What Color Cabinets Go with Yellow Granite Countertops? (7 Hottest Color Combinations)

Unleash the charm of your yellow granite countertops with these cabinet colors. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : July 29th, 2023

Adding some yellow accent to your kitchen can be a great way to give a burst of sunshine and warmth. There are a lot of different ways that you can use to do this, but one of our favorite choice is by using yellow granite countertops.

The vibrant and eye-catching looks of this kind of granite can instantly transform any kitchen into a radiant haven. With its sunny and inviting appeal, yellow granite also bring warmth and character, making it a vibrant centerpiece that elevate the entire kitchen space.

However, as any other vibrant options, choosing the right palette that can support it becomes essential. Pairing the yellow granite countertops with the wrong colors not only ruin the beauty of your precious stone materials, but also can make the entire kitchen feel awful.

To help you avoid that kind of disaster, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right cabinet colors that will go together beautifully with yellow granite countertops. Here will will give you some great options to consider, and you can pick the one that perfectly suit your kitchen’s style and character.

7 Best Cabinet Colors for Kitchen with Yellow Granite Countertops

Pure White

Kitchen with pure white cabinets and yellow granite countertops
Pure white cabinets

If you really want to let the countertops becomes the one and only focal point of your kitchen, then go with pure white cabinets is obviously the best option.

The crisp and clean look of the pure white cabinets not only creates a stunning contrast against the vibrant and warm tones of the yellow granite, but also highlight and amplifying its beauty.


Kitchen with beige cabinets and yellow granite countertops
Beige cabinets

Beige can be an excellent option if you are looking for a harmonious connection between the countertops and cabinetry. With similar hues, they can blend together flawlessly while still provide enough contrast that allows the yellow granite to take the center stage and showcasing its vibrant colors.

Furthermore, the warmth of the beige cabinets will boost the warm tone of the granite, making the entire kitchen feel welcoming and inviting.


Kitchen with black cabinets and yellow granite countertops
Black cabinets

Actually, this is our most favorite option when it comes to yellow granite countertops. The combination of black cabinets and yellow counter creates a striking and dramatic contrast, making both elements to stand out in a visually captivating and modern aesthetic.

The black cabinets will give the kitchen a touch of luxury and elegance, making this a perfect choice for any modern contemporary style kitchen.

Dark Olive

Kitchen with dark olive cabinets and yellow granite countertops
Dark olive cabinets

Olive is a unique green shades that had some yellow undertones, and that’s the main reason why this color can blend together with yellow countertops beautifully. For the best result, you can try using dark olive shades for your kitchen cabinets.

This shade not only give a touch of natural fresh and warmth, but also adds a hint of velvet touch that complement the yellow granite beautifully.

Dark Brown

Kitchen with dark brown cabinets and yellow granite countertops
Dark brown cabinets

You can create a warm and inviting combination by using dark brown cabinets with yellow countertops. This beautiful combo will be a great foundation to create a glam and luxurious kitchen.

The deep and rich tones of dark brown complement the vibrancy and warmth hues of yellow granite, resulting in a visually pleasing and harmonious appeal.

Pale Yellow

Kitchen with pale yellow cabinets and yellow granite countertops
Pale yellow cabinets

If you want to make yellow becomes the primary color of your kitchen, then you can try using pale yellow cabinets. This kind of cabinetry creates a harmonious and flawless looks with the countertops, while still provide enough contrast to avoid a monotonous appeal.

The soft and delicate tones of pale yellow cabinets boost he vibrancy of the yellow granite, making it feel more brighter and stronger.

Charcoal Blue

Kitchen with charcoal blue cabinets and yellow granite countertops
Charcoal blue cabinets

Blue and yellow is a great pair that can create an interesting visual appearance. However, when it comes to yellow granite, most blue shades doesn’t seem to work well, except some blue that had strong neutrality like the charcoal blue.

This paint color combine dark blue with dark gray, making it looks much more neutral than any typical blue, thus it can go together with yellow granite wonderfully. You can use this option to give a colorful and rich vibe to your kitchen while still keep the yellow countertops as the beautiful centerpiece.

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