8 Interesting Bedroom Wall Mirror Ideas

Get 8 interesting ideas for your bedroom wall mirror.

Mirror is one material/object that can provide a lot of benefits at once in a bedroom. You can use it as a place to dress up, function as one of the decoration items to make the bedroom more interesting and attractive, and is also useful to make the bedroom feel more spacious.

In this article, we will share 8 bedroom mirror design ideas that are not only attractive, but can also enhance the look of your bedroom so that it makes it look more eye-catching.

In these bedroom mirror designs, we use several different types of mirrors. There are designs with ready to use mirrors that you can install easily at your home. Also there are custom designs mirror that require expert help if you want to apply them in your room, but of course this custom design often resulting much better and more interesting effects for the bedroom.

Let’s get started

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Custom  artistic rectangular shaped mirror
Custom artistic rectangular mirror

Artistic Custom Rectangular Shaped Mirror

Our first bedroom wall mirror design is this rectangular shaped mirror. To create a design like this, the first thing you need to do is to make a rectangular divider that covers the entire wall of the room. Then, you can choose in which segment you attach the mirror. This is applied to give a random but artistic style, and the results are far better rather than putting a mirror on the whole segment.

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Simple rectangular mirror style for bedroom
Simple rectangular mirror

Simple Rectangular Mirror

Using a rectangular mirror that consists of 4 pcs mirrors for each set, you can apply this bedroom mirror design easily in your bedroom. You can adjust the mirror placement by yourself in your bedroom. You can create a simple but elegant look like the picture above, or creating other patterns like the example below.

Simple zig-zag rectangular mirror
Simple rectangular mirror

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Twin full height mirror for bedroom
Twin mirror

Twin Full Height Mirror

In the next design we will use a mirror which is often called a full length mirror, where we place the two mirrors on the wall behind the nightstand table. Placement like this not only helps to make the room look more spacious, but also gives the room an elegant and luxurious impression. And the concept of placing a mirror like this can be applied to any bedroom design style.

Below is another example of bedroom using two full height mirror in classic style bedroom.

Twin full height mirror in classic style bedroom
Twin mirror in classic style bedroom

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Glamorous style mirror for bedroom
Glamorous style mirror

Glamorous Framed Mirror

One big difference between one mirror with another is the frame. This time, we used a mirror with a shiny frame to give the room a glamorous impression. With a beautiful white color, mirrors like this can be the main focal point for any bedroom, especially for women’s bedrooms.

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Half wall mirror design for bedroom
Half wall mirror

Vertical Half Wall Mirror

For those of you who have a small sized bedroom, then the mirror mounting trick like this is one of the best solution to make your bedroom look bigger. Yes, by using a large mirror that covers half of one side of the bedroom wall. Besides making the room look more spacious, this kind of mirror design also helps make the bedroom look more elegant.

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Full width wall mirror for bedroom
Full width wall mirror

Full Width Wall Mirror

Another wall mirror style is full width wall mirror that placed horizontally on the wall. This is one of the most optimal mirror placement if your goal is to make your bedroom look more spacious. To make it doesn’t look boring, you can use small rectangular mirrors and arrange them along your wall.

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Simple elegant line using mirror
Simple elegant mirror line

Small Touch of Mirror to Bring Elegance

Usually, a large mirror is used to give an elegance and luxury impression to a bedroom, but, small sized mirror can do this job too. For example in this design where we only use a few mirrors as a line on the wall, and the results are quite interesting. As you can see from the picture above, those little mirror on the bedroom wall bring a big change in the quality and appearance of the interior design of the bedroom.

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Stylish wood and mirror combination on the bedroom wall
Wood and mirror combination

Stylish Mirror and Wood Combination

Do you know that mirror and wood combination can resulting an interesting effect when applied to bedroom walls? As you can see in this mirror wall design, when we combine those two materials and resulting a stylish, beautiful and natural effects. It’s random patterns make the mirror looks very artistic, and suitable to be applied in any minimalist, contemporary or modern bedrooms style.