10 Best Interior Wood Wall Ideas

Best interior wood wall ideas to create a natural and fresh room decor. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 29th, 2021

Oftentimes, wood is considered only for use in old-fashioned interior design styles. But actually, with appropriate placement and design, wood can be used in any other interior design style.

In addition, wood can also be used well in various parts of your home, not only for the floor or for the ceiling. Yes, wood can also be used to decorate the walls, which is surprisingly rarely been done, especially in contemporary style interior designs.

To give you more ideas and inspirations, we created 10 room wall designs that using wood. Where the wood we use not only works to make the walls more beautiful and attractive but also helps to add a natural effect to make the wall feel fresher.

Let’s get started, here are 10 interior wood wall ideas created by our interior designer team:

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Contemporary Style Wall using Wood and Mirror

contemporary modern wood wall with mirror

This wall design proves that wood elements can be easily blended with contemporary style interior walls to make the walls look more fresh and natural. Furthermore, when combined with mirrors, it produces a wall that looks very luxurious and elegant.

The arrangement of the wood and its random mirror also helps make this wall look more artistic. For those of you who have a contemporary style room, then this wall example can be your inspiration to be applied to your home.

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Bedroom Accent Wall using Geometric Style Wood Panel

geometric style wood panel

For those of you who have a high artistic spirit, this accent wall example might perfect for you. Here we make an accent wall with a unique geometric concept using wood panels.

The combination of artistic geometric concepts with natural wood elements gives an extraordinary effect. Coupled with the addition of LED lights on the edges of the panel makes the wall look more elegant. This kind of wall is perfect to be the main focal point of any room.

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Dark Wooden Wall for Living Room

elegant dark wood accent wall for living room

Did you know that dark wood can actually make a wall look more elegant? As you can see in this wall design, where we use dark cherry wood boards to cover the walls in the living room. The use of this wood produces a luxurious wall without leaving its classic touch.

If you are planning to use this kind of wall concept, one thing you need to consider carefully is the selection of decoration items that will be used on the wall. Choosing the wrong decoration items can make the entire wall look bad.

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Accent Wall with Curved Wood Panel

curved wood accent wall

This wall concept is similar to the previous wall concept where we made an accent wall by using wood panels. But this time, we created a slightly different approach where we used curved wood panels to give a more dynamic effect to the wall.

As you can see, the results look very luxurious and elegant. This is also obtained thanks to the use of LED lights that add a shadow effect on each curve of the panel. The choice of wood texture is also an important factor if you want to make a wall like this, try to choose a bright and natural wood texture and avoid choosing a dark wood texture.

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Contemporary Style Accent Wall

simple stylish bedroom wood accent wall

You don’t need a lot of wood elements to make a wall look natural, like in this bedroom design. Where we only add a few wooden elements to the walls, but it’s more than enough to bring an extraordinary effect on the overall design of the room.

The wooden elements on this wall not only make the room look more natural but also help balance the overall design to make it look more attractive.

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Full Wooden Wall with Vertical Lines

wood accent wall with vertical lines

Covering the entire wall with a wooden texture often gives a classic and vintage look, but not for this design. Where we cover the entire wall with wooden elements, but the wall still looks modern and minimalist as our overall interior design of this room.

This can be achieved thanks to the use of clean vertical lines that are arranged in such a way as to provide a more modern appearance effect. This simple effect is proven to have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the wall. In addition, the choice of wood texture color also plays an important part, where we use wood material that is light and natural so that it can be blend perfectly with this minimalist bedroom.

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Horizontal Wood Wall

horizontal wood panel for wall

The use of a few elements of wood can help make a minimalist style living room look more fresh and natural, such as this one. Here we do not use real wood, instead, we only use vinyl material with a natural wood texture, but the results are quite good and match our expectations.

Using this material, we made a horizontal plane on the living room wall. This area not only serves to enhance the appearance of the wall but also can be used as an area of decoration so that your wall hangings look more presentable. Or you can use this area to install your wall-mounted TV.

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Industrial Style Wood and Plaster Wall

industrial style wood and plaster wall ideas

To decorate the walls of this industrial-style room, we use old wooden boards arranged horizontally. While in other parts of the wall, we keep the unfinished walls to accentuate plaster patterns to give an industrial-style look.

The composition of these two elements worked pretty well to make an industrial-style bedroom the way we wanted.

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Coastal Style Wall with Blue Wooden Board

blue coastal wooden board wall

Wood is a material that is very commonly used in the interior design of coastal or beach-house-style rooms. But this time we tried a slightly different approach, where we painted the wood board walls in blue.

In addition to making wood material look more attractive, blue was chosen because this color is the perfect color for coastal decoration because it reflects the color of the sea and sky. And although it doesn’t use a lot of wall decorations, this wooden wall already looks very attractive and beautiful.