wheat brown walls in modern farmhouse interior
Farmhouse interior with wheat brown walls

If you want a bold, earthy farmhouse vibe, then you can go with any brown shade. However, we tend to choose any lighter brown to keep the entire space feel bright and light such as this amazing wheat brown.

Using this gorgeous color for the wall can also bring a flawless and cohesive tone throughout the room, thank’s to its similarity with almost all kinds of woods.

Creamy Light Yellow

Yellow walls in farmhouse living room
Farmhouse interior with light yellow walls

For anyone who prefers living room with a more classical and vintage direction, then yellow can be a perfect wall color for your farmhouse living room.

Although any shade of yellow can still work really well, we tend to go with light yellow, pale yellow, or creamy yellow, as these kinds of yellow are more versatile and can easily blend with any bold and dark element around them such as the rustic wood beam or black metal/iron accessories.

Another reason to use yellow is that it can reflect the sunlight beautifully to create a bright, summertime feeling that makes your living room more fun and joyful.

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