10 Best Two Tone Wall Paint Ideas

Two colors is better than one. See our best two tone wall paint ideas that is perfect for bedroom, living room, kitchen, and any room in your home.

The two tone wall is a wall painting concept that was popular decades ago, but recently begun to gain some popularity again. Years ago, two tone wall colors was identical to classic design style, but now, it can applied in any interior design style such as minimalist or contemporary ones.

The most important thing to consider when painting walls using a two-tone colors concept is to choose the right colors combination. Choosing the wrong ones will give a bad results.

One of the easiest method for choosing colors for this concept is to use neutral color. White is the best neutral color and can blend well with any colors. Another neutral color that can be used as well is gray.

Another method is that you can use the similar colors with different shades. For example, you can combine blue with dark blue or navy blue.

You can also use a composition of two colors that have very different level of contrast. This method is indeed quite risky but can provide excellent results if you can choose the right high-contrast color composition.

Painting walls with two tone colors not only requires high creativity, but also high courage. But the results are directly proportional to the risk taken, where painting a wall using two tone colors can make your wall much more beautiful, interesting and attractive compared to when using a single paint color.

For you who are bold enough to take some risks, here in this page we will share to you some inspiration as we’ve created 10 two tone wall design ideas using various styles and color combinations.

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Beige and White Wall Paint

The first two tone wall paint that we created is this beige and white wall paint. Both of these color combinations produce a soft and calm wall nuances, and can be used for various types of interior design styles. In this example, we use these two colors in a farmhouse style room, and the results is good enough to create a soft, natural impression that is needed in any farmhouse style interior design. The combination of these two colors can be used in any room in your home, from the bedroom, living room, and even in the kitchen.

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Monochromatic White and Light Gray Wall Paint Color

Monochromatic is a concept where we use natural palette colors with single base hue and extended using its shades, tones or tints.  We can apply two tone colors using monochromatic style such as in this wall design. Here we use white and light gray which produce a minimalist but beautiful monochrome color combinations. This combination is very suitable to use in any room that requires calm and relaxing ambient, such as in the bedroom.

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Green and White Wall Colors

Green is a color that bring a fresh and natural impression. However, painting the whole room with this color can make the room look too flashy and unappealing. Thus, we need to balance it, and the best color for this job is white. Here in this two tone wall design we combine green with white paint, where green will be the main color. This resulting a vibrant but soft and calming room, which will make anyone feel comfortable.

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Coastal Style Blue and White Wall Paint

Blue is the ideal color for a coastal / beach style decor. And when it combine with white paint, the results can create a relaxing beach aura and make anyone feel calm and comfortable. The blue color is also emits an energetic feel and enthusiasm for anyone who sees it, and this is exactly what a coastal decoration needs.

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Soothing Pink and White Wall Paint

Pink is favorite color for most women, and is certainly one of the first color choice when they want to paint their wall. However, using pink paint for the entire wall is not a good idea, because it will make the room seem too girly. For this reason, balancing is needed to make it more neutral, as we did with this two tone wall paint where we combine pink with white paint to create a room that would loved by any women.

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Black and White Two Tone Wall Paint

Using black paint on the whole wall is certainly not a good idea, therefore, if you really want to use black for your walls, then it is highly recommended to combine it with any other colors. And, there is no better color to be combined with black than white. Those combination that have a high contrast makes the walls look luxurious and elegant, and for those of you who want that luxurious and elegant feels in your home, then this combination is worth a try.

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Vintage White and Cream Wall Paint

When designing a vintage-style room, the cream color is one of the most ideal colors to bring the vintage impression of the room. This color, which is also often referred as linen white, not only looks soft, but also gives the calm and comfort impression to anyone who sees it, and this is one of the goals of creating a vintage-style room. In this two tone wall design, we try to combine cream paint with white to keep it simple, even though any other colors can also be combined with this cream paint as good as white.

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Navy Blue and White Wall Paint

Today, blue is one of the most popular colors. However, painting your walls using blue paint is not an easy task. The wrong choice of color or concept can make the room feel dark and cold. One simple trick to avoid this disaster is by combine it with another colors, such as white. In this design, we combine navy blue or dark blue with white paint to make the room feel more brighter and warmer. And this combination works great as it creates a room that looks attractive and warm despite using a fairly dark shades of blue.

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Gray and White Wall Paint

The combination of gray and white is the most ideal color combination when creating a two tone wall. You will never be wrong when combining those colors, whatever the shape and design of your wall. The combination of these two colors is also very versatile and suitable to be used in any decor style. If you want to have a room that not only looks luxurious and elegant but still soft and warm, then you can try this color combination for your wall.

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Gray and Yellow Wall Paint

Yellow is mostly known to be able to create fun and energetic ambient when used as wall paint of a room. However, using yellow paint to cover entire wall can make the room seem tacky and excessive, that’s why we need to add another color. In this two tone wall design, we choose the gray color which served to neutralize the yellow paint. As a natural color, gray works very well when combined with yellow and resulting a room that feels fun and vibrant, but still good and eye-catching.