12 Creative Bedroom Wall Mirror Ideas

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

Mirror is one material/object that can provide a lot of benefits at once in a bedroom. You can use it as a place to dress up, function as one of the decoration items to make the bedroom more interesting and attractive, brighten up a dark bedroom, and is also useful to make the bedroom feel more spacious.

In this article, we will share 12 bedroom wall mirror design ideas that are not only attractive but can also enhance your interior space in a more eye-catching look.

In these designs, we use several different types of mirrors. There are designs with ready-to-use mirrors that you can install easily at your home. Also, there are custom-designed mirrors that require expert help if you want to apply them in your room, but of course, this custom design often results in much better and more interesting effects for the bedroom.

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Artistic Custom Rectangular Shaped Mirror

Our first bedroom wall mirror design is this rectangular-shaped mirror. To create a design like this, the first thing you need to do is to make a rectangular divider that covers the entire wall of the room.

Then, you can choose in which segment you attach the mirror. This is applied to give a random but artistic style, and the results are far better rather than putting the mirror on the whole segment.

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Simple Rectangular Mirror

Using a rectangular shape that consists of 4 different pieces for each set, you can apply this bedroom mirror design easily.

You can create a simple but elegant look like the picture above, or create other patterns like the example below.

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4Pcs Full-Length Decorative Mirror Tiles by Beauty4U

Come with 4 frameless pieces of real glass, you can easily arrange this decorative item to create the effects and decor style that you want. Advanced polishing technology that produces delicate beveled edges makes this accessories safe wherever you place it.

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Twin Full Height Mirror

In the next design, we will use a combination of two full-length mirrors on the wall behind the nightstand table. Placement like this not only helps to make the room look more spacious but also gives the room an elegant and luxurious impression. And the concept like this can be applied to any bedroom design style.

Below is another example of a classic-style bedroom using two full-height mirrors.

Here are some great full height mirrors that our expert highly recommends:

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Glamorous Framed Mirror

One big difference between one mirror with another is the frame. This time, we used the one with a shiny frame to give the room a glamorous impression. With a beautiful white color, this item can be the main focal point, especially for women’s bedrooms.

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White Mosaic Style Full Length Floor by Naomi Home

This is a perfect choice if you need a decorative item to become the main focal point for your space. One thing that we really loved about this item is its unique mosaic-style frame which makes this item far more interesting than any typical one.

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Vertical Half Wall Mirror

For those of you who have a small bedroom, a mounting trick like this is one of the best solutions to make your space look bigger.

Yes, by using a large mirror that covers half of one side of the bedroom wall. Besides making the room look more spacious, this design also helps make your interior space look more elegant.

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Full-Width Wall Mirror

Another awesome option is this full-width wall mirror that is placed horizontally on the wall. This is one of the most optimal placements if your goal is to make your bedroom look more spacious. To make it doesn’t look boring, you can use small rectangular pieces and arrange them along your wall.

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Small Touch of Mirror to Bring Elegance

Usually, a large mirror is used to give an elegant and luxurious impression, but, the small-sized ones can do this job too. For example in this design, we only use two thin mirrors as a line on the wall, and the results are quite interesting.

As you can see from the picture above, those little additions to the wall bring a big change in the quality and appearance of the interior design of the bedroom.

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Stylish Mirror and Wood Combination

Do you know that mirror and wood combination can result in an interesting effect when applied to bedroom walls? As you can see in this wall design, when we combine those two materials, and results a stylish, beautiful, and natural effects.

Its random patterns make the wall look very artistic and suitable to be applied in any minimalist, contemporary, or modern bedroom style.

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Large Vanity Mirror

If you are creating a custom dresser and vanity set for your bedroom, then it’s recommended to create them with a large area that is not only beneficial for dress-up purposes but also can help make the entire room feel much more spacious.

As you can see in the image above, we created a large mirror in the vanity set that almost covers up the entire wall. Using this approach, you can have a large wall mirror that looks flawless and integrated perfectly with the bedroom furniture.

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Coastal Style Mirror

Coastal or beach house style getting more and more popular in the interior design world, and if you are using this kind of decor, then you can use a coastal-style wall mirror to make it look flawless with your current decor style.

There are a lot of different styles and shapes of coastal style mirrors, from rounded, triangle, to rectangular ones, and you can choose which one will fit best with your current bedroom decor.

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Coastal Decorative Wooden Accent Wall Mirror by FirsTime & Co

With 27″ wide, this item can be a great centerpiece for any coastal-style interior. Crafted using three different solid wood colors, textures, and finishes, this option can bring a charming cottage appeal into your spaces.

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Large Mirror Behind Bed

As we already said before, one of the best places to install wall mirrors inside the bedroom is behind the bed. This approach will make the entire room feel bigger and more spacious.

Using a large custom frame will prevent it from looking awkward which often comes. Surely, this design will cost you some serious money, but the effects and benefits that it will bring will make every cent you spend feel worth it.

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Glamorous Gold Mirror in Bedroom Accent Wall

One of the objectives of using a wall mirror in the bedroom is to bring a glamorous and elegant look, and this can be achieved easily by using a decorative piece such as in the image above. As you can see, we used a gold-finished sunburst style mirror that is perfect for any modern, classic, or mid-century decor style.

This kind of accessory also works great as a focal point for your bedroom, as its beautiful and stylish looks will attract everyone’s attention as soon as they enter your room.

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Gold Sunburst Style Mirror by Stonebriar

The perfect combination of sunburst shape with gold finishes makes this a glamorous addition to any bedroom. If you need a mirror with more decorative purposes rather than functional, then this item can be a perfect choice for you.

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