15 Aesthetic Curtain Colors to Accentuate Yellow Walls

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 22nd, 2024

When it comes to selecting the right curtain color, the wall behind it plays an important role as they will go side by side directly. Thus, making sure to have a curtain that matches the wall is essential to create a perfect interior look.

Things can be much easier if your wall is painted using neutral colors, such as white, gray, or beige, as literally, any curtain colors can go well alongside those kinds of walls.

In opposite, some vibrant or bright wall colors can make things a bit complicated. And based on our experience, choosing curtains for the yellow-painted wall is the most difficult one.

As it’s nature, this color isn’t easy to combine with any other colors, while using the same yellow curtains against the yellow wall is surely not a good idea.

Thus, if you are looking for a new curtain for your room with yellow walls, our designers recommend white, gray, navy, light blue, or lime green. These curtains infuse the space with gentle charm, and balance the rich and vibrant hues of the yellow walls, creating a more balanced aesthetic. Furthermore, they can add a delightful contrast, making your curtains stand out as a transformative element to enhance the entire space.

In this article, we will dive deeper into all the exciting curtain options for any room with yellow walls.

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15 Best Curtain Colors for Yellow Wall


White curtains

Let’s start with the most rational choice: white. No doubt, white curtains can work literally with any other wall color, including the tricky one such as yellow.

Thus, rather than making some unnecessary risks that can potentially ruin your beautifully designed interior, then going with white can be a safe option.

Furthermore, the sheer white curtains can help neutralize the dazzling and vibrant yellow wall to make the entire window area look much softer and calmer.


Gray curtains

A Gray curtain is a great alternative to white, especially if you think that white curtain is too typical and mainstream.

Similar to white, it can bring a good balance between the yellow wall and the curtains, making the wall feel softer. You can use this option literally with any shades of yellow, from bold, dark yellow walls to pale yellow walls.

Another great benefit of using gray curtains inside a room with yellow walls is that the elegant looks of the curtain will bring unique nuance to the cheerful and joyful yellow ambiance, and make your room feel different from any typical yellow room.


Navy curtains

If you are looking for a curtain that can stand out against the yellow wall, then a blue curtain can be a great option for you, especially any darker shade of blue such as navy. As you can see in the image above, the navy blue curtains and yellow wall looks amazing together.

As a perfect opposite side in color wheel, navy blue and yellow can’t go wrong. The navy curtains will elegantly highlight your windows area and make them stand out.

Furthermore, it can enrich your interior scheme and break the dominance of the yellow.

Light Blue

Light blue curtains

Another great blue shade that match your yellow walls is light blue. The light blue curtains will spread a soft, tranquil, and airy vibe that mixes well with the vibrant yellow wall behind it, creating a perfectly serene space.

However, incorporating the light blue to your interior only on the curtains may look a bit weird, thus you need to add some others light blue elements throughout the room, such as a light blue rug or light blue accent chair.


Beige curtains with yellow walls

With a perfect amount of warmth, beige can going together beautifully with the vibrant yellow, making it looks softer without taking away its beauty.

And since beige had a hint of yellow, it will create a flawless looks between the walls and the curtains.


Brown curtains

If you are looking for harmonious looks between the curtains and the wall behind it, it’s quite difficult to achieve as the yellow curtains don’t look good in front of the yellow wall.

Alternatively, if you still want to have those consistent flows between them, you may try using brown.

Since most brown shades had a bit of yellow tone in them, they may bring the visual consistency that you need, while at the same time still bringing an important contrast to avoid the monotony.

Lime Green

Lime green curtains

Or, you can go with lime green. This particular shade also had some yellow-hue in it that mixed beautifully with green, creating perfectly flawless looks between the curtains and the while and at the same time will spread some fresh and natural vibe to the entire space.

Moreover, as you can see in the image above, this color combination will create an aesthetic and eye-pleasing look that is quite difficult to accomplish when using the yellow wall.

Dark Green

Dark green curtains

Dark green is another great choice of green shades that can blend nicely with the yellow walls in your home.

The dark green curtains will bring a bit of elegance to balance up the bright yellow walls.

Moreover, the combination of the earthy natural looks of the dark green curtains surely will be a perfect pair for the sunny yellow walls, reminding us of the amazing sunrise on a tropical island.


Teal curtains

With strong blue undertones, teal is a perfect complementary color to yellow. Moreover, the teal curtain will upgrade and modernize the looks of your space, making it a perfect choice for any modern contemporary interior style.

The contrast between yellow and teal also looks gorgeous, creates a stunning aesthetic visual appearances.

Olive Green

Olive green curtains

Another great green shades that you can try. Since olive green already had some yellow tint in it, this curtains can complement your yellow walls beautifully. This can be a perfect choice for you who are looking for a harmonious looks.


Black curtains

Pairing black curtains with yellow walls can make the vibrant, strong yellow looks less intimidating. So you can have a perfectly balanced vibe without losing the brightness and lightness of the yellow.

Using black elements also can make any room with yellow walls looks more serious.

Light Purple

Light purple curtains

This option may not as popular as many others on this list, but if you want to create a unique interior that will easily amaze everyone, then you may try this combination.

The glam of the light purple curtains merged beautifully with the energetic wall, taking the visual appearance of the entire room to the next level.

Bright Pink

Bright pink curtains

This is a joyful match that never goes wrong! The sweetness of the pink meets the fun yellow, creating an interesting dreamy looks with different layer of beauty.

Any kind of bright pink curtains will work well with yellow, whether it’s a plain pink curtains or pink curtains with floral pattern.

Combine this color palette with some green shades to fresh things up and achieve a perfect visual balance.


Red curtains

If you need a curtains that can stand out against yellow, then without any doubt, red is the best choice for you. The red curtains can easily pop against the vibrant yellow, while also add a touch of glam drama to your space.

To avoid the red curtains looks awkward, you may need to incorporate some additional red elements such as red artwork or red decorative pillow near the curtains.

Burnt Orange

Burnt orange curtains

Alternatively, you can go with burnt orange. This option may not as strong as red, but still pop beautifully against yellow.

And since yellow and orange share a similar hues, they will looks harmonic while still comes with enough contrast between them.

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