Best Rug for Blue Couch (15 Stylish Options)

15 awesome rug color ideas that can helps unleash all of the potentials of your blue couch. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : February 13th, 2023

In most living room settings, the couch is set up to become a centerpiece. That’s why a lot of homeowners choosing a couch with vibrant or bold colors. But things will get difficult when it comes to selecting any other decor items to match those kinds of couches, especially a rug.

When choosing a rug for the living room, the most important thing is to make sure the rug will blend perfectly with the couch and the floors. Let’s assume that you are not using any unusual flooring that will hardly match with most rugs, so one thing left to consider is the couch.

For any neutral-colored couch such as white, cream, or gray, it will be much easier as you can easily choose any rug and it will still look great. But when it comes to another color, it will be a much trickier job. This problem also occurs when you had any blue shade of couch – dark blue, navy blue, or even a light blue couch.

Before choosing the perfect rug for your blue couch, here is some question that you should answer to help make this job much easier :

  • What is the main goal that you want to achieve using the rug? Do you want to use it to neutralize your living room or do you want it to add more blue accent into your spaces?
  • Do you have other blue elements in that room rather than the couch? If you don’t, then you can make use of the rug to help you add other blue elements.
  • What is the shade of your blue couch? It’s navy blue, grayish blue, sky blue, or another kind of blue?
  • Do you prefer using the rug as contrasting or coordinating elements as the couch?
  • Do you have other colors (beyond neutral colors and blue) that you had already used in your living room? And what colors is it? Do you consider using these colors for your rug?

Answering all those questions will surely open up your mind and will give you more clear ideas to help make your rug buying decisions much easier.

Now let us share our thought based on our experience in the interior design and decor field on what is the best rug color for blue couch, and here they are :

What Color Rug Goes with Blue Couch?

White Rug

White rug with blue couch
White area rug

If you think your couch is too bold and strong then you can neutralize it a bit by using a white rug.

This kind of rug is also perfect if you don’t want your rug to be stand out, and still let the couch became a main focal point for your living spaces.

If you are using a simple, minimalist approach for your room, than you can go with a solid white shag rug. But for another decor style, it’s better for you to choose any textured/patterned one such as the white geometric rug that we used in the image above.

Sage Rug

Sage green rug with blue sofa
Sage green rug

This combo creates a daring color scheme. The neutral tone of sage blend perfectly with the blue, creating a flawless and aesthetic combinations while still provides rich contrast between them.

Sage rug can works really well with almost any shades of blue, from light blue to a dark ones.

Olive Green Rug

Olive green area rug with blue couch
Olive rug

If you need a warmer green options, then you can try this olive green rug. These kinds of rug had a perfect balance between green hues with yellow undertones, resulting a fresh and warm visual appearances.

Thus, you can balance the cool-toned of your blue couch with this rug to achieve a charming and welcoming vibes for your living spaces.

Mustard Yellow Rug

Mustard area rug with blue sofa
Mustard yellow area rug

Mustard is a classic accent color for blue that never fails! With elegant pop of color, the mustard area rug not only accentuate and lift up your seating spaces, but it can also highlight the couch and bring out all of it’s potentials.

However, since this color is quite vibrant, avoid overuse it and keep it just as an accent, or you will potentially ruin the entire spaces.

Beige Rug

Beige rug with blue couch
Beige rug

Blue and beige is a well-balanced pair that complement each others. The softness and subtle appearance of the beige or ivory rug not only tone-down any strong and bold blue couches, but also act as a perfect neutral base to let the couches stand out even more.

Using this neutral color also gives you plenty of room to add more blue elements or even adding another strong colors to your color palette.

Dark Blue Rug

Dark blue rug with blue couch
Dark blue rug

To give a more strong presence of the blue elements, you can use any blue rug with darker shades compared to your blue sofa.

This way, those two items will still gives enough contrast while at the same time won’t make your room looks monotonous.

Having a lot of different blue elements can create a gorgeous layered looks and at the same time evoke relaxing, cool atmosphere inside that room.

Light Gray Rug

Living room with blue couch and light gray rug
Light gray area rug

Another rug color that works well with blue sofa while also can be used to bring a more natural vibe and help make a great balance between each object of your living room is gray.

In our opinion, gray will works much better than white when used alongside a blue couch, while at the same time will still bring similar effects and results.

Especially when you have a bit of gray undertone on your couch.

Teal Rug

Living room with blue couch and teal rug
Teal area rug

Teal can be a perfect match to blue, especially if you want to create a modern living room with some fresh, natural twist.

The earthy, natural looks of the teal rug meets perfectly with calming and relaxing vibes of the couch, creating a cozy spaces that everyone will love.

Blue and White Rug

Blue and white rug with blue couch
Classic Blue and White Rug

Another great rug option to be placed alongside with blue couch is the combination of the blue and white patterned rug.

This two colors combination will create a nice effect where the blue will keep the rug looks blended with the couch while the white color helps neutralize and balance it to make look a bit softer.

Blue and Gray Rug

Blue and gray rug with blue couch
Blue and Gray Rug

This kind of rug is similar to the previous ones, but this works even better if you had a navy blue, or any shades of blue with some gray undertone.

There is a different approach when you choose a rug with blue and gray color combinations. First, you can choose a rug with more blue to create a color association with your couch, while goes with gray will bring a more neutral look.

Charcoal Rug

Living room with blue couch and dark gray rug
Charcoal rug

Another gray shades that can blend really well with blue. With strong, bold yet neutral appearances, the charcoal or dark gray rug not only will make the couch looks brighter, but also helps unleash all of it’s charm.

This can also be a great alternatives to a black rug that oftentimes looks overly dark and can make your space looks gloomy.

Dark Green Rug

Blue sofa with dark green rug
Dark green area rug

This is another great bold rug choices, but also comes with strong, rich hues. As a neighbors in color wheels, blue and green always go together nicely, creating a harmonious looks while still had solid contrast between them.

When used alongside light to medium toned blue, the dark green rug will make those velvet couches looks lighter and calmer.

Rug with Gold Accent

Gold rug with blue couch
Gold area rug

Add some glam twist to your couch by combine it alongside a rug with gold accents. Even tough the gold effects on the rug is far from the real gold, but it’s still enough to emphasize some luxury vibes to your seating area.

To further boost the ambiance, add another gold accessories around your couch, such as gold wall decor or gold coffee table.

Pink Rug

Blue and pink living room ideas
Pink rug

Pink rug can easily soften the look of any couch, and that’s why it can be a great pair for any navy couch or dark blue couch. It will helps enrich your interior without being a distraction, so you can keep your couch as the main focal point.

Orange Rug

Blue couch with orange accents
Orange rug

Another great vibrant options to accentuate your couch. As a direct opposite on the color wheel, an orange rug will immediately makes a big impact against the calm blue couch.

Furthermore, it will lift up the mood and makes your entire space feel more fun and cheerful. Finish this combo with some additional orange accessories such as the orange throw pillow for an even better results.