What Color Throw Pillows for a Blue Couch?

7 Best throw pillow color that goes with blue couch (with images) Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 16th, 2022

When you go to a furniture store or check out some online furniture marketplace and take a look at some random furniture that had many different colors selection, most of the time, their blue variant becomes the best seller.

We are actually not quite surprised by those facts, as not only this shade have a massive amount of fans, blue is also very versatile and can be used in any different interior and decor style.

Furthermore, this gorgeous shade is relatively easy to blend with any other color. You can easily pair a blue rug with any coffee table or use blue artwork in any wall paint colors.

The same goes with a blue couch or sofa. This kind of couch is relatively easy to decorate compared with other couch colors. You can pair it with a black end table for elegant results, or a white one for a more sleek and crisp look. For the rug, almost any color can work wonders with a blue couch, whether you go for a neutral shade or a fun, vibrant, and colorful one.

Moreover, almost all – if not all – throw pillow colors can work well with a blue couch/sofa. However, some tend to work better than others. To figure out the best throw pillow color that will blend perfectly with a blue couch, we did some research by trying a lot of different throw pillows on our blue couch and find out that yellow, cream, white, orange, light blue, white, and blue, and gray bringing the best results.

So, if you want to create a perfect visual appearance around your blue couch, we highly recommend you to use those throw pillow colors.

Below you can find the more detailed explanations and images for each throw pillow color:

Best Throw Pillows for Blue Couch

1. Yellow Throw Pillow

Velvet yellow mustard corduroy throw pillow with blue sofa
Velvet yellow corduroy throw pillow with blue couch

Nothing beats blue with yellow accent combinations. This pair will produce a unique and beautiful look, thanks to the contrasting effects of the yellow, making the sofa stand out and instantly attract every visitor’s attention.

As you can see in the image above, our blue couch blend perfectly with the velvet yellow mustard pillow. Any yellow shade can still work wonders, and it really depends on the effects that you want to achieve.

2. Cream Throw Pillow

Velvet corduroy cream stripe throw pillow with blue couch
Velvet cream throw pillow with blue sofa

If you prefer a more soft and calming appearance, then a cream pillow can be the best option for you.

As you may already know, blue is a shade with a cold tone, and on the other side, the cream is a much warmer one. Thus, pairing those two different colors can create a perfectly balanced look.

This combination also works great for homeowners who want to keep their space look simple and minimalist, but still look visually appealing.

3. White Throw Pillow

Modern white stripe throw pillow with blue sofa
Modern white stripe throw pillow with blue couch

For anyone of you who wants to keep the couch to become the centerpiece of the living area, then going with a neutral shade such as white can be a perfect choice.

While a plain white throw may still work great, we highly suggest you choose the ones that had some patterns, such as those we used in the image above.

This can avoid your space looking too plain and can potentially make the entire space feel boring.

4. Orange Throw Pillow

Orange geometric style throw pillow with blue couch
Orange geometric throw pillow with blue sofa

Another great contrasting pillow color option for a blue sofa is orange. It can bring a similar effect, such as yellow but in a bit more deep and bold ones. Orange also can be useful if you want to have striking looks in an elegant style.

Using an orange decorative pillow will also elevate the entire space and make it look more fun and vibrant.

5. Light Blue Throw Pillow

Light blue throw pillow with blue sofa
Light blue throw pillow with blue couch

If you want a harmonious and flawless living area, then any throw pillow with a lighter blue shade than your blue couch can be a perfect choice. Using this similar shade can make the throw pillow and the sofa look flawless and incorporate perfectly.

However, this approach can be quite tricky. Any throw pillow that is too similar to the couch’s shade can make them hard to distinguish.

Furthermore, the throw pillow won’t be stand out visually and do its main job as a decorative accent. So, you had to be very careful when choosing a blue throw pillow for your blue couch.

Make sure to find the sweet spot where there is still enough contrast, but at the same time still looks flawless.

6. Blue and White Throw Pillow

White and blue stripe throw pillow with blue sofa
White and blue striped throw pillow with blue couch

As we said previously, any blue throw pillow can work great with a blue couch, but it comes with a risk that can make your seating space look boring and monotonous.

But don’t worry, there is one easy and simple solution to avoid those risks: using white and blue pillows.

Using a throw pillow that still had some blue elements in it, you can make those pillows and couch work seamlessly to create a harmonious space.

Moreover, the throw pillow will still stand out from the couch thanks to the white element that works wonders to highlighting the pillow.

7. Gray Throw Pillow

Gray and white geometric throw pillow with blue sofa
Gray geometric throw pillow with blue couch

Our last throw pillow colors in this list are gray. Many homeowners may be afraid of using a gray throw pillow with a blue couch as those two colors had the same cold tone that can potentially make the space look soulless and uninspiring.

But the truth is, as long as you choose the correct gray tones with the perfect pattern, it can instead create a simple yet elegant look.

And one of our favorite kinds of gray throw for a blue couch is this gray and white geometric style throw pillow. The white elements help make this item look more attractive, while the pattern will bring a stylish modern contemporary touch that is really helpful to elevate the look of our living space.

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