7 Best Throw Pillow Colors for Olive Green Couch (Elevate Your Olive Oasis)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

Olive green is a breathtaking color that goes beyond any typical green. With the perfect mixture of green and yellow, this is one of the best shades to create a serene and comfortable feel inside any room.

There are a lot of various places over your houses where you can use this olive green accent. Some of the most popular ones are using it as an accent wall, artwork, an area rug, or a couch.

As a unique – non-neutral color, there will be some challenges when using this color wherever you put it. And one of them is to choose the right color that can perfectly complement the olive green. Decorating with olive green can be tricky but if you do it correctly, you will get incredible results.

If you are using this shade as your couch, then the problem would be choosing the perfect throw pillow color that goes with an olive green couch.

For the olive green couch, we highly recommend throw pillow colors like cream, plum, dark gray, light yellow, orange, and light gray. They can serve as a delightful and complementary pillow color for an olive green couch, creating a harmonious yet visually appealing contrast. They can balance the rich tones of olive green, injecting a touch of playfulness without sacrificing the overall sophisticated aesthetic.

Read on as we will discuss all great pillow colors that perfectly match any olive green sofa, and here they are :

1. Cream

Cream throw pillow

Using soft and neutral colors like cream is one of the best options when it goes with a rich shade such as olive, as it will create a calm look while olive green still brings a sense of tranquility.

This approach is perfect for you who don’t want the olive couch to look overwhelmed.

2. Plum

Plum throw pillow

If you want to add more depth to your space, then you can go with plum throw pillows.

Those two colors match perfectly as they have a similar grey undertone while their main shade – purple and green – is perfectly contrasting each other, producing an elegant and luxurious look and feel.

3. Dark Gray

Dark gray pillow

Dark gray is a great choice if you want to create bold looks in your living spaces. Both colors represent nature, making seamless earthy aesthetic looks.

Perfect balanced contrast between them complements each other so neither will look more stand out.

4. Light Yellow

Light yellow throw pillow

A throw pillow can be a great place to add more accent color and looks to your space, and if you have some yellowish accent over the room then it’s a great idea to add more of them using yellow throw pillows.

Moreover, yellow can be a great color to be used alongside olive green, as this shade of green has some yellow tone in it that makes it look flawless.

5. Tan

Tan pillow with olive couch

Another neutral and earthy tone that goes well alongside the olive green couch is tan. This pale tone of brown can be a great color that compliments the olive green sofa to bring some retreat-like feel in stylish and elegant ways.

This combination is also perfect if you want to keep your olive green stand out as the main accent shade for the entire room.

6. Orange

Orange throw pillow with olive green couch

If you feel your olive green couch is too calm and natural, you can bring some statement pop using an orange throw pillow.

This approach can make your room feel more vibrant and cheerful without reducing the bold and rich effects that the olive couch brings.

7. Light Gray

Light gray pillow with olive sofa

The last pillow color for the olive sofa in this list is light gray. This can be a perfect choice if you feel that your olive couch is too strong and looks overwhelmed but don’t want to reduce its luxuriousness.

For the best results, we highly recommend satin or velvet ones to create a bit of a silverish look.

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