Best Rug for Blue Couch

Best rug color to be used alongside with blue couch. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : December 22nd, 2020
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In most living room settings, couch is set up to became a centerpiece for those room. That’s why a lot of homeowners choosing a couch with vibrant or bold colors. But things will get difficult when it comes to selecting any other decor items to match those kind of couch, especially a rug.

When choosing a rug for living room, the most important thing is to make sure the rug will blend perfectly with couch and the floors. Let’s assume that you are not using any unusual flooring that will hardly match with most rug, so one thing left to consider is the couch.

For any neutral colored couch such as white, cream or gray, it will be much easier as you can easily choose any rug and it will still looks great. But when it comes to another color, it will be a much trickier job. This problem also occur when you had any blue shade of couch – dark blue, navy blue or even a light blue couch.

Best rug with blue couch
Blue couch with rug

Before choosing the perfect rug for your blue couch, here is some question that you should answer to help make this job much easier :

  • What is the main goal that you want to achieve using the rug? Do you want to use it to neutralize your living room or do you want it to add more blue accent into your spaces?
  • Do you have another blue elements in those room rather than the couch? If you don’t, than you can make use of the rug to help you add another blue elements.
  • What is the shade of your blue couch? It’s navy blue, grayish blue, sky blue, or another kind of blue?
  • Do you prefer using the rug as a contrasting or coordinating elements as the couch?
  • Do you have another colors (beyond neutral colors and blue) that you had already used in your living room? And what colors is it? Do you consider using these colors for your rug?

Answering all those question will surely open up your mind and will give you a more clear ideas to help make your rug buying decisions much more easier.

Now let us share our thought based on our experience in interior design and decor field on what is the best rug color for blue couch, and here they are :

White Rug on Blue Couch

White rug with blue couch
White Shaggy Rug

If you think your couch is to bold and strong, than you can neutralize it a bit by using a white rug. This kind of rug is also perfect if you doesn’t want your rug to be stand out, and still let the couch became a main focal point for your living spaces.

If you are using a simple, minimalist approach for your room, than you can go with a solid white rug. But for another decor style, it’s better for you to choose any textured/patterned white rug.

Gorilla Grip Original Super Soft Solid White Area Rug

nuLOOM Trellis Cozy Soft White Rug

Blue Area Rug with Blue Sofa

Contemporary modern blue rug with blue sofa
Contemporary Blue Rug

To give more strong presence of the blue elements, you can use blue rug. There is two different ways to use this blue rug to incorporate it with your blue sofa. First, you can use the same tone and shade between those two items.

Or, you can use different tone to make a little bit of contrast between them. For example, if you are have a dark navy blue couch, than you can choose a grayish blue for your rug. This way, those two items will still complement each other while at the same time won’t make your room looks monotonous.

Having a lot of different blue elements can created a relaxing, cool atmosphere inside those room.

Unique Loom Moroccan Geometric Modern Navy Blue Area Rug

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Dark Blue Area Rug

Gray Rug with Blue Couch

Gray trellis area rug with blue couch
Gray Area Rug

Another rug colors that can be used perfectly to bring a more natural vibe and help make a great balance between each object of your living room is gray. In our opinion, gray will works much better than white when used alongside blue couch, while at the same time will still bring the similar effects and results. Especially when you have a bit of gray undertone in your blue couch.

Unique Loom Trellis Moroccan Lattice Dark Gray Area Rug

nuLOOM Thigpen Contemporary Gray Area Rug

Ottomanson Shag Trellis Gray Area Rug

Purple Rug with Blue Couch

Purple area rug with blue couch
Purple Area Rug

Some shade of blue will have some purple tint. If you had this kind of couch, than it can be a great options to put a purple rug below it. But be careful if you goes with this options as it will make your spaces looks overpowered. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to add some other purple decorative items inside the rooms, such as some purple throw pillows or purple accent chair.

Noahas Super Soft Modern Shag Area Gray-Purple Rugs

Blue and White Rug with Blue Sofa

Classic blue and white area rug with blue sofa
Classic Blue and White Rug

Another great rug options to be placed alongside with blue couch is the combinations of blue and white patterned rug. This two colors combination will create a nice effects where the blue will keep the rug looks blended with the couch while the white color help neutralize and balance it to make looks a bit softer.

nuLOOM Alayna Abstract Blue and White Area Rug

Unique Loom Trellis Geometric Modern Light Blue and White Area Rug 

Blue and Gray Rug with Blue Couch

Blue and gray rug with blue couch
Blue and Gray Rug

This kind of rug is similar with the previous ones, but this works even better if you had a dark blue, navy blue or any shades of blue with some gray undertone. There is some different approach when you choose a rug with blue and gray color combinations. First, you can choose a rug with more blue to create a color association with your couch, while goes with a more gray will bring a more neutral looks.

Contemporary Modern Boxes Style Blue and Gray Area Rug

Well Woven Herringbone Chevron Style Geometric Blue Grey Area Rug

Blue Swirls Persian Modern Abstract Rug

Cream and Blue Area Rug with Blue Couch

Geometric style cream and blue area rug with blue couch
Geometric Cream and Blue Area Rug

This combinations is great to create an earthy looks for your spaces while at the same time you still get the integrated feels between your couch and rug. If you want to choose this color combinations, we highly recommend that you choose any rug with much more cream texture and just a bit of blue accent on it.

Safavieh Cream and Light Blue Trellis Pattern Area Rug

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