6 Simple Things to Help Make a Bedroom Look Bigger

6 Easy actionable steps to help make your bedroom look bigger and spacious. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 25th, 2021

How to Make a Bedroom Look Bigger? Here is 6 Simple Things to do that Easily

Let’s all except it. Your bedroom is your favorite part inside your house. Except for the kitchen or the bathroom. A bedroom is where you can really relax and get away from the world. You have full control when you’re in your room.

Everyone tends to re-decorate their rooms once a while when they feel like their territory looks like a dump. There are different sizes of rooms big or small, and it’s all to you if you have a small bedroom then you’re in luck.

How to help make a bedroom looks bigger

Here we’re going to talk about how to make your small bedroom look much more bigger! I hope these 5 tips help you in making your room look more spacious and will improve your room and can trick anyone making it look more bugger than usual. Now let’s get going!

1.Use Light Colors

Using medium colors for your room can make it seem smaller, but using light colors such as white or pastel pink, or green or anything that’s not dark can add in more depth or make it seem bigger than how it looked before. This one will trick visitors or your friends!

There is a lot of different element in your bedroom where you can use a light colors, but the one with the biggest impact is the wall paint.

If you doesn’t want to really change your color concept for your bedroom, than you can use the same wall paint shade with lighter tone, as you can see in this example :

Use lighter wall paint for bigger bedroom
Lighter wall paint for bigger bedroom looks

Adding lighter colors will also reflect the light; it will make your room look brighter and spacious. You can also paint your ceiling with dark colors or patterns can draw your visitor’s attention on the ceiling. It gives an impression of tallness, and it’ll look like your ceiling is higher than it is.

If you are planning to add some bright color for your bedroom, here is some of our colors suggestion that can help make your room look brighter and make your visitors feel comfortable.


Lavender is excellent if you want some brightness in a dark room. Lavender has a wide range of shades; it is the best part about this color. It works well in any room. You can design it with some pastel colors to make the room more playful or match the beautiful color with some neutrals like the color gray or white.

Bright Yellow

This fun color is great if you want to have natural light in your room. The color yellow shade is great for recreating the feeling of artificial light. This color is great for your bedrooms or bathrooms that have tiny windows. If you want to make, it works, you need to make sure to have sufficient artificial light with you, so the room doesn’t go flat. Yellow is a good pair with white and light wood details. It can add more warmth to your room.

Baby Blue

This pleasant color can make you feel like your floating on a big cloud in the beautiful sunny sky. Blue can help bring brightness to a room. It will look even good if you pair it with some simple white furniture. This color is exactly right for your bathroom or just even a dark corner, this color will help this type spaces.

Light Gray

It might seem like a bit weird to add the color gray, but this color is right for dark and dull rooms. If you are going to choose to paint your walls the color gray make sure to stick with a light to medium shades. You can mix the gray with some lavender or some pink to add in some warmth.


Pink can instantly brighten any room, and it adds a whole cute vibe. Stick with pastel pink decor will make a room look more welcoming. Having pink walls can make you relaxed. It goes well with a girl’s room.

2. Lighting Is Key

Adding windows to existing bedroom
Adding windows to the bedroom

You should allow natural light to light up your room in the morning. The room interior opens up and creates a bigger look, if you don’t have a lot of natural light, consider adding some new windows – even though this will cost you some serious amount of money.

But if you do this to your room, you are truly going to be amazed at how much difference it makes even if it’s just a small addition.

If you have some existing windows, you can maximize it by use sheer coverings or completely pull them back so that more light could come in. If you have a bad view, you can put flowers or other plants near your window.

Another simpler way is by adding more lamp to your bedroom. Two or three additional lamp not only will help make the bedroom looks more bigger – especially at night, but also those layered lighting can produce a stylish and elegant ambient into your spaces.

Bedroom with additional lighting
Bedroom with additional lighting

In the bedroom image above, we add one floor lamp with some small ceiling lighting fixture, and as you can see, those small addition bring a lot of impact into the overall bedroom appearance.

If you prefer this approach, here is some recommended gorgeous standing floor lamp that can be a great choice for your bedroom :

Bright High Lumen Uplight 3 Way Dimmable LED Floor Lamp – Bright, High Lumen by Brightech

This standing lamp is the ones that we used on the example bedroom above. We like this lamp not only because it’s bright, quality light that it produce, but also because it’s simple yet elegant and stylish design that will easily blend with any kind of bedroom decor style.

Super Bright Modern LED with 5 Adjustable Arms & Light Heads Arch by Brightech

It’s unique arching arms make this standing lamp really stand out compared with other typical floor lamps. Those 5 different lamp arm create a stunning lighting that surely will make any room looks much more gorgeous.

Glamorous Contemporary LED Floor Lamp with Fabric Shade by LEONC Design

For you who are using glamorous style decor for your bedroom, that this lamp can be a perfect choice for you. It’s beautiful and unique design make this lamp not only bring warm atmosphere into your bedroom lighting, but also works great as a decoration items to improve the overall looks of your bedroom.

3. Don’t Clutter

It’s important to keep your room clean and organized. Having too much stuff in a room can make the room look and feel cramped.

If you have a room that’s neatly arranged and out of sight, it will look orderly and open. A cluttered room can make it look like a smaller room.

One area that a lot of homeowner make mistake is the wall. Using too much wall art and decor can make your wall looks too crowded. This can easily fixed by remove those unnecessary wall decor items and only use a few ones that really stand out.

organize bedroom wall
Organize bedroom wall

As you can see on above example, where we remove all of the little wall pictures and using just one large painting. Having one quality large painting is better than a group of paintings as it not only make the bedroom feel much more spacious, but also make the bedroom wall looks simpler yet still elegant and stylish.

4. Add Wall Mirror

When you have a mirror in your bedroom, it can make your room look much bigger. It can reflect natural and artificial light so the room can be brightened up during day and night.

Wall mirror that help make a bedroom feel more spacious
Wall mirror in bedroom

You can place your mirror near a window to reflect the outside. Or, you can put the mirror facing the window. This way, the mirror will reflect the view outside thus can help make a spacious impression to your bedroom.

The size of the mirror also play an important role. Bigger mirror will bring a much more impact rather than a small ones.

If you are planning to buy some large size mirror for your bedroom, here are some best selling mirror that can be a great options for you :

Mosaic Style Full Length Mirror

We choose this mirror for the example bedroom above. The reason why we love this mirror is because it’s beautiful mosaic style frame that looks gorgeous and stylish. This modern style mirror surely not only will help your bedroom feel larger, but also can be a great decorative addition for your bedroom decor.

Large Tall Full Length Body Mirror for Bedroom

One of the distinction between a great mirror and a common one is the frame. With glamorous metal frame, this mirror can be a great choice for you want to add a touch of sophistication to your space.

Simple Elegant Full Length Mirror

For anyone who want to keep their room simple yet elegant, than this mirror can be a great options. With aluminium alloy thin frame that look stylish, this mirror will blend perfectly with a contemporary or minimalist decor style.

5. Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Having too much furniture in your room can take up a lot of space. If you want to avoid losing space, use multi-functional furniture like a bed or a sofa bed, which has drawers where you can put our clothes underneath.

You can get foldaway dining tables, or expandable tables, you can tucked these away if unnecessary.

Using multi-functional furniture to make a bedroom looks bigger
Using storage bed to make a bedroom look bigger

In the example above, we remove the cabinet that took a lot of space in the bedroom and use a storage bed platform that offer same functionality with similar storage function. This simple change resulting a more extra space in bedroom that make it feels much more bigger.

Here is some great multi-functional furniture that you can use to help maximize your bedroom spaces :

Flexible Platform Bed with Baskets by South Shore

We used this bed platform in the bedroom example above. As you can see, this platform bed offers a lot of storage spaces thank’s to its 9 different compartment. It’s additional basket storage can help you organize your bedroom more easily while at the same times make this platform looks chic and beautiful.

Round Storage Chair with Removable Lid by HomePop

For some people, a chair inside the bedroom is a must. If you are one of them, than you can try to use this storage chair to help maximize your bedroom space.

Another trick that you can use is by replacing a large furniture with smaller ones or put them against the wall they save up space. You should scale furniture for your room to get the right size. You should never block pathways. When you block pathways with furniture or accessories, it’ll make your space look cramped.

Try getting furniture that is the same color as your wall. It’ll blend and will look like the room is bigger. You should not get tall furniture. It can make your ceiling seem low.

6. Use Wall rather than Floor

Another important tricks that you can use to help make your bedroom feel much more spacious is by avoid putting too many furniture or decoration items on the floor. Instead, you can maximize your wall and put them there.

For example, rather than using a table to put your collectible or accessories, you can use a wall shelves for this job. As you can see in the image below :

Use wall shelves rather than table to make bedroom bigger
Use wall shelves rather than table

Today you can find a lot of wall mounted furniture, from wall table, wall mounted cabinet to wall mounted vanity table. And here are some of them :

Folding Wall Mounted Bedroom Table by

Creatively designed furniture can help a lot especially when you are dealing with a limited spaces, and this wall table is a great example. By using this wall mounted table, not only you can make your bedroom feel larger, but also it can save you a lot of spaces thank’s to it’s fold up design.

Simple Modern Wall Cabinet by Prepac

Cabinet is an essential furniture for any bedroom to keep the spaces neat and organized. For you who want to make your bedroom feel more spacious, than it’s better for you to use wall cabinet rather than typical ones, as it will save the precious floor spaces in your bedroom.

Wall Mounted Vanity Table with Mirror and 2 Removable Drawers by CHARMAID

For any women, vanity table is a must have furniture. If you had a small sized bedroom but still want to add the vanity table inside, than choosing a wall mounted vanity table can be a great solution.