7 Best Floor Colors for Gray Furniture

Awesome flooring ideas for living room with gray furniture Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 13th, 2022

There are some different ways that you can do to totally revamp the looks of your interior, from changing wall paint colors to replacing your flooring with a new one. The latter is surely not a cheap option, but if you want to create a completely different appearance, it actually can be worth it. Especially, if your old flooring is a bit outdated and not as shiny as it used to be.

However, as replacing old flooring with new ones is expensive, it has to be done properly. And before you even begin to break down your old floors, the most critical thing that had to be done properly is choosing the right replacement.

Having the new flooring that does not blend well with your existing interior could be an expensive disaster that you want to avoid at all costs. To help you with it, we will share with you some best flooring options that will look amazing inside any room that is filled with gray furniture.

What Color Floors go with Gray Furniture?

White Carpet

Living room with gray furniture and white carpet floors
Gray furniture with white carpet floors

Gray and white is a timeless combination that never goes wrong. This combo will work in literally any decoration theme, from traditional, classic to a modern one. The white floor-to-floor carpet provides plenty of comfy warmth and serves as a sleek base to unleash the elegance of your gray furnishings.

Gray furniture like a gray sofa, gray chair, gray bed, or gray table not only will look amazing when placed above the white carpet but also stand out elegantly as the centerpiece of your space.

Cream Marble Tile

Living room with gray furniture and cream marble floors
Gray furniture with cream marble tile floors

Since most gray furniture had cool-tone finishes, it will be a good idea to balance it out using warmer flooring like this cream marble tile. This combination can create a well-balanced vibe to your space and makes the gray furniture feel more comfy and welcoming.

Furthermore, the glam artistic character of the cream marble tile will further enhance your entire space, creating a unique classical elegant appearance.

Black Marble Tile

Living room with gray furniture and black marble floors
Gray furniture with black marble tile floors

If you prefer any flooring that is darker than your gray furnishings, then black marble tile is one of the best options. The bold, striking looks of these flooring can easily make any gray furnishings stand out.

The perfect amount of contrast between them also will help makes the gray furnishings to looks brighter and lighter.

Lastly, since both gray furniture and black marble tile had a similar elegant character, they will go together to create a stylish and luxurious vibe.

Warm White Wood

Living room with gray furniture and warm white wood floors
Gray furniture with warm white wood floors

Any wood with warm white finishes like white oak, pine, ash, or beech can be a perfect flooring for any room with gray furniture.

This kind of flooring not only offers plenty of brightness and lightness but also helps creates a well-balanced ambiance and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Brown Tile

Living room with gray furniture and brown tile floors
Gray furniture with brown tile floors

Brown marble tile floors can easily spark a glamorous vibe wherever they are used. And when combined with gray flooring, they will create an even better result.

This earthy, natural combination creates a fresh look with an elegant twist, making them perfect options for a glam classical interior.

Medium Brown Wood

Living room with gray furniture and medium brown wood floors
Gray furniture with medium brown wood floors

Here is another gorgeous brown flooring option that can blend beautifully with gray furniture. The medium-toned brown wood had a softer and lighter appearance compared to any darker wood, making them feel much simpler and more neutral.

And this neutrality is the main reason why this flooring goes well with gray furnishings.

Light Wood

Living room with gray furniture and light wood floors
Gray furniture with light wooden floors

Alternatively, you can go with even lighter wood floors. This kind of flooring sparks plenty of warm vibes that go beautifully against gray furniture to create a perfectly balanced ambiance.

Moreover, the light wood floors can easily lift the entire space and turn any living room with gray furniture that looks boring and monotonous to become much more attractive and interesting.

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