What Color Carpet Goes with Burgundy Sofa? (8 Best Choices to Make Your Sofa Pop)

Make your burgundy sofa stand out by using one of these stunning carpet color choices. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : February 12th, 2024

If you are looking for a stunning, glam centerpiece for your living space, then a burgundy sofa or couch can be the best option for you. This statement piece can easily elevate the look of any living room, thanks to its bold and stylish appearance.

However, this beautiful item comes with one big problem: it will be challenging to mix it up with other colors or elements around it, including the carpet.

As the carpet will placed directly below the sofa, having a carpet color that can blend and complement the burgundy couch is essential. Having the right carpet color not only helps make the sofa stand out more beautifully but can also transform the look and feel of your living space in a positive direction.

Based on our experience working with various projects involving these kinds of sofas, we can say that the best carpet colors for burgundy sofas are: light gray, mahogany brown, mint, off-white, turquoise, and charcoal. These carpet options can provide an excellent contrast against the vibrant burgundy sofa, and boost the sofa’s appearance as the centerpiece of your living room. These colors can also enhance the velvet looks of the couch, gearing towards a luxurious and glamorous interior space.

In this article, we will share with you all the stunning carpet color ideas that work really well alongside burgundy couches. Let’s dive in.

8 Best Carpet Colors for Burgundy Sofa

Light Gray

Burgundy sofa with light gray carpet
Burgundy sofa with light gray carpet

Since burgundy is a strong and vibrant shade, you may need to calm it down a bit to avoid it looks overwhelming, and for that particular task, light gray is surely the best option.

The neutrality of light gray carpet help tone down the burgundy sofa and make it feel calmer, without losing all of it’s beauty.

Light gray carpet can also become a versatile base that give you plenty of room to add more colors to your interior color palette.

Mahogany Brown

Burgundy sofa with mahogany brown carpet
Burgundy sofa with mahogany brown carpet

If you want carpet that can match the striking and vibrant look of the burgundy, then you can try using mahogany brown carpet. This kind of carpet had some reddish undertone, making it connect flawlessly with the sofa.

This combo will easily creates a warm and rich ambiance to make your entire living space looks glam and sophisticated.


Burgundy sofa with mint carpet
Burgundy sofa with mint carpet

Since red and green are opposite color in the color wheel, incorporating green shades can be a great way to bring some awesome contrast around your couch. Among wide variety of green carpets, we thinks that mint is the best option when it comes to burgundy couches.

This kind of green still bring a huge amount of freshness, but still provide a calming and serene feels that is essential for any living room.


Burgundy sofa with off-white carpet
Off-white carpet

As one of the most popular carpet color, off-white can easily transform any space using it’s calm and soothing appearance. The off-white also can make a visual illusions that make your room feel larger and more open.

As a neutral, it’s surely an easy job for off-white carpet to blend with vibrant and bold furniture like the burgundy sofa. This combo will provide plenty of contrast, help making the couch to stand out even more.


Burgundy sofa with turquoise carpet
Turquoise carpet

As a complementary color to burgundy, turquoise carpet can enhance the couch and emphasize it’s bold and striking look.

At the same time, the coolness of this shade will soften the couch, making it looks more well-balanced. Furthermore, turquoise carpet can be a great choice if you want to make your living room a refreshing and calming space.

Charcoal Gray

Burgundy sofa with charcoal gray carpet
Charcoal gray carpet

Another gray shade that will work well with burgundy is charcoal. This dark gray shade will create a bold connection with the striking couch to lift up the appearance of your living room.

And since it’s still a neutral, charcoal carpet can easily blend with any kind of furniture, including the burgundy couch. However, only use this option if your living room had plenty of natural light.

Dark Green

Burgundy sofa with dark green carpet
Dark green carpet

Create a glamorous velvet scene inside your living space by combining dark green carpet with burgundy furniture.

This jewel tone combo not only makes your space looks rich and luxurious, but also can create different layer of sophistication to your living room.

Pale Yellow

Burgundy sofa with pale yellow carpet
Pale yellow carpet

Most yellow surely won’t work really well with burgundy, but if you still insist on using yellow shades, than you can try using pale yellow.

This muted shade of yellow doesn’t have too much vibrancy as the other yellows, so it won’t disrupt the beauty of your burgundy couch, and keep it as the focal point for the entire space.