What Color Curtains with Green Walls and Brown Furniture? (8 Jaw-Dropping Combinations)

Green walls, brown furniture, and wow-worthy curtains: unlock the secrets to picture-perfect color combinations! Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 19th, 2023

If you want to brings the beautiful touch of nature and elegance to your room, then the combination of green walls and brown furniture can be the best choice for this. This captivating duo will easily excude harmony and earth charm wherever they are used.

However, to make this combo work, you may need to choice another additional accessories or items carefully. For example, choosing the right curtain color can make or break your green and brown-themed interior.

Using the right curtain color not only avoid it to clash or overpowering the green walls and brown furniture, but it can also enhance and give your space some balanced vibe.

In this post, we’ll give you some great curtain colors that will transform your green and brown room into a harmonious haven!

8 Best Curtain Colors for Room with Green Walls and Brown Furniture


Beige curtains with brown furniture and green walls
Beige curtains

As a neutral color that can easily complements both green and brown tones, beige is obviously a perfect choice.

It not only serves as a subtle backdrop that lets the green walls and brown furniture to becomes the centerpiece, but beige curtains also gives plenty of warmth to make another elements around it looks softer.


Black curtains with brown furniture and green walls
Black curtains

Black curtains is a bold choice that can create a stunning contrast against the brown furniture or green walls. With this contrast, you will get some gorgeous depth and visual interest to make your space looks sophisticated and elegant.

Moreover, black curtains becomes a great anchor to make your furniture and walls looks lighter and brighter.

Dark Orange

Dark orange curtains with brown furniture and green walls
Dark orange curtains

If you need to spark some pop to your space, then dark orange can be a great option for you. Dark orange curtains not only looks strong and vibrant, but it can also harmonize beautifully with both green and brown.

Thus, even tough it can bring striking accent, dark orange will still blend nicely with the other elements around it.


White curtains with brown furniture and green walls
White curtains

Since brown and green is a tricky combination, you may need to make a stronger connection between them by incorporating some neutral, white elements such as white curtains.

The white curtains can easily wrap up the green and brown, making them feel flawless. Furthermore, white curtains can help making your space feel much brighter and more spacious.


Mustard yellow curtains with brown furniture and green walls
Mustard yellow curtains

Another great color that can accentuate your interior beautifully is mustard yellow. This color can produce vibrant contrast against both green and brown, making it stand out nicely without overwhelming your current color palette.

Additionally, the mustard curtains can lift up the mood of your room, creating a happy and fun ambiance.

Dark Emerald

Dark emerald curtains with brown furniture and green walls
Dark emerald curtains

If you are using light or medium green tone paint for your wall, then you can use dark emerald curtains for a flawless and seamless visual appearance.

It will creates a monochromatic connection between the walls and curtains, while let the brown furnishings to stand out and take the center stage of your spaces.


Brown curtains with brown furniture and green walls
Brown curtains

Alternatively, you can try brown curtains to let the curtains harmonize seamlessly with your furnishings. Using this will keep your color palette simpler but still looks amazing.

You can use this combo when designing any rustic, traditional, or even contemporary style interior.

Light Gray

Light gray curtains with brown furniture and green walls
Light gray curtains

Another great neutral choice that can neutralize the strong green walls and brown furniture is light gray. Moreover, the light gray curtains will becomes a soft, understated backdrop that keeps the walls and furniture becomes the main focus of your interior.

You can also use light gray curtains to finish your space with some modern, elegant touch.

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