What Color Walls Go With Gray Curtains? (7 Ultimate Combinations)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 13th, 2024

Gray has emerged as one of the most beloved choices for curtains, giving a touch of sophistication to literally any kind of home decor style. Its timeless appeal and elegant looks also become another reason why a lot of homeowners choose gray for their curtain color.

However, there is one common challenge that often occurs when using gray curtains: choosing the perfect wall color that can complement it.

To solve this, we tested a wide range of wall colors in our quest to find the best matches for the gray curtains.

Finally, we can conclude that white, blue-gray, light pale green, sage, and tan are some of the best wall colors for gray curtains. These options can keep a perfect harmony with the curtains, while adding a gentle and subtle contrast to make a more lively atmosphere. Some colorful choices like blue-gray, light pale green, sage, and tan can infuse some rich hues, and introduce a refreshing and tranquil vibe to your home.

In this post, we will guide and help you find the ideal wall color to harmonize with your gray curtains. So, get ready to unlock the full potential of your space with perfect color combinations.

To see how your favorite paint color looks with gray curtains, use our tool at the bottom of this page or click here to try it now.

7 Best Wall Paint Colors for Gray Curtains


White walls with gray curtains

White walls and gray curtains can creates a sophisticated monochromatic aesthetic for your interior. This balanced combination will creates a harmonious visual effects.

The white walls will be a sleek and clean backdrop that allowing the curtains to shine and bring dozen of elegance. While this pair can works well in almost any decor style, we highly recommend this for you who want to creates a modern minimalistic interior.


Blue-gray walls with gray curtains

If you need to add some hues to enrich the looks of your curtains, then you can try combining it with blue-gray walls.

This shade will exude tranquility and serene ambiance, while at the same time still blend harmoniously with the curtains, thanks to it’s strong gray undertones.


Cream walls with gray curtains

Cream walls can be a great choice for gray curtains, especially for those who need to cheer up the mood of the entire spaces.

The warm undertones of cream walls will creates a perfect balance with the cool tone of the gray, creating a well-balanced aesthetic. The cream walls can also helps making the entire space feel bright and open.

Light Pale Green

Light pale green walls with gray curtains

Another great color that will blend beautifully with gray curtains is light pale green. This soft green shades still brings sense of tranquility and natural beauty as any other greens, but at the same time had plenty of neutrality that help it connect with the gray.

This combination offers a pleasing contrast between the cool tone of gray with a hint of warmth of green, creating a relaxing and serene ambiance.


Sage walls with gray curtains

Alternatively, you can also try sage. This wonderful muted green tone will easily bring natural and calming feel that will let the gray to expose all of it’s elegance.

Moreover, this combination offers a balanced looks that will make your space feel inviting and welcoming.


Tan walls with gray curtains

Tan is a great wall color choice especially if you want to creates a classic, vintage, or traditional style interior. This earthy tone had plenty of neutrality that is very essential to help it blend with gray.

Comes with strong warmth, the tan walls can also lift up the tone of the curtains, and make it looks much more alive.

Charcoal Blue

Charcoal blue walls with gray curtains

Create a layered elegance by combining gray curtains with charcoal blue walls. This gray combo will add a stunning monochromatic depth, while still had plenty of contrast between them.

Additionally, a hint of blue from the walls help bring some stylish drama to elevate the visual appearance of the entire space. This awesome combo can works really well inside any room with modern contemporary decor style.

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