5 Simple Things to Help Make a Bedroom Look Bigger

Do you know that with little tweak, you can make your bedroom looks much more bigger! In this article, we will show you how to do it.

How to Make a Bedroom Look Bigger? Here is 5 Simple Things to do that easily

Let’s all except it. Your bedroom is your favorite part inside your house. Except for the kitchen or the restroom. A bedroom is where you can really relax and get away from the world. You have full control when you’re in your room. Everyone tends to re-decorate their rooms once a while when they feel like their territory looks like a dump. There are different sizes of rooms big or small, and it’s all to you if you have a small bedroom then you’re in luck.

How to help make a bedroom looks bigger

Here we’re going to talk about how to make your small bedroom look much more bigger! I hope these 5 tips help you in making your room look more spacious and will improve your room and can trick anyone making it look more bugger than usual. Now let’s get going!

1.Use Light Colors

Using medium colors for your room can make it seem smaller, but using light colors such as white or pastel pink, or green or anything that’s not dark can add in more depth or make it seem bigger than how it looked before. This one will trick visitors or your friends!

To make a bigger impact, use this light colors as a wall paint.

Adding lighter colors will also reflect the light; it will make your room look brighter and spacious. You can also paint your ceiling with dark colors or patterns can draw your visitor’s attention on the ceiling. It gives an impression of tallness, and it’ll look like your ceiling is higher than it is.

You can pick some of these colors to make your room look brighter and make your visitors feel comfortable.


Lavender is excellent if you want some brightness in a dark room. Lavender has a wide range of shades; it is the best part about this color. It works well in any room. You can design it with some pastel colors to make the room more playful or match the beautiful color with some neutrals like the color gray or white.

Bright Yellow

This fun color is great if you want to have natural light in your room. The color yellow shade is great for recreating the feeling of artificial light. This color is great for your bedrooms or bathrooms that have tiny windows. If you want to make, it works, you need to make sure to have sufficient artificial light with you, so the room doesn’t go flat. Yellow is a good pair with white and light wood details. It can add more warmth to your room.

Baby Blue

This pleasant color can make you feel like your floating on a big cloud in the beautiful sunny sky. Blue can help bring brightness to a room. It will look even good if you pair it with some simple white furniture. This color is exactly right for your bathroom or just even a dark corner, this color will help this type spaces.

Light Gray

It might seem like a bit weird to add the color gray, but this color is right for dark and dull rooms. If you are going to choose to paint your walls the color gray make sure to stick with a light to medium shades. You can mix the gray with some lavender or some pink to add in some warmth.


Pink can instantly brighten any room, and it adds a whole cute vibe. Stick with pastel pink decor will make a room look more welcoming. Having pink walls can make you relaxed. It goes well with a girl’s room.

2. Lighting Is Key

You should allow natural light to light up your room in the morning. The room interior opens up and creates a bigger look, but if you don’t have natural light, you can be creative and add some effects. If you do this to your room, you are truly going to be amazed at how much difference it makes even if it’s just a small addition.

If you have natural light, you can bring it to your home through your windows. You can use sheer coverings or completely pull them back so that more light could come in. If you have a bad view, you can put flowers or other plants near your window and use some lamps to brighten your room.

3. Don’t Clutter

It’s important to keep your room clean and organized. Having too much stuff in a room can make the room look and feel cramped. If you have a room that’s neatly arranged and out of sight, it will look orderly and open. A cluttered room can make it look like a smaller room.

You should not cover your walls with little pictures, instead, get one large painting to put on your wall. Having one painting is better than a group of paintings. If you have too much stuff on your wall, it can look crowded.

Keep your floor clean. This is the most important when you want an organized and clean room.

4. Place Some Mirrors

When you have a mirror in your bedroom, it can make your room look much bigger. It can reflect natural and artificial light so the room can be brightened up during day and night. You can place your mirror near a window to reflect the outside. This trick is effective.

If you want some other places to put your mirror, try putting it on your walls and tables. Doing this can give your room a more open feeling if you don’t like that you can get mirrored cabinet doors to save some space.

5. Increase the Furniture Arrangement

Having too much furniture in your room can take up a lot of space. If you want to avoid losing space, use multi-functional furniture like a bed or a sofa bed, which has drawers where you can put our clothes underneath. You can get foldaway dining tables, or expandable tables, you can tucked these away if unnecessary.

If you have large furniture, try replacing them with small ones or put them against the wall they save up space. You should scale furniture for your room to get the right size. You should never block pathways. When you block pathways with furniture or accessories, it’ll make your space look cramped.

Try getting furniture that is the same color as your wall. It’ll blend and will look like the room is bigger. You should not get tall furniture. It can make your ceiling seem low.

And that’s it! 5 things that can help to make your room look bigger.