6 White Shades That Will Bring a Luminous Glow to Your Ceiling

Explore the best white paint shades for ceiling that will take your space to new heights!

Above, in the cathedral of our dwelling, white ascends as the seraphic choice for ceilings—a hue that captures the essence of heavenly calm.

However, with a wide spectrum of white shades, selecting the right one for a ceiling becomes an artful decision that orchestrates the mood and character of your room.

Based on our experiences, Gypsum from Sherwin Williams and Decorator’s White from Benjamin Moore are the best options for you who want neutral, calming white shades for your ceiling. Otherwise, you can also try Shell White by Sherwin Williams or White Dove by Benjamin Moore to give a richer and warmer visual to the ceiling.

Below we’ll unveil all the 6 best white shades that can be a perfect brushstroke to turn your ceilings become the crowning glory of design brilliance.

1. Gypsum by Sherwin Williams

Gypsum by Sherwin Williams

This muted, creamy white is our favorite option for ceiling. It can work with almost any color palette, and gives any room a boost in brightness and lightness, thanks to its high reflective effects.

2. Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Extra white by Sherwin Williams

If you need sleek and crisp white paint for your ceiling, then you can try this option. Combining a stark white look with a hint of blue-gray in it, the Extra White by Sherwin Williams can help enhance the looks of your wall, and make it look much warmer.

This option works really well if you are using cool light or for any north-facing room.

3. Shell White by Sherwin Williams

Shell white by Sherwin Williams

Shell White can be the best choice if you want a ceiling that feels warm, bright, and inviting.

As a warm white with a hint of peach undertones, the shell white not only looks amazing, but can also create an uplifting mood for your entire space.

4. White Dove by Benjamin Moore

White Dove by Benjamin Moore

As a best-selling white paint from Benjamin Moore, White Dove surely doesn’t need a lot of introduction.

This beauty blends warm white with a hint of greige undertones, creating a warm yet modern visual that can blend easily with any other colors.

5. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

For a classic style interior, this is our favorite option. Bringing a pure silk appeal, the chantilly lace gives your room a hint of yellow, making a warm and fun ambiance.

This kind of paint will work even better when combined with warm-toned walls.

6. Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore

Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore

Make your ceiling look sleek and stylish by using Decorators White by Benjamin Moore. With high LRV, the decorator white can also give your room a more open and spacious feel.

With the slightest touch of gray undertones, the decorator’s white works well inside any room with the cool-toned color palette.

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