15 Creative Geometric Wall Paint Ideas (to Spark Your Imagination)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : June 14th, 2024

Today, using an artistic and creative approach in interior design is very popular. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that by using this approach, any room can look fresh, unique, and attractive compared to conventional interior design styles that tend to be boring.

One part inside your home where you can devote your artistic soul is the walls. As a large canvas, you can experiment and express your personality here by using paint and brushes.

Geometric wall paint is one of the concepts that is often used to create an artistic and creative visual. There are no rules and standard restrictions in painting walls with this geometric style, you can freely pour your expression on your walls.

But without clear concepts and ideas, there are big risks that can damage your room instead of making it more attractive. For this reason, in this article, we share 15 examples of our geometric wall paint that you can replicate or use as ideas and inspiration to create your own.

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Yellow and Blue Colorful Wall

Yellow, blue, and gray wall paint ideas

Our first design idea is this fun, vibrant, and colorful wall using yellow, blue, and gray color combinations. This wall painting concept is a perfect choice for anyone who is energetic and full of spirit.

Besides the color combinations that we used, you can also use any other color combinations to create a similar design. One important thing when choosing the colors is to use 30-40% of a bright color such as yellow ones in this example, and then combine it with other colors that are softer and more natural.

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Simple Soothing Blue and White Wall

Simple blue and white pattern

For those of you who like a clean and simple room, but still have an artistic feel that makes it different from any other room, then this concept can be a great option for you.

A combination of simple geometric shapes with natural blue and white paint created a unique effect. This concept is also very simple and can be made easily at your home.

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Unique Triangle Teal And Gray Wall

Teal and gray triangle pattern

The next design on this list is this unique green and gray triangle-shaped wall paint idea. Triangle is one of the most popular shapes when it comes to geometric wall paint.

Arranged in random order, making this concept look artistic and interesting. Another important thing is choosing a fresh green color combination that will amaze everyone.

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Modern Creative Sage and Cream Murals

Modern Creative Sage and Cream Murals

This gorgeous design not only combines a perfect color combination: cream and sage, but also comes with simple yet artistic geometric shapes.

This awesome wall doesn’t look overly complicated, but will still capture everyone’s attention thanks to its beauty.

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Mountain Effect Wall – Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style mountain effect wall

For those of you who have a home with a Scandinavian-style interior design concept and want to paint your walls with a geometric concept, then this example can be an alternative for you. Yes, by making simple yet firm “mountain” style lines.

To give a more Scandinavian impression, we chose a natural color that looks very Scandinavian. The combination of dark gray with white works well to achieve this job.

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Navy and Gold Accent Wall

Navy and Gold Geometric Accent Wall

When it comes to an accent wall, navy or dark blue is surely one of the most popular options. However, the plain navy sometimes isn’t enough, and you may need to add more finishing touches to make it stand out more.

Take a look at the example above, where we not only add simple yet artistic lines that make it look much more interesting, we also use gold paint to accentuate the lines to give some glam and luxury twist.

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Creative Random Geometric Shapes

Creative Random Shapes

To create this, you may need to carefully plan it and use your creativity in full force to create a gorgeous wall. But actually, it will be worth it.

As you can see, even though we only used a simple color combination: white and brown, it still looks awesome because of the wonderful shape.

The randomness also becomes an important point here as it can avoid the repetitiveness that sometimes can make a boring look.

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Modern Diagonal Lines Wall

Modern Diagonal Geometric Lines

This gorgeous yet neutral design is pretty simple, where we just add some black lines combined with different shades of gray. This can be a perfect choice for any modern, monochromatic style interior.

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Beautiful Pink and Gray Wall

Pink and gray bedroom

If you are looking for ideas to paint a geometric shape on your daughter’s bedroom, then the concept can be a good choice for you. In this concept, we made simple lines and then combined pink, light gray, and white to produce a beautiful and soft effect that can make your girls feel comfortable inside their bedroom.

When painting like this, the most important thing to consider is the paint color selection. Bad composition of the colors can make the results look terrible, but on the contrary, the right color selection can create an attractive and artistic visual.

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The Shade of Blue

Shade of blue wall ideas

If in the previous design, we made an example of geometric wall ideas made especially for girls, then in this design, we made a pattern that will look great in any boy’s bedroom.

The pattern used in this design is simple, we only create several straight lines at different angles. The main key in this kind of style is choosing the right color. In this design, we used a blue color scheme with the same hue but in different levels of shades, so that even though they look a bit different, those color combinations blend perfectly.

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Black and White Style Wall Paint

Black and white style bedroom

The black and white interior design concept is getting more and more popular. But oftentimes, this interior design style results in a monotonous and boring look. One trick to avoid this problem is by using geometric paint such as this example.

Although it looks simple, the effect is very interesting and elegant, and most importantly, makes this “black and white” bedroom far from boring.

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Glamorous Gold Wall Pattern

Glam gold bedroom

Most (if not all) women love gold, but using gold to cover the entire bedroom wall is certainly not a good idea. To avoid this, you can try to make gold lines to create a glam gold-style bedroom.

The result not only looks beautiful but also elegant and glamorous and perfect for any woman who wants to express their soul and personality.

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Creative Geometric Style Wall and Door

Creative flawless door and wall

The next design is a simple but unique geometric concept wall. By using simple lines that are integrated with the door to create a flawless effect. This concept can produce simple yet creative and artistic effects.

You can experiment with other shapes that may be more complicated than this one. But this kind of concept requires a little extra effort compared to another approach because you will need to do additional work that is painting your door.

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Simple Geometric Lines Wall Paint

This is a pretty simple design with white lines that are painted above the brown background. This concept is perfect for those of you who want a simple yet artistic visual.

One of the important keys when making this kind of design is to make sure the lines are continuous and blend with another side of the walls, which will bring unique and interesting 3D effects.

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Yellow Wall with Artistic White Lines

Yellow with Artistic White Lines

The plain yellow accent wall behind the cream sofa actually looks gorgeous, but in this case, we need to add more twists to boost its appearance.

It can be achieved quite easily just by adding some random white lines, making it not only look more artistic but also soften and smooth the looks of the yellow paint.

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